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Media Praise Biden’s ‘Centrist Coalition’ for Steering Clear of ‘Progressive Demands’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/media-praise-bidens-centrist-coalition-steering-clear-progressive-demands


The ongoing and now even more blatant message to progressives from the d-party:
“Shut up, fall in line – you’ll get nothing – and if we lose it’s your fault.”


Liberals keep making the mistake of viewing the media as some sort of separate entity from the establishment.

They ARE the establishment and their job is sell and maintain the status quo for their owners. Sorta like being the “company spokesperson.” This includes NPR.

People need to figure a better way around the media instead of wasting time trying to change it.


Progressives, and you can substitute the word ‘left’ if you want,
has been sh-t upon for the last twenty years. They think you have nowhere
else to go. And if you vote for them, you are proving them right.


Well, as Biden has invited many others to do, multiple times, ‘if we don’t like him, we can vote for someone else.’ Okay. Jesse Ventura is writing himself in, I’ll do the same. He can’t openly campaign because (in his own words) it will put his health-insurance in jeopardy; spoken truly as a man in tune with the problems of the populace. As someone who openly recognizes the unrecoverable corruption of the current political system, he has my vote.


The same can be said, about a way around and trying to change it, for the duopoly.

I don’t understand all the waste of time and effort with an establishment that has proven itself, repeatedly, to be as uncaring as it is unwavering in its contempt for anything remotely progressive.

wudangmountain’s comments here are spot on in that regard.


I agree

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And in return, I offer them two raised middle fingers.
I’ll also offer the same for anyone here, who thinks they are going to blame Biden’s loss on progressives.


“Liberals keep making the mistake of viewing the media as some sort of separate entity from the establishment…
People need to figure a better way around the media instead of wasting time trying to change it.”

I always appreciate FAIR’s analysis, as they consistently show the corporate press for what it is. But when they end such a sharp analysis with a Polly-Anna-ish call for the same hack media to report on the issues and redirect discussion towards meaningful change, it undermines their own analysis.

FAIR would do so much better to highlight the few corporate outlets that might be getting it right - like say, the Hill’s Rising - or comparing community-supported media like the Real News. At least point people in the direction of something qualitatively better than crap.

Like much of the Left, FAIR needs to go beyond criticism and symbolic calls for change and actually offer meaningful alternatives. Otherwise the great work they do will continue to fall largely on deaf ears.


“The media” in question is part of the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that continues to profit from the status quo. Taxpayers’ money spent on M4A is taxpayers’ money not squandered on MIMIC.


This is about as moderate as you can get in criticizing the Democratic Party and its platform, but as was made clear four years ago, any criticism is perceived as akin to rooting against your favorite team in the Super Bowl. I’ll desist this time around, as dealing with actual issues instead of identity politics and generalities just seems to either piss people off or get totally ignored.

My criticisms are far more pointed than noting that the “Democratic” party platform doesn’t even support universal health care, much less anything else remotely progressive. Supporters of Sanders simply got shafted all over again, shut out, the proposals and ideas put forth completely rejected.

If anything demonstrates the principle of shooting yourself in the foot, the Democrats have exceeded all expectations. You can hope, wish, pray and scream, if Trump is reelected it isn’t the fault of the progressive wing of the party, or people who advocate real change when real change is critically needed. It will be all the “moderates” and “centrists” who deserve the blame, and who somehow think simply “voting blue” and never uttering a word of criticism against the Democrats, the DNC, their corporate backers, or their “leadership” that got caught red-handed undermining democracy in 2016 and forcefully trying to shut Bernie Sanders and his legions of supporters out of the picture, is just fine and dandy.

Those who advocate “moderation” and “centrism” and “realism” and “incremental change” are completely out of touch with the critical accumulated threats that have us at the precipice.

It isn’t the progressives and independents of the country - who criticize the corporate-dominated duopoly of the two party system and the failure of the “Democratic Party” to support any kind of real solutions - who deserve blame for what has transpired in America. It isn’t those who supported the ideas put forth by Sanders, and others, to restore some semblance of economic justice to this country. It isn’t those who attempt to deal with the specific issues of inequality, corruption, corporate domination of Congress, endless war and the overall timidity and stonewalling of the Democrats of anyone with truly progressive ideas.

