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Media Reports ISIS Nuclear Plot That Never Actually Involved ISIS

Media Reports ISIS Nuclear Plot That Never Actually Involved ISIS

Adam Johnson

The AP published this week (10/5/15) a thrilling account of how the FBI, in concert with Moldovan authorities, “disrupted” a smuggling ring that was supposedly trying to sell “nuclear material” to ISIS and other terror organizations over a five-year span. The primary developments in the story are almost a year old, but the resurfaced tale made news across the English-speaking world:

Spectre might have been behind this!

The media should interview Austin Powers and James Bond to see if they had any role in heading off these attempts.This would give said media more credibility with their target audience.


If only the left had the savvy that the capitalist corporate media has. We would be living in a worker’s paradise right now! Unfortunately, our addiction to honesty and integrity get in the way of pulling anything like this stuff off.


Once a population has been conditioned to a state of undefined fearfulness it is easy to attach to any fear du jour. This is nothing new, but plays on the habits of the human animal.


The really sad thing is that you will never see this article in the MSM.

  • ISIS was created, trained and armed by the Fourth Reich, ostensibly to get rid of Assad. In actuality, if the truth were ever to come out, ISIS was put together to further destabilize the Middle East, to give the Reich an opportunity to widen the wars in the ME.
  • And why would the Reich want to widen the wars?
  • MICC profits, profits profits! (and power)
  • And, through increasing the fear level in the American populace, it will be easier to increase their docility and willingness to be “saved” from “evil” by the Reich. (More control, more surveillance, etc.)
  • Disgusting.

If John McCain would have worked harder on his Arabic, he would have made the sale…


The raising of the term ‘transubstantiation’ ( thank you for providing the link) is apt in light of the real meaning of advertising, etymologically: ‘warning’, on which the predatory model is utterly and completely dependent. It has virtually all of the earmarks of a cult religion - particularly in the desperate generating of ‘sacrifice zones’ both material and conceptual.
We are living through a period of ‘apocalypse’ or ‘unveiling’, in which the experience of cognitive dissonance intensifies while nature takes her course and we have direct experience at the ‘consumer’ end - long after those subjected to the predatory extraction end as well as those on whom the poisonous waste is dumped. Again both material and conceptual. I’m reminded of the tsunami of violent apocalyptic movies again dependent on framing a story in terms of making their characters either killers or cowards.
The assiduously constructed division between these poles of the ‘model’ is a ‘net’ architecture constructed of as many holes as connective material as its model for social life - a cartoon version based on its own predatory perspective.
Every minute of every day the majority of human beings all over the world have direct experience of a far richer, more coherent and adaptable natural reality and are literate in reading, recognizing and learning from the aspects of reality the predatory hegemon must exclude to generate its cult. This, I would submit, is our real treasure.

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Reich survival instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGz3QJQaHtM .

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What a ridiculous assessment. The left doesn’t tend to be composed of corporate owners. And since the media and its sycophants are also owned by the same pro-war, corporate-conservative interests and entities, THEY get to write the (false) narrative.

The “truth” works like a children’s game of “Telephone” in that as it’s passed from person/reporter to person/reporter, it ends up distorted and diluted. Then, each “source” quotes the former one setting up a seamless command chain unaccountable to Truth or those the nation’s air waves (and arguably, its print media) are there to serve.

This has ZERO to do with “the Left’s savvy.”

And so another “new poster” emerges to take the issue of dishonesty and deception in high places and turn it around into faulting human beings, in general, for being vulnerable.

You and your pals give a pass to a media that is drenched in disinformation, propaganda, official stories and related false narratives.

Instead, you pass off the obvious malfeasance by endeavoring to turn it into another version of “human nature.”

THAT is how AGENTS protect Power.

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Thank you, Oh Wise One! Over the many years, I had forgotten that one.

  • Just what I needed! :wink:

Such derring-do

"‘Danger’ is my middle name.

‘Lying about’ is my first."

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Fox News and CBS would take it one step further, by expressly saying the plot was evidence that “ISIS was trying to buy a nuke.”

This is rich is it not? Completely fabricated for the benefit of the media. Quite obviously fake to any media organisation who does the homework. And yet greedily jumped upon as fuel for the propaganda machine.

He has done no such thing. Your attack is not justified.

Does the FBI get its ideas from Hollywood, that glorious USAian foreign policy publication?

Looks like the FBI after being caught so many times in amerika entrapping people in fake terrorism scenarios, has taken their dreams and schemes overseas trying to impress those who are not aware of their tendencies of trying to make themselves look good in the public’s eye!

Yes, it is also sad that NPR too often plays the same parroting game on behalf of the National Insecurity Cults like the NSA, CIA, DoD, State Dept., DHS, et. al. Now we know that Salon is part of that same Wall Street, US Administration & both D & R wings of the political cults.

Ah! The Fox News model!

Speaking of natural reality, I have been watching, for the past couple of weeks, for multiple hours, something I didn’t know existed: several live wildlife webcams from South Africa. The reality of that world is simply stunning. There is no way that I am not going to go there and see this in person.

I have seen so little but what I have seen has caused me to reconsider what I thought I knew; it has changed a number of my ideas about the world and I am contemplating almost everything from a new perspective. I highly recommend this to everyone.