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Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya


Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya

Ben Norton

In the six years since NATO launched a war in Libya, the country has been roiled by chaos and bloodshed.

But to acknowledge NATO’s complicity in empowering these racist extremist militants, corporate media would have to acknowledge NATO’s role in the 2011 regime change war in Libya in the first place


Excellent work by Ben Norton. I rarely watch MSM outlets so it is comforting to know people like Ben suffer the agony of watching in order to document what is or is not covered. This is a very informative and shocking piece. Ben along with Max Blumenthal, another excelllent and increasingly rare journalist, run the Moderate Rebels podcast.


Keeping evil decontextualized helps American maintain their self-delusion of entitlement and being
the good guys.


Please excuse me while I go have a good cry. …
The world has truly gone stark raving mad. Again and again and again.
So I’ll have my cry and then, get back on the barricades and keep going.


Isn’t it ironic that the first black president and his feminist secretary of state set in motion the events leading to black slavery in Libya. I’d question how they sleep at night but I imagine they sleep just fine with all the money Hillary has made and the fortune Obama is sure to acquire. Makes me sick. Oh and what a fine free press we have here in the evil empire, whoops, I meant U$A, U$A!!!



Oil appears to the curse of the 21st Century, having it, getting it, and using it.


“Bringing light to the world”

By setting it aflame


Doesn’t it though. When I try to tell the history of the US, I am called a liar, the US would never do such things. Yet we do while a purposely ignorant US keeps trying to hold onto the good guy hat. Yes, we do not teach the real history of the US, but the real history is not that hard to find. So I say purposely ignorant. Because even when pointed out to them that the truth is not what they were taught, they fight back and insist that the real history is fake.


But fire is suppose to cleanse by wiping everything clean, thus paving the way for a new empire to be built. Thus has the history of the world gone forth. Empire after empire.


To me the curse is so called civilization. Our greed and need for power to rule is what has caused our problems. As it has for every empire.


Regime change through military action usually results in more lasting damage to the affected region … I can only hope this is a mistake we’ll finally learn from …