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Media Executives Are Salivating Over Big Money Flooding the 2016 Election Cycle


Media Executives Are Salivating Over Big Money Flooding the 2016 Election Cycle

Lee Fang, The Intercept

At least one small slice of the American public looks forward to the non-stop, sleazy political advertisements set to inundate viewers during the 2016 elections: media executives and their investors.


Much of the mainstream media, especially newspapers, would be out of business if not for media budgets enabled by bloated campaign war chests.

Although the media makes many lame excuses why their subscriber/viewer base keeps shrinking, the truth is that ever since Clinton’s 1996 media consolidation, most media espouses values of the 1% who own the media, not the 99% who are their subscriber/viewer base.


Welcome to the land of nothing matters but money and power. Those in charge kill, starve, keep people in poverty, ruin the planet, eliminate species and do not care about anything but money and power. “A hard rain is going to fall.”


I am removing Mainstream Media (MSM) from my lexicon. It’s a ‘don’t think of an elephant’ thing. ‘Mainstream’ is actually a very friendly word in a highly social species like ours, as most people seek acceptance and want to be part of the mainstream. Isn’t it time to call it what it is: Corporate Owned News (CON).

The CON is a completely owned subsidiary of corporate America and does not come close to performing its Constitutional duties. The founders did not protect the press in the interest of corporate profits; they did it in the interest of democracy. We must get on with the arduous process of amending our Constitution to say that corporations are not people with Constitutional rights and money is not protected political speech, so we can deal appropriately with “entertainment” corporations who sell blatant bias as news. Independent media can and must rise again to inform the electorate.

In the meantime, let’s call network news what it is, a CON designed to entrap its listeners in corporate rule.