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'Media, Stop Live Streaming His Misinformation!': Despite Reports of Overdose Deaths, Trump Again Touts Unproven Drug Treatment for Coronavirus

One of my sisters takes hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis and you are absolutely correct: she would never try to self-prescribe this drug.

But, I believe Trump should leave the possible curative announcements to the medical profession. He really does not have sufficient knowledge to be doing the announcing. He appears to like to take credit for these findings, which are likely not being found by his administration, but by the medical community at large. The Surgeon General and/or Director of the N.I.H. should be the expert spokesperson.


From the comments section on a YouTube video;

“If there’s anyone i trust for medical advice, its an elderly obese man shaped like a mouldy pumpkin”

Hi Pony,

I can’t quickly find an appropriate CD thread to post this, so I’ll post it here.

At Unz Review, there are currently four articles, toward the top of the middle column, questioning whether the COVID-19 virus is a bioweapon. The first, which I’ve provided the link for below, is detailed and very interesting. I’ve only skimmed the other three…will read them later.

Was Coronavirus a Biowarfare Attack Against China?

[The following is the republication of several long and very detailed comments by an unidentified purported expert on biowarfare that originally appeared on a recent thread of the Saker blogsite

[Update: an investigation strongly suggests that the author’s claims regarding his personal background and professional expertise are accurate.]

Here’s a particularly interesting paragraph:

They Ithe U.S.) tend to underestimate their adversaries. China has an offensive program and if they get convinced they were attacked then I believe something nasty will be coming soon to the US. But, China is not stupid and won’t release a biothreat agent they have no preventative or treatment for. I also had several Chinese scientists working for me and I respect them immensely.

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Please sign this petition to learn what leaked from Ft Detrick on or before July 2019. Work on SARS-CoV-19-2 resumed there soon after the leak: ~https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/continuing_coverage/coronavirus/fort-detrick-laboratory-studying-new-coronavirus/article_08035907-bc25-54a3-9bcb-c6b62121e6d0.html

~https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/petition-information-fort-detrick-1 [needs 100K signatures by 4/8/20; has 1167]
A series of conspicuous events,
7/2019, the top secret US army’s medical research institute of infectious diseases at Fort Detrick was closed;
8/2019, a large-scale “influenza” killed more than 10,000 people;
10/2019, the United States organized Event 201 - A Global Pandemic Exercise with the participation of the Deputy Director of CIA;
11/2019, pneumonia of undetermined origin was found in China;
2/2020, the epidemic in world broke out;
3/2020, a large number of English news reports about the close of Fort Detrick were deleted, displaying “404 not found” ;
Now we have reasons to ask the US government to publish the real reason for the close of Fort Detrick, to clarify whether the laboratory is the research unit for the new coronavirus “COVID19” and whether there is a virus leak.
Keywords: Civil Rights & Equality; Energy & Environment; Urban Policy

"It would seem the only possibility for origination is the US because only that country has the “tree trunk” of all the varieties. And it may therefore be true that the original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick. This would not be a surprise, given that the CDC completely shut down Fort Detrick, but also because, as I related in an earlier article, between 2005 and 2012 the US had experienced 1,059 events where pathogens had been either stolen or escaped from American bio-labs during the prior ten years – an average of one every three days.” ~http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/march/17/war-on-china/

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The BSL3 Lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was also working on the virus and was receiving funding from the Chinese national government for one or more of their Chinese researchers working there, who were from the Wuhan BLS4 lab. Prof. Francis Boyle during his recent Alex Jones interview (YouTube) reads from a 2015 Nature Medicine paper and a February, 2020, Antiviral Research paper (both peer reviewed), proving these facts and that the Chinese researchers then were attempting to further weaponize the virus by combining it with a SARS-HIV virus.

Boyle says the UNC virus came from Fort Detrick.

I’ve seen no definitive evidence, however, regarding who released the virus and where it was released. There needs to be a full-scale investigation, involving many countries, to trace the various strains infecting various countries to their origin. I would expect the U.S. to try to stymie any such investigations.


