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Media Ignore Government Influence on Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence


Media Ignore Government Influence on Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence

Adam Johnson

Facebook announced Thursday it was partnering with DC think tank the Atlantic Council to “monitor for misinformation and foreign interference.” The details of the plan are vague, but Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab wrote in a non-bylined Medium post (5/17/18) that the goal was to design tools “to bring us closer together” instead of “driving us further apart.” Whatever that means, exactly.


Big Brother is going to protect all you poor little boys and girls on facebook by keeping the big bad boys and girls from trying to get you to start thinking critically again. They will leave you nice and safe in the bosom of their corporate totalitarian regime.


FecesBook is beginning to stink to high heaven.

Corruption is inundating Corporate America with a little help from it’s friends in the Duopoly.


In Intel terms these announcements are very much like what is called a “limited hangout”. I think people are bing clued into the fact that Facebook has been working with the Corporate State (which includes the Intel agencies) to gather information on Citizens. All of this stuff is being recorded and reviewed by those agencies on an ongoing basis.

In order to head off scratching even deeper under the surface they come out with these announcements suggesting they do this for security reasons and to ensure the Public properly informed. As outrage raised over the Censorhip that they will help engage in , the Surveillance part of the equation will continue, business as usual.

Facebook is to Civil Liberties what Monsanto is to the food supply.


It won’t be long before corporate America won’t have to put up with posts like your’s.


Do you mind explaining what you mean by that?


It was only my lame attempt at humor.

Actually the end of Net Neutrality does have me a bit concerned that we won’t get to read posts like yours. We have to follow the official narrative ya know.


Thanks for the explanation Blockertoo.


Both lol and not funny at all since it is simply the way the future looks.