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Media Mourn End of CIA Killing Syrians and Strengthening Al Qaeda


Media Mourn End of CIA Killing Syrians and Strengthening Al Qaeda

Ben Norton

The US government has finally announced an end to its years-long program to arm and train Syrian rebels. The initiative, one of the CIA’s largest covert operations, with billions of dollars of funding, fueled mass killing in Syria and significantly prolonged the country’s horrific war.


Can we thank Trump?

Direct Democracy


The mainstream media is essentially a wing of the Establishment Dem party.

In the tank for Hillary, they helped kill Bernie’s chances.


And ended up giving us Trump.


main stream media is corporate propaganda designed to mislead viewers. If they’re for it, than I’m against it and visa versa.


This was an announcement by the US government. Possibly it is true, but not necessarily. This was a covert operation, even though USA bragged about its existance.

The description of US media is accurate.


The killing of Syrian civilians has increased under Trump. And Putin.




The real reason “mourn” it cuz it fits perfectly in their fake story about Trump - Putin collusion.


This probably won’t change anything. CIA and State [Department] will likely continue to arm, fund, protect, warn, and direct Al-Qaeda unabated, (think of it like Toyota, Al-Qaeda’s favorite utility truck), its premium brand ISIS (analogous to Lexus, Toyota Motor Company’s up-brand), and its locale-specific trendy brand (Al-Nusra in Syria, like Toyota’s Scion brand in North America). The only thing that might change change is the public position on this from the White House. These are the mercenary proxy army battalions of CIA & State, whose stated goals since the 1970’s per Kissinger’s NSSM 200 is continual destabilization, nation-breaking, and yes, population decimation of both the middle East and Africa for the purpose of hegemonic control/access to the energy and mineral resources of the that portion of the world, to ensure superpower primacy of the U.S.

ISIS and Al-Nusra are branch re-brandings of Al-Qaeda, the maturation of the Mujahadin resistance the U.S. created in Afghanistan in the 1980’s as the West’s proxy army to keep the Soviets from expanding into Southeast Asia. The leadership lineages are unbroken for the last 30+ years.

Anyone who responds with references to tin or foil or hats will be calmly referred to the source documents where these strategies are openly put forth as plan-of-record, for reasoned consideration.

I once believed everything the controlled media’s echo chamber told me, until some kind folks broke through the cognitive dissonance, and I took that stupid “red pill” they offered.


No matter how it came about, the ending of this program is good. Hopefully TPTB will allow it to end. I suspect Israeli influence will try to keep the program in place.

Hopefully some measure of peace and stability can return to the Syrian people.


So true - just as the CIA spent millions training, arming and spreading the ideology of Osama bin Laden in the 1980s. Around 2005 they secretly spend lots of resources training and arming groups of rebels that wished to oust President Assad, some of these groups later joined ISIS. They seem to do it every time!


All the leaders have their favorite and not so favorite countries to bomb. Bush was dead set on Iran after Iraq but ran out of time. Obama was determined to stay out of Iran, but managed to do Libya, Syria and others instead.

Its terrific that Trump is getting out of Syria. Terrific, if he does. What about Afghanistan and Korea now? We can hope.