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Media Treat Trump Administration's Partisan Fear-Mongering as Objective 'Government' Report


Media Treat Trump Administration's Partisan Fear-Mongering as Objective 'Government' Report

Adam Johnson

On Tuesday, dozens of media outlets broke what at first seemed to be a major story about “the government” announcing that Social Security and Medicare will be broke in less than 20 years:


Keelhaul the complicit media along with the privateers!


In my early 20’s back in late 60’s and 70’s we were told it wasn’t going to be there for us at retirement. Wasn’t as politically savvy back then was devoting my time to environment, zero population growth, gas tax, nuclear energy plants and child rearing. I wanted a better planet for my children.


Lamestreet media is as harmful as Citizens United and republicons.


Just once, why not IN BOLD Headlines on every MSM source stating “US Bankrupt unless Miltary Spending Gutted”!

Or , “US Military Spending leading to Rising Poverty”.

Now we all know WHY this not the case and why the Media will hype the impending doom of Social Security. The MSM gets millions and billions in Advertising Revenue from the MIC. They get little Advertising Revenue from Social spending programs.

The MSM is not there to inform people. They are there to SELL people the permament warfare state.


All of the above could easily be fixed, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for ‘the government’ to do either of the following:

  • Remove the “cap” from FICA taxes — make the Fat Cats pay their fair share.
  • Make Korporations pay FICA taxes — after all, SCOTUS has ruled that Korporations are “people” too.

Sounds good to me!

Social Security is NOT welfare – it is (supposed to be) a government-protected retirement account.  Had
it been properly protected, and its funds properly invested rather than stolen for use in other government programs, it would be more than solvent today.


I am not sur on what your point on welfare is.

I was speaking to the permanent WARfare state.


And all of the Corporate State Democrats will rush to discredit this bunch of Austerity jerks.

They are calling a press conference right now to do just that! Wait…



Sorry - victim of tired eyes syndrome: too many hours on 'puter.

My point about SS still stands though — the RePoopLickens are constantly complaining that it’s “an entitle­ment” and “welfare”, which it is not.  Except that those who have been forced to pay into it all these years ARE entitled to the benefits which they were promised in return.