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Media Help Republicans Gut Obamacare Behind Closed Doors


Media Help Republicans Gut Obamacare Behind Closed Doors

Adam Johnson

Senate Republicans have been quietly working to eliminate Obamacare while avoiding media attention—and major papers and television news are playing along.

"The moves being made now in almost total secrecy may not have the sexy visual qualities of a Warriors NBA title or protests in Russia, but they will be, for the vast majority of Americans, far more consequential."


The main stream media also failed to do their job in the run up the occupation of Iraq. Is that because they have been consolidated and are now the property of a hand full of military contractors?


Over and over progressives are confronted with a lack of response from our legislators. Sure we can blame the duopoly (for good reason) but that is casting blame from the top down. Meanwhile at the bottom looking up, the duopoly is beyond the reach of our voices. The politicians know we are there but they solve that problem by paying lip service to our concerns.

What actually lies in between the oligarchy at the top and the people down below those most rarified heights? The Press is what!

The corporate coup makes its commands known through the Press. Apparently the Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages rule the country in substance if not name or so it would seem! The duopoly talks to us through sound bites given to the Press and in return listens to the Press tell them whether we are going to be for or against some issue. At times events like a protest march or vocally intense opposition from some group whether LGBTs or Women’s Rights etc will slip through the Press running interference or blocking contact with the politicians which always makes them stumble as both Press and politicians rely on the premeditated scripted sound bite. If a politician notices (or admits that they do) that their constituents are on the other side on an issue, it screws up the whole script and forces the politician to wing it on the fly and speak in ad libs. Big trouble usually results whenever a politician has to speak off the cuff or rather ‘off script’.

The truth is becoming very plain that it is our Press which creates the conservative America beloved by billionaires and corporate coup Oligarchs and paid homage to by our elected representatives. The Press in this day and age is standing in the way of participatory democracy. They tell us what they want us to believe! Meanwhile as yet to r most people, the idea that the editorial Press is not on our side still confuses them.

Progressives should focus more on the mainstream press’s coverage or lack thereof on issues. It isn’t the politicians or the oligarchy that greases the wheels of the conservative agenda. It is the conservative mainstream Press that does all that dirty work.

They tell us what they want us to believe.


Have you hugged your health care killer today?


“The very word Secrecy is repugnant in a Free and Open Society.”
JFK 4/61


Yes, the Repugs have gotten more clever in keeping their nefarious deeds longer in the dark. And the media have clearly helped obscure what’s going on.

An obvious omission in this article, however, is any mention that so much of the media’s focus, fueled to a large extent by prominent Democrats and IC spooks alike, has been on shoring up and perpetuating the “Russia stole our election!” theme. The neo-cons and MIC like it because it helps keep a dangerous bogeyman “out there”; and the Democratic neolibs want it to cover the horrid arrogance and stupidity behind their botching of the general election via the heavy-handed interference in the primary elections; and their enablers among their fellow partisans have been all too happy to join in pushing that meme across social media, etc.

All that leaves very little space to cover the many dark deeds that are done. Just another reason why the Democratic base is perhaps hopelessly fractured.


Adam, I am glad you wrote this piece; too often, people (even our former Prez) quote that chestnut about “People get the government they deserve”–or something along those lines. In reality, most citizens have no recourse, in their daily lives, to access information and knowledge that prepares them to respond effectively or en masse, to the machinations, and sometimes resulting body blows (like war, and losing your healthcare) that come from Congress-approved acts. Media, and media literacy, is key to being able to act in our own (and most Americans’) interests. When it is owned and operated by those huge corporate interests, we all are at risk.
On the hopeful side, there is a rising tide of some Americans, who are advocating for single payer, Medicare for All healthcare. Maybe it will happen–it started in Canada decades ago, with one province, then spread to all. There are several U.S. states now that are considering becoming that 1st province. Power to them!


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This should be front page news. The Media is not doing its First Amendment duty. Stop whining about not having access to the news and start disseminating it.


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