I just heard a rumor that the problem with the chloroquine they ingested had to do with them being democrats and chloroquine phosphate is only effective for republicans - duhhh!, they took medication not suited for them.

Not sure this old Curmudgeon deserves it, but I am very lucky to have some good neighbors who have been able to find some groceries for me that were getting low.  Some rain here off and on, but I’ve been able to walk my dogs in the adjacent park with plenty of “social distancing”, in spite of their sociability with four-legged friends . . .

I presume that 99.44% of those who post here are paying attention to the health professionals, and not to the “F***ing Moron” occupying the White House for the time being.


You presume right for me and my wife. Be well Unc.


This is health4all responding from PB’s phone. Thank you for the reminders about those articles from Dr. Boyle. I sent information to media, lawyers, and a legal org. requesting help to get clear what leaked from Fort Detrick. WH petition was originally posted from scientists outside US. But as more congresspeople and senators and their families become lll that may drive further investigation. Of course the rants about China AR diversionary and deflections from accountability, possibly #45s electoral prospects but more deeply likely from MIC. Which is why Bolton immediately disbanded the pandemic response team in July last year.

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Here’s a very long article (too long for me to read completely this evening), which has some interesting maps showing the locations of U.S. bioweapons labs in various regions of the globe. I thought this might interest you, because each of these labs could be storing strains of bioweapons which could easily be deployed regionally.

Military Dictatorship: Ruling Class Launches Bio-War Against Humanity

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Whoa… After checking the bias of fort russ, I found it on a Harvard list from 2017 of internet sources not to be trusted, along with Common Dreams, The Intercept, Zero Hedge and 30+ other sources, 25% of which I read regularly, surprisingly missing truthdig, truthout, consortium news…

I read this aritcle to the end, where–spoiler alert!–the Transformer-in-Chief turns out to be Putin, who is all-wise to the globalist’s tricks and because he is, “Russia met the Third World War, which turned out to be biological, fully armed… God preserves Russia for sure.”

That being “Read,” in the Cold-War-revival sense of the term “Red”–sarcasm alert!
The two paragraphs I found most interesting are these, perhaps because they hold the basis for cooperation to create an international people’s declaration of rights, in response to the dank shade of coronavirus as just one spoke of the Pentagon’s “biological umbrella”:

"And now this is the stage when globalists do not “bother” at all with any explanations that “to their” population, that to the “natives” of the colonies (the same post-Maidan Ukrainians). It’s only with the “corona virus in the pan” Ukraine “trembled with trepidation” – it collected signatures under a collective appeal to the President asking him to create a commission to “investigate the activities of fifteen secret American biological laboratories on Ukrainian territory to find out the truth about their work and determine the degree of their danger to the health of citizens.”

In connection with the official statement of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Zhao Lijian that the US military brought the coronavirus to Wuhan, we ask President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to create a commission to investigate the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine. People have the right to know the truth, ”the petition says. …


I dont support Trump but mentioning a possible medication as a help during a crisis that other countries are workng on isnt malfeasance its just pointing out a fact.Blaming him for people being stupid is just political virtue signaling of the most opportunistic kind.Theres is plenty to blame Trump for but thats not it.

The excesses of man’s ignorance and stupidity will return the Earth to it’s natural state without human interference for millenia one day.

Hopefully, the next group of extraterrestrials that decide to run an experiment here on Earth, will be smarter than the last group.


People are stupid and that’s why I continue to disagree. Go back to the article and listen to him again, yapping, with no medical personnel available to answer any questions from the press.

Presenting on national TV, as a solution, a drug or combination of drugs that are available on the U.S. market by prescription for other diseases and undoubtedly setting in some people’s medicine cabinets, but not yet thoroughly tested and approved for use on humans for a particular disease, should not be done by some bloke who has no medical or pharmacological training and who definitely has a poor understanding of science and the scientific process in general. Hell, it even sounded like they’d be passing these out like candy, the next day, on the streets of New York City.