And no, it isn’t just Trump and the Republicans, as contemptible as you may find people like Mitch McConnell.

A good share of the blame lies within the corrupt Democratic National Committee, the corporate press, and the gullibility of an American public that as a whole seems unable to see through the propaganda and keeps treating the future of the country as some kind of ballgame, my team, your team, winner take all.


I swear to God, mister pigface DJT#45 opening speech is scary.
I swear to God, they’re using a fake Trump voiceovers or softening
devises to make him sound more human, almost supremely human.
It’s not his voice. It’s an edited compilation from this foul mouth fake.
His handlers are photo-shop editing sincere concern fakery.
He doesn’t care about America.


The media is praising the Democrats for being Republicans.

Why do “progressives” think that by joining what is in essence the Republican party , they can get causes they believe in legislated into law?

If the Corporate mainstream media is singing the praises of the DNC that should be reason enough for the members of the left to take their vote elsewhere.

People in the USA desperately need a third party , one that has as its constituency the left and progressives. If the media are claiming this a bad idea , then they are afraid of something and it is not Donald trump.


I totally agree. FAIR is a perfect example. I can’t read their articles anymore. They point out the failings of what the media does. We know that already. Solutions?

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The question is who Biden, Harris, Pelosi, et al are appealing to. Who are their true constituents. Hint: If your net worth is < $10,000,000, you’re not one of them. The party platform is not aimed at the vast majority of Democrats or Americans, but at the 0.1% who rule the US.


Exactly. A Vote comes once every 4 years and each person has a single vote.

Money from donors is the gift that keeps on giving. 365 days a year if you want it and those donors can give tens of thousands of the same.

The Pelosi types see that as far more important than is the vote of some woman working 60 hours a week and barely able to meet her expenses.

The media and the DNC will just guilt shame that woman into voting for the Democrats , or just hope she does not vote at all.


Biden’s centrist being is beyond incompetent - an election losing strategy that betrays the Dem/Indy/left base and real issues to spew mindless republican blather and deceit, just like they have been using for decades - who are those “strategists” they need to be euthanized and/or neutered to keep from breeding.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is the Dem establishment mantra and MO. their stock in trade

The media are corrupt corporate liars and propagandists - partisan shallow ignorant hacks and sophomoric idiots serving their profits not the nation or people.
The issues the vast majority support are shunted aside with contempt by biden and the pants-suit cop “prosecutor” F them ALL!

"In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" - MLK Jr


The author is young, so understandably doesn’t know that this is how U.S media always operates.

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Precisely. Does that mean the millions who voted for him share that lack of concern? Looks that way - or do they actually not possess sufficient intelligence or knowledge to conclude that any politician who is willing to arbitrarily take away their health insurance - does not care about them and, by extension, America?


The Washington Post says a typically stupid comment, that Biden’s zombie campaign has managed to “build a centrist coalition in favor of political sanity”. So, in a society falling apart, with mass misery right around the corner, with the long term macroeconomic and microeconomic trends, with the shape of infrastructure, the environmental crisis, changing nothing is a sign of “political sanity”. And Bernie would have to have run from being called a radical, because clearly things are going really well and you would have to be nuts to want to structurally change things. Promising to change nothing and offering no solutions to any of society’s problems, that is a sure fire victory in a society literally breaking down and a political system incapable of doing anything about issues that we need to address. Corruption? Who cares? A large chunk of people that don’t even bother to vote in this system? Yawn. And a total right wing ghoul like Jennifer Rubin? Welcome to our big tent party!

This party deserves to be kicked to into the dustbin of history, and if there was justice in the world, we would hack at these media companies that are giant corporations that do little more than propaganda on behalf of an undemocratic, immoral, corrupt, inequitable and environmentally destructive system. The entirety of the thing needs to be dismantled.