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Media Malfunction as Sanders Notes Positive Aspects of Latin American Socialism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/08/media-malfunction-sanders-notes-positive-aspects-latin-american-socialism


Wonderful detailing of US Propaganda, and how superficial and incorrect assumptions on the part of MSM who repeat the propaganda, do serious damage to accurate discourse, and intelligent decision making.

Labels are too dangerous to be used as shortcuts to explaining programs and policy.
Limit the discourse to specific programs and policies to best support the needs of The People.

Bernie must deny and avoid generalized and propagandistic labels as political media traps. Just articulate the program and the policy Bernie, and how it benefits The People. Because of our heavily propagandized corporate MSM, we are too blind to the important details of history for shortcut labels. Limit the discourse to specific programs and policies.


When it comes to propaganda the USA is right there with the rest of propagandizers. But, never mind, seems like a lot of things these days just do not seem to matter.Truth, justice. decency, mercy, a good old helping hand, and basic honesty and humanity. Many good things sorely lacking because of greed, hostility, lies, lies, and more and more LIES. Many of them coming from you know who!


I cannot understand why anyone continues to use the information in this article to smear Bernie with totally manufactured lies.

Enough already.


Why in the world would America’s currently serviceable, but admittedly flawed in places form of free-market, representational governance, need to be replaced by a murky, very authoritarian offshoot of Marxism, so nebulous in explicit detail about how it’s implementation would affect 330,000,000 people, that Bernie himself dodges fluff questions about it’s inner-workings; and if Americans would even accept such an alien form of State-Collective governance.

So Bernie Sanders is exploiting the confusion of a broken, heavily indoctrinated generation, in a galling attempt to achieve his personal fantasy of implementing a Marxist-style (Socialist? Stop deceiving yourself) Nationalizing Green-Collective, with himself as Leonid Brezhnev, attempting to persuade fellow Americans that “all is good with their money, and their property, and that nationalizing large sectors of America’s economy is gonna take some time.” Gazing four-years into the future, and in the event Bernie is a one-termer, and a traditional American wins office; then ALL the infrastructure that was ripped up in a nationalizing fury~ every health authority, gas station, public university, anything of value that was sacrificed at the alter of Marxism on Bernie’s personal direction, everything~ will have to be changed back to the way it was four-years earlier, in what could turn out to be the largest wastage of time, funds, and patience in America’s history in the West. And for what? A whimsical ideology switch-out perpetrated by Bernie Sanders? The Demos might be on to something here.

Look at what U.S. bills Sanders has authored and supported, how he has voted in Congress, and what he has spoken up for and denounced. And what his actual platform in this campaign states, and what he keeps advocating in rallies and debates. Is any of that remotely like the stuff of the red scare you raise?

Sanders calls for FDR-style national programs to bring about social goods, through raising more taxes on the wealthy and corporations (really just beginning to reverse the decline of taxes on the wealthy and corporations), within a capitalist system. That is nothing like the Soviet Union–he is not Leonard Brezhnev.

Even Van Jones got slammed by corporate media for having signed a few petitions that had some anti-capitalist points that he said later he didn’t even read–but that didn’t ultimately stick and sink his career because he isn’t running a campaign challenging the whole damn establishment of corporate U.S. hegemony domestic and international.

This red scare against Sanders is a creation of entrenched private interests threatened with losing some power by this brave, visionary campaign and what it threatens to awaken: greater democracy in the U.S.A.

Sanders, like all progressives everywhere, looks for models of progress wherever they can be found, even in imperfect systems and conditions, and he denounces injustice especially when his own immensely wealthy and powerful country is partly or largely responsible. His calling out the coup against Evo Morales was at least a rhetorical gesture against (international) authoritarian corporatocracy. That none of the other major candidates would do the same spoke volumes to me about the way Sanders stands out–in a good way.


And check out how he ran Burlington for almost a decade, as the top executive. Not exactly Soviet style, as he “revitalized the economy” and widened public support for “progressive municipal policies.” source: ttps://www.thenation.com/article/archive/bernies-burlington-city-sustainable-future/

Are those developments scary to you?