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Thanks. I hadn’t seen that Harvard list. - Guess I have to stop reading a whole lot of publications, before I poison my mind any further. -grin-


I couldn’t respond from other thread because of CD’s message that I could send no more than 3 replies without a response and to send you a personal message through CD. I don’t know how.

The most comprehensive link for all events related to this outbreak, medical and political. This link includes evidence for all three points I made:


  1. Fort Detrick events May 2018 (5/15-16/19 10’ flood in Frederick takes out steam plant then Bolton takes Pandemic Task Force out of NSC) through July 2019 when virus leaked and CDC shut down the two USAMRIID BSL-4 labs working on it.

  2. Virus is tailored to attack Asians

Notable is that while SARS spread to about 40 countries, the infections in most countries were few and deaths almost zero, and it was exclusively (or almost exclusively) Chinese who were infected, those in Hong Kong most seriously, with Mainland China suffering little by comparison.

The Corona virus is a virus that, for whatever reason, East Asians are susceptible to but other races are not, just like SARS. None of our people are going to succumb to this condition. The MSM’s constant hyping is just a way of making people panic, because people are more susceptible to being indoctrinated when they panic. By not reporting the race of those who have caught this disease in Europe, unnecessary panic is being fomented among Europeans…so that they can be more easily inculcated with the message than “race differences don’t exist, because race is a social construct.”

The SARS virus apparently much preferred Chinese to Caucasians, though it did attack Vietnamese health care workers (who may be similar to Chinese in their susceptibility).

This appears to be precisely the case with this new virus, in that all the infected persons are Chinese. News reports speak of infections appearing in Thailand or the US, but those (at least to date of writing) were all Chinese who had been to Wuhan. There have been no cases so far of infected Caucasians.

As with SARS, this new virus appears to be tightly-focused and race-specific to Chinese.

American bio-scientists caught by the police inside of China doing illegal acts.

We might in other circumstances pass this off as an unfortunate coincidence but for some major circumstantial events that serve to alter our focus. One of these is the history of American universities and NGOs having come into China in recent years to conduct biological experiments that were so illegal as to leave the Chinese authorities enraged.

This was particularly true when it became known that Harvard University had surreptitiously proceeded with experiments in China. Experiments that had been forbidden by the authorities years earlier. And where they collected many hundreds of thousands of Chinese DNA samples and then left the country. The Chinese were furious to learn that Americans were collecting Chinese DNA.

The government intervened and prohibited the further export of any of the data. The conclusion at the time was that the ‘research’ had been commissioned by the US military with the DNA samples destined for race-specific bio-weapons research. … So the American military was collecting Chinese DNA to develop bio-weapons.
3) The virologist who “says this is not a natural virus” was not Daniel Lucey GWU. Instead:
Virologist Dr. Alan Cantwell [who] wrote at the time [of the outbreak in Italy] that “the mysterious SARS virus is a new virus never before seen by virologists. …This is an entirely new illness with devastating effects on the immune system, and there is no known treatment.” … Dr. Cantwell also noted that the genetic engineering of coronaviruses has been occurring in both medical and military labs for decades. He wrote that when he searched in PubMed for the phrase “coronavirus genetic engineering”, he was referred to 107 scientific experiments dating back to 1987. To quote Dr. Cantwell:

“I quickly confirmed scientists have been genetically engineering animal and human coronaviruses to make disease-producing mutant and recombinant viruses for over a decade. No wonder WHO scientists identified the SARS/coronavirus so quickly. Never emphasised by medical news writers is the fact that for over forty years scientists have been “jumping species” with all sorts of animal and human viruses and creating chimera viruses (viruses composed from viruses of two different species). This unsupervised research produces dangerous man-made viruses, many of which have potential as bioweapons. Certainly SARS has the hallmarks of a bioweapon. After all, aren’t new biological warfare agents designed to produce a new disease with a new infectious agent? As in prior military experiments, all it might take … to spread SARS is an aerosol can …”