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Media Still Refuse to Report the Real News: Trump Is Actively Trying to Steal the Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/07/media-still-refuse-report-real-news-trump-actively-trying-steal-election


Sensationalism: If it bleeds it leads. Unless one is mugged with the use of a weapon, a knife, a gun to the head, the media takes the “both sides” position, giving credence to lies and extortion…to be clear, sensationalism rules, and sells products by capturing eyeballs.


They responded to his ridiculous claims by calmly pointing out they were ridiculous claims with no basis in reality. You seem to be tearing your hair out in a panic and ranting for 90% longer than was required to get your point across about it. That is literally exactly what he wants.


Does anyone out there think that, chastened by democratic rejection, Orangeman will make nicely-nice for the next 2 1/2 months? Of course it remains of not inconsiderable concern that this clown is being followed around by a specially-designated functionary toting the nuclear football – just in case of third & long.

But what the hell is with this purported refusal to report “the real news”? Ranging awfully damn close to relegating all reporting to the “fake” category, which we’ve known as a tool of the oppressor.

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Since the dawn of the 21st century mainstream media pretends that history dictates what will happen going forward, despite the GOP serially proving that their ongoing execution of the 1973 Powell memo keeps proving that 20th century rules don’t apply.

Media keeps telling us that state electors won’t betray their respective states’ voters when the electoral college meets on December 14. They base that assertion on the electors not betraying their voters to the extent that election results were altered in any of the previous 60 plus POTUS elections. Seeing how that during Obama’s second term Moscow Mitch was the first Senate Majority Leader in history to refuse to consider federal court nominees, the media’s assertion that we have nothing to worry about on December 14 is bogus and progressives believe the media at our own peril.


We’re already back to the “Moscow Mitch” (implicit Russiagate) bullshit here, and the election isn’t even decided yet. You bigots might consider keeping your xenophobia leashed awhile longer.


Russian influence and distraction has been evident ever since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, two years after Trump visited Russia to make a real estate deal, finding himself becoming Putin’s bitch in the process.

Pay no attention to that Russian aluminum plant being built in Kentucky that didn’t help with Mitch’s re-election.

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Nothing to do with xenophobic US American foolishness, such as yours.

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The pinnacle of “American foolishness” was so many Americans believing that Obama was/is a “constitutional law expert”, a major message during his 2008 campaign.

With each passing year of the Obama regime we witnessed Obama’s constitutional expertise being limited to an academic understanding while the GOP’s, especially Moscow Mitch’s manipulation of the constitutional resulted in the Democrats abandoning the Obama constitutional law expert myth long before Obama left the White House.

To his credit Obama DID recognize in 2014 that the Democrats would lose control of the US Senate and advised RBG to retire when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 80. Unfortunately, her hubris prevailed and resulted in a the current SCOTUS makeup that has the power to steal the election from Biden.

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Great photograph, the picture of a beaten turd with a tiny hand.


You’re right. Quite expressive photographic statement from Mandel Ngan.

It was more obvious a couple days ago when a joker superimposed the clear plastic EXIT sign, in real time, over Orangeman’s lumpy mug… The person on the other side of that lens can have quite a bit to say!

Oh: I just heard the networks are finally calling Pennsylvania, etcetera.

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There is an article locally in Miami that the governor of FL is in full support of Republican legislators overturning the vote because of the “refrain” of rampant fraud - so they could vote electors in to vote in the president De Santis is saying. This is just twisted though because the republican ostensibly are in charge of the state and would have an incentive to have fraud - i.e. the proud boys type fraud attempt in PA - and then use these fraudulent fraud attempts to say they need to override the results… its really, really, creepy and all those supporting this should be called out like Nikki Haley - if she is - but especially DeSantis.

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Trump could easily have the states red controlled apportion the delegates where they are “disputed”. This would be an easy path to victory for him. The Dems were cowards when Clinton and the Congress both refused to order the FL vote count and let some Justice decide the election. They won’t fight because do they really want the pressure of raising taxes, free health care, no war in the Middle East? No the do not.

Funny-----this was the first thing McConnell talked about when he took the floor of the Senate he said “there was no foreign interference in this election unlike 2016”-------he was arguing that the repubs had put enough safe guards in place and didn’t need all the things dems wanted to do.

The Sec of Defense is fired-------did he refuse to carry out an order by the dear leader? I wonder why Fox called Arizona ??? I think it was a set up for MSNBC to call Nevada------but MSNBC didn’t have the guts til Sat???

How can Collins be down 10 in the polls and win by 10??? The same thing in North Carolina the dem Cunningham was always leading in the polls???

Trump had a issue with paper mail in ballots----one of the most secure ways to vote-----and it is Hannity on Fox who seems to be an expert on how to fix voting machines.

CNN is saying----Dr. Fauci interview-that they will have a vaccine by the end of the year------Trump people are going to be pissed.

Report TRUMP’S attempts at fraud & stealing …
… as though it were (gasp!) NEWS !!