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Media Fail to Prepare Public for Potential Trump Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/media-fail-prepare-public-potential-trump-coup


Nearly ALL mainstream media is owned by the multi-multi-millionaires and billionaires who Jesse Jackson has defined as “Trump’s real base”, contrasted with the MAGA rally attendees who Jackson defines as “Trump’s marks”.

As such, employees of most mainstream media are just more cogs in the corporate propaganda machine tasked with controlling, oppressing, and deceiving the 99%.

A friend traveled to Arizona this week to mobilize food trucks and other support services for voters waiting in line for many hours to vote. The local cops came and broke up the aid effort despite nobody displaying any election material of any kind at the site. When my friend told a local TV station reporter covering action at the adjacent Covid testing site that “the real story is the cops engaging in voter suppression 100 yards away” the reporter responded that she was “authorized to only cover the Covid testing site”.

With cops and media functioning as agents of the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP, how is the US NOT a third world nation ?


Superb framing of the complete failure of the establishment Democratic Party to have any kind of fight strategy for decades now.

The corporate media is to be expected to pander to power, but “the opposition” Democrats should speak bluntly, and make plans to fight back. Having not done so for decades (because of loyalties to their corporate and establishment financiers), they have no skill set or practice to fall back on, leaving it up to grassroots activists and organizers to stand against the attempted coup, and hope some establishment players get on board.


The Powers That Be are taking a moment, perhaps, to consider how they’d like to play this – or it almost seems that way. I’m okay either way, ultimately. But going with the election results would be easier on me right now. It sounds as if the PTB could get by just fine without Orangeman, to listen to Dow Jones’ song. Should our pseudo-democratic machine shift into EJECT TYRANT mode, that would be just fine with me. That’s looking likely tonight. Orangeman’s coerced allies are inconspicuously edging away, it seems.

I could be wrong. Maybe this bunch of clowns will decide to go ahead and pull down the last pretenses of democracy to protect this washed-up old idiot. It could happen, and if it did, I’d be okay with that, too. It just changes the response we’d be charged with, out here in the street.


I have great confidence that the American people will stand up to the Trump coup… Not!

Look what happened in the chadless coup when Bush stole the election from Gore.
Needless to say with the able assistance of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who was heavily championed by none other than Joe Biden.
There was no big uprising and analysis showed that if the votes had been counted fairly, Gore would have won handily.

Face it.
The sheep don’t want to risk losing their stimulus checks.
And they cannot risk missing an episode of Dancing with the Stars.
And the rich like things just the way they are.
If Trump pulls this off, absolutely nothing will happen.
Just like in Bush v. Gore

Expect Trump to be President for Life.
That is the only way that he can stay out of jail.

(Well, if by some miracle Biden does win, then Biden will pardon Trump because “We need to look forward, not backward”. Translation: “We need to protect our own. War criminals and crooks need to stick together.”)

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