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Media Parroting ‘$1000 Bonus!’ Stories Helped Give Trump’s Tax Cuts Majority Support


Media Parroting ‘$1000 Bonus!’ Stories Helped Give Trump’s Tax Cuts Majority Support

Adam Johnson

A New York Times/Survey Monkey poll last week revealed that, for the first time, a slim majority of Americans support last December’s Republican tax cuts—cuts that disproportionately benefit the rich, redistributing money from the poor to the wealthiest Americans.


Never ever EVER underestimate the stupidity of the American people.


I am surprised at how many outlets were pounding that pseudo-story. And that most people didn’t read past the headlines. The after-tax is closer to $750 for the 2-5% of workers who actually got a bonus. Why should we all prostrate ourselves in gratitude and start kissing rings because a corporation that has literally thousands of millions to spend throws $750 at us?


Let them eat crumb cake


This paltry dispersion to the workers whose employers were granted millions is the defining example of Chump Change. Sure it is welcome burt it ain’t a raise.


Plus most of them are laying off people!


Its really quite simply. Once people started actually experiencing the tax cuts, as Rufus T. Firefly said, “Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”


I’m still angry that the $20 COLA was quickly snatched by a $20 rent hike.


Yeah. My $75 SSN raise went toward a $77 rent hike. I’m right where I was before.


I think voting against their own interests is a specially developed excelling characteristic commonly found among the politically naive, uneducated. A type of intentional ignorance of reality which they seem very proud to share with others.


You could’ve just restricted the headline to the first two words.