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Media Falsely Portrays Iran's Nuclear Deal Breach as Dash to Bomb

Trump is trying to have it both ways: accusing Iran to breach accords that he stopped respecting (as soon as he imposed sanctions) makes no sense, but this is the US line, and main stream media including NPR stick by this absurd logic…
Where can people find the truth?
Where is there an analysis of a nuclear-free Middle East that would include Israel’s abandonment of it’s arsenal? Israel did not acquire it’s weapons legally and is seen as a threat by other countries in the region.
How would we feel if the world wanted us to be nuclear-free while Venezuela had nuclear weapons - or even Costa Rica?

To make the world really safe from this bunch there are a number of steps to be taken. You are right about the stakes. They should never be removed. However, the bodies should be taken to a crossroad and graves dug. The heads should be removed from the bodies, the mouths stuffed with garlic, then the heads should be laid between the knees. Note: Some authorities suggest that sacred wafers should be included with the garlic. The bodies should then be buried and the surface raked smooth of all identification. In theory, that should immobilize them for the foreseeable future.