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Media Failing on Climate Change Coverage


Media Failing on Climate Change Coverage

Tyler Hamilton

More than two dozen news publishers from around the world launched an initiative on May 21 called the Climate Publishers Network, spearheaded by the popular U.K. newspaper The Guardian.

As members of the network, publishers agree to freely share climate change-related news content to raise public awareness of environmental issues in the lead-up to the UN climate change summit in Paris in December.


The media avoid coverage of climate change because any meaingful response to climate change would, in the developed (aka profligate) countries, require a drastic and ongoing decrease in standard of living. Since that is not even faintly acceptable, media outlets that talk seriously about climate change simply annoy most of their customers, which isn’t good for their bottom line. Likewise, no politician who hopes to get re-elected can tell people that they have to suck it up and use way less energy. So expect to see a lot of talk and very little action on this issue.


I don’t see how switching to a moral, i.e., vegetarian or vegan diet, putting solar panels on our homes, etc., represents a lowering of our standard of living. It improves our health, lessens the strain on our pocketbook, and I think that increases our standard of living.


There is no installation cost to following an ethical vegetarian or vegan diet. The start-up cost is zero, the impact on health is priceless and the impact on the environment is very beneficial. No need to wait for solar panel prices to drop. And don’t forget that 30% of the solar panel price is a tax credit, not a mere deduction. The same applies to a solar collector that eliminates a wasteful electric-powered hot water heater. That tax credit also applies to electric cars such as the Nissan LEAF which is the perfect car for commuting.


Did you happen to hear the NPR story this morning about science writing & editing? Been following the career-destroying falsified research by polisci grad student LaCour in re research actually published based on his own goal of making himself look good, and get a good job in academia? Show yourself hte respect of research integrity and the trust for others by restraining the Scam Gun before pulling that very tired old trigger, and hoping it keeps making a loud BOOM so you know you are heard. Really being heard starts with showing mutual respect, I think. OK?


In 2004-2005, as an avid NPR programs & BBC World Service & Afropop Worldwide listener, I was disappointed with the otherwise excellent new APM radio program “Marketplace”, because they showed ignorance of (i.e. they ignored…) the shattering global economic effects that climate change, oceanic chemical variations, agricultural shifts et al would have & were having in some places.

So just now I went to their website, clicked the Sustainability tab, looked under Consumed tab, and learned that their own most recent story was from 2013!!! PUBLIC MEDIA! Wake UP!


So, if I have some old records of, say oil changes in my car, and then this year I find some more oil change records (shop receipts, say), that because I have been believing my former car care to be one way before acquiring new data that I only will keep believing the prior set of records? Science does not STOP by some specific event or date! It keeps growing & changing with every new bit of research, each new fossil, each new satellite. Please… lets keep it a hundred.


“Climate Change is a SCAM”

Which conveniently explains why all Alpine glaciers have increased their melt-rate since around 1974, why ice-shelves, once stable, have broken away from Antarctica and why the Arctic ice-pack has diminished mightily, not to mention why the perma-frost has been melting, releasing methane gas and causing problems with the foundations of buildings in Siberia, as the zero degree isotherm has moved north steadily during the past couple of decades.


Seems that he satellites disagree with each other, as current satellite data are being used to map decreases in ice cover in the Arctic and increased melting in the Antarctic.


Climate change denialism has reached a new more aggressive pitch, this not of denial but one of belief. They know it’s true and as such they know trillions of dollars worth of property, the property of the 1% is under threat. Their response attack anyone who says anything about rising sea levels because those properties need to be dumped on someone else, anyone else, preferably the 99% need to be stuck with 100% of underwaterfront losses.
These attacks will increase becoming increasingly aggressive and even violent, as they seek to fend off the truth of sea level rise whilst those at threat properties are being dumped. Keep in mind trillions of dollars worth of property are going to end up with a new value of zero, that amount of capital managed by the greediest and most ruthless will create a lot of problems.
Flood the world with the truth of the impending flood and their ability to mute the truth with violence will become pointless and less likely to be acted upon.