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Media Support US Violence Against Syria, But Long for More


Media Support US Violence Against Syria, But Long for More

Gregory Shupak

Corporate media outlets were glad that the US, France and Britain bombed Syria in violation of international law (FAIR.org, 4/18/18), but lamented what they see as a dearth of US violence in the country.


Thanks Common Dreams for posting this providing a counter to Sonali Kolhatkar thinly veiled war propaganda from Friday.


Long Moon of Alabama piece on the attacks by the MSM on anyone that doesn’t conform to the official narrative.


It’s worth it just for the Orwell qoute at the beginning.



The Intercept also ran an article blaming the Assad apologists ( who knew, right? ) on the non-interventionist left for not really piling it on, politically. By all means, shoot the messenger and pistolwhip the piano player. That’ll teach 'em.
The Fisk article really caught some air, :wink:apparently. Keep the air moving Mr. Chupak, it’s doing a great job of separating the wheat from the chaff.


The Post editorial says, “The challenge to vital US interests in Syria is far from over. These “interests” include ensuring that Iran does not “obtain the land corridor it seeks across Syria.

Other than in fighting for Israel, it matters not a whit to US interests if Iran has a land corridor across Syria.

If the Post wanted to make more than a propaganda contribution to the debate, perhaps it could enumerate just a few of OUR supposed vital interests in Syria.