Because they all (media, politicians of all colors, pundits, powerful people) have to maintain that Amerika is the beacon on the hill and can do no wrong. People aren’t paying attention to all our wars as the media does not cover the suffering that is done in we the peoples name. The people never learn that our coups across the globe has caused great deal of worldwide suffering the the people.


Very well said.

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Thanks for this. Super article! :facepunch: :smiley:

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The trollosphere weighs in…

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Thanks for writing back. Bernie is scary to many people, and it’s not his fault entirely; he’s just pushing his belief in an Ideology with one of the worst track records for success, ever, on a country that really has no want, or need of such dire “fiscal innovations” right now. The opposition to his national collectivization doctrines would be so stiff, and based in patriotic-duty, that he might have to modify, or wholesale overturn the lions-share of directives, and regulations that encompass banks, and corporations here in the U.S. And this could take some serious time to accomplish. If his Marxist-based (and you can dance around it all you like) plans for resurrecting America are so breathtaking so as to be near-infallible; also streamlined to offer an implementation plan unhampered by the inherent Socialist plague of smothering red-tape, and administrative hair-splitting, then why hasn’t this sublime program in governmental techniques been espoused before by any one of myriad governments around the globe? Why start here, in a country that has had a consistent free-market approach to capitalism for going on 244 years?

How are his programs going to jive with existing ones? Would the Constitution have to be largely re-written, or even disposed of, to get Socialist ideals anywhere near-compliant with the essentially anti-Socialist foundations currently written in to that “damned parchment”? Would nationalizing a large parcel of the American economy be considered a “hostile takeover”? What rights would private-owners of property and services have on their side, if they failed to relinquish total material control of their possessions to the government? And if the fossil-fuel industry balked at handing over it’s reigns, wholesale, to Bernie’s nationalization apparatus, then what would ensue, if Bernie had theoretical control over the U.S. Military? And how could he ever really accomplish his far-reaching, national realignment endeavors, in four short years? A rare one-termer Bernie might be.

I fear the level of civil insurrectionist activity that would blow up, as Bernie commences his mammoth national takeover policies, and become so acute and out-of-control, that irreversible damage to core aspects of our Democratic Republic will be inevitable; panicked actions taken by resident citizens who just won’t be able to let go, to let everything else go, to let Bernie run the show. It will most likely take more intensive social-conditioning programs to get to that point, not to mention developing a scheme to diffuse the tooth-and-claw-minded opposition to the whole concept of a non-red Socialist changing the basic fiscal fabric of the country. It could be too much for many to handle, with human tragedy an inevitable outcome.

Oh, I sorry. Is this your own personal trollosphere to operate in? I do apologize.

Foreign? Sure. But why not focus on this country? Why does he keep silent about Chelsea? Julian? Snowden? All the other whistleblowers? They are the ones feeling the wrath of the authoritarian state and they are just the canaries in the coal mine. Moreover,he should apologize for dumping Teachout. And he should support the animal rights groups as a means of attacking the savage corporations we have. I know he’s being moderate in order to win, but he’s not going to win, as long as BO is whispering against him, the schmuck! So make it a fight! The moderates are cowards— that’s why they’re moderates. They’re yuppies who want to keep their pitiful cash gained under the neolibs. (Clinton and BO) Fukkem. Dumpem! Lets have a real fight. For the soul of our country. We can live to fight again after joe has destroyed the Dims. The 20 yr olds are coming. Lay the ground work for them. Join Courage to Change. Vote only Progressive. Write in Bernie on Election Day. Undermine your local Dim party at every turn. The only reason Bernie was so demolished by Biden in SC is because BO had a loyal grassroots coalition that was happy to fall in line. We have to build the same thing for Progressives. Go AOC. Go Tulsi. Go Teachout! Cisneros. Talib and Omar and maybe Pressley. And Seattle’s Sawat. Also Greta as a moral compass. Bernie should be like her. Set the moral stage, tone and spine.

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