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Media, Racism, and Global "Shitholes"

Media, Racism, and Global "Shitholes"

Christian Christensen
A reminder that the disgusting bigotry Trump leverages does not emerge from a vacuum.

The complicity of the MMM in constructing this myopic, ugly worldview cannot be overstated.


In that imaginary world view from which I seem to perpetually suffer, I wonder what having this article in a mainstream media outlet might accomplish with the general population, who take the biases referenced so literally, and unfortunately so unquestioningly.

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Thank you, Mr. Christensen, for putting this matter into its larger context. Trump’s vile comments are certainly the verbalization of his vile thoughts and beliefs. The larger question is why? The answer, of course, is that these ideas are already ingrained in our culture.


To be fair, this one, this time, has gone way beyond just the media circus. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Rupert Colville issued an long condemnation of Trumps remarks. Leaders of countries all around the world, notably African countries also condemned it?


Let’s not forget that Hollywood and the film industry reinforces these stereotypes - the bad guys are seldom white Americans, if you catch my drift. Look at how James Bond movies glorify the white people destinations (the fancy hotels and nightclubs), but all the shots from Africa and the Middle East are filled with poverty and bad guys. Even the new Blade Runner movie managed to denigrate Asians in their “these are the people left on Earth” shots of a future L.A.


Trump isn’t an aberration

He’s an eventuality


So, Trump swallowed crisis journalism and is regurgitating it in our collective face as “fake news”.

Perfectly stated and true.

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Thanks for that little tidbit on the new “Blade Runner.”

Loved the old version. Gotta get to the new one.

Welcome to Common Dreams, Derrek.

Yeah, eventually he’ll be dead.

I remember supposedly liberal newspaper photographs in the 1980’s of life in Russia represented as ‘bread lines’ of sack-clothed impoverished women, grandmothers and children waiting hours for food handouts. Soon after the fall of the Russian empire, newspaper photos showed stylish Russians of all ages in glamorous western attire enjoying life in ‘reformed’ settings of modernity and plenty. I was suspicious and distrusted the newspaper accounts. What was it they were hiding in reports about promises of this new world of freedom? Oh yeah. Greed, corruption, exploitation and war.

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Due to that annoying edit time limitation, I cannot remove the question mark from the last sentence.

I have an issue of National Geographic from the early Eighties featuring the Soviet Union. Most of the people in the photographs seemed to be living happy lives, albeit simpler ones than what Americans aspire to. Maybe that is precisely why they looked happier.

Only if the Mindless Zombies enable them at election time.

But why? Racism - the generalized designation of a target for hatred (unresolved conceptual illusions about obstacles to love) is a mortally threatening emotional shortcoming looking for a place to manifest in the material. The emotional dynamic must be played out. Along the way it infests/invests its unspoken mortal fear(s) in any fork in the road, any decision nexus, and most notably in its silence in satisfaction. Watch a racist - try Arpaio - because there is an almost detoxic relief expressed by the racist once it is externalized - to give it expression provides a secondary delusional step thought or felt to be cathartic, when its exactly the opposite. The dependency on the poison is deepened.

It is catastrophic incompletion externalized as projectile - intended to be deadly whether to idea or being. It is the same dynamic as marketing to the laughable ‘elite’ - which by definition is EFFETE and the opposite of elite. Think about it. Why else is the “life-style”, so dependant on the denial of equality, balance and weaponry ?

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You do realize that in the broadest sense, Asians are the majority of people on the planet now, right?

Miserable urbanites or happy peasant farmers, the impression my local newspaper and National Geographic gave was meant to reinforce stereotypes. Of course, the cold war then was still on, but no doubt our media present biased views with an agenda today. I can’t stand it when NPR radio programs praise self-driving cars - trust me, it’s not going to happen - and figure their corporate sponsors want to keep real solutions from public consideration.

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Of course we’ve always had our share of “miserable urbanites” as well. The media just generally ignores them. I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 periodicals that, taken together, give one a fairly accurate view of this country and the world beyond. They are:

  1. National Geographic
  2. Mad Magazine
  3. Rolling Stone.

BTW, I share your skepticism and concern regarding driverless cars.

Yup, they certainly were happier back in the Soviet days compared to their dismal state in the dog-eat-dog gangster-capitalist society that Russia has become. And it is not like there is even any improvement in freedom of dissent, as Russians from Pussy Riot to Alexy Navalny to Alexander Litvinenko (R.I.P) know or knew.

But try to suggest that things just might have been better for average Russians in the Soviet days (post-Stalin of course) in “polite” company…

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