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'Media Is the Opposition': Trump Backs Bannon in Ongoing War on Press


'Media Is the Opposition': Trump Backs Bannon in Ongoing War on Press

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In an interview Friday with a Christian radio show, President Donald Trump backed his chief strategist Steve Bannon in calling the media "the opposition party."


Margaux Ewen: " It is clear that Trump views the media as his number one enemy and is taking every single opportunity to weaken their credibility."

Just asking: How long before Trump goes after the net?


Too late. He already has. Twitter citation coming. (money.cnn.com/2015/12/08/technology/donald-trump-internet/index.html) See @MaxTemkin.


Robert Reich says this "evokes hints of tyranny"??? Hints? Sounds more like a shout-out to me!


For progressives to defend the oligarchy's MSM and the Shadow Government seems kind of awkward, to say the least.


Is there anybody unaware the corporate mass media has acted like Trump's diehard enemy for months? Or that they acted like Clinton's best ally for months? Or that dishonesty and deception have characterized the corporate mass media throughout this presidential campaign?
Does anybody pretend not to know that the corporate mass media have been promoting a neoliberal neocon agenda for years?


I think you meant to say "Bernie Sanders", not "Trump."


Apparently Bannon would like the main news source to be something like Pravda. The Chinese also have an official newspaper. Of course for many people think what Trump/Bannon are saying about the press is totally repugnant but there are a lot of people out there who think like they do. They blame the press for the left winning the culture war. They see the press as part of the liberal establishment which has taken their tax money and given it to poor blacks and Hispanics and has allowed gay, lesbians, and transgenders to have too many rights including same sex marriage. So basically even though Trump/Bannon are advocating for an authoritarian government people are going to go along. Maybe that is what it will take to get classroom prayers back in the schools and have the Ten Commandments on the schoolroom walls. Anything to get rid of the power of the atheists who they think have no morals and have driven the country into amoral hedonism.


Right. Like a typical high-level Democrat, he uses tasteful restraint, no matter how dire the situation.


You're right, of course, but that doesn't make Trump any less dangerous. It only means not to believe everything the media says about him or anything else.


Trump's ultimate goal is to eliminate all sources of information other than those coming directly from him and his band of pirates. Demeaning the media is just the first step toward achieving that goal.


I was thinking reading this that Trump's strongest ally in his war against the media is the media itself, as the media rarely passes on an opportunity to discredit itself.


Media should be the opinion


For anyone to defend the MSM is hard, at best. The only way anyone should give them another chance, is if they send reporters to places where Americans are being oppressed, such as, the water protectors' camps at Standing Rock in North Dakota, and put their reports on the evening news, every evening if need be. Another place would be Flint Michigan. Reporters should be interviewing a new family every single day, and reporting how that families' lives have been affected by having no clean water to drink, cook with and bath in. Every single day. Until our MSM reports how the citizens of America are being mistreated, beaten and maimed, poisoned, and even murdered by government paid employees who are supposed to be serving and protecting us, I say, make them pay by never tuning in to their channels.


If you have followed stories of coups, you will see the first thing the coup forces try to do is take over the major TV station. In this case Trump/Bannon are trying to do it first by discrediting the media and calling it dishonest and corrupt. No doubt as some point they will try to silence it by threats of jail for not turning over sources. For journalism to continue to function as it does telling the public what the government is doing the journalists will have to continue to depend on anonymous sources within government. Without those sources journalists would be left with nothing but press releases and briefings from the government. But the Constitution does not protect the journalists from withholding the names of their sources. Some journalists have chosen to go to jail rather than reveal their sources. And if the sources can't trust the journalists not to reveal their names they won't talk to journalists. In the end only public outrage can really protect the journalists against authoritarians like Trump/Bannon. If the public is going to be submissive then they will get a dictatorship. We have to stand up for the press. It is either that or a dictatorship. There are no other options.


Yes. The system is just as capitalistic as everything else. The consumer has all the power, of course that means the consumer has to get off their fat ass and do something. Reminds me of the parents who don't want to ground their children because it means they may have to stay home from the party. Effective resistance always requires personal sacrifice.


As terrible as that all is, I cannot help but feeling some of the told-you-so type satisfaction. They built up Trump by giving him more coverage, than any other contender and pretended, that Bernie was non-existent.

The MSM has completely abandoned its calling in favor of servitude to the corporations and to the dollar
Now they have to live with the evils, they have summoned.
If some of their coverage of Trump was negative, it does not matter. As one wise politician once said: "I do not care, what you write about me, just spell my name right!"


I am,
I have not watched or read MSM for years, but I could not help but seeing the proliferation of Trump's images everywhere, on newsstands and TVs of others.
And that is, what made him popular with the sluggish thinking masses, what they wrote about him is immaterial.


CNN would play his entire campaign speeches. He could call into Fox programs daily and say whatever he wanted without being challenged. He got far more air time than Clinton and Bernie combined.


This is HILARIOUS!!!

The capitalist, corporate media gave Mr. Trump billions in free publicity and profited handsomely for it. This is one reason why he is president. I find it disingenuous now for the capitalist, corporate media to cry foul now on their own heinous creation.