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Media Trumpwash Clinton’s Reckless Foreign Record


Media Trumpwash Clinton’s Reckless Foreign Record

Adam Johnson

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a much-anticipated “foreign policy” speech (6/2/16) in which she took presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to task for what she called his “dangerously incoherent” foreign policy stances. The speech was widely met with praise from the pundit class:


Posting this again, because it needs to be seen.


"Clinton is the antidote to this, a “steady hand” in a dangerous world."

I don't think that was an assumption. The question is why didn't