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Media Embrace New 'Reform' Group as Bulwark Against Guaranteed Healthcare

Money is God, and you are at the altar. Try not to piss on yourself.

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Hey Psychedelic_Chicken you must’ve been pecking on reality. Nothing like the smell of truth in the morning.

The fascist have been in control of The Feral (Federal) Government in the modern era since at least 1980 and were for at least a 100 years before that. Trump is just a glaring example of a bumbling rich kid who but for his lawyers would have been in jail decades ago. George W. Bush probably scammed numerous investors in his oil deals but instead of going to jail the bin Laden family bailed him out? The true definition of fascism is the “melding of corporate interest as the interest of the state to serve the corporations”. My friend we have been living under fascism for at least a century and a half - nothing new! Don’t let the Corporatist Democrats propaganda fool you. Trump and Bill Clinton are of the same mind when it comes to Wall Street and the Plutocrats. The big difference is Trump is a bumbling billionaire wannabe while Bill Clinton is a master politician who enriched himself in the public pig sty. They both serve the same master and screw We, The Rabble at every opportunity. Yeah Bill Clinton and his ilk may blow us a kiss as they walk away with our country and our money while Trump and his ilk just knock us down and steal it all. In the end style does not matter when it is all the same substance: Unadulterated Bully Doo Doo that enriches the Plutocrats, destroys any semblance of a democracy and keeps us bound to the clock and our noses to the grindstone for the bare necessities of life. Most of the founders pretended to dislike political parties while knowing that political parties are the easiest way to control We, The Rabble. And our history has provided ample evidence that they were right!

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Agree 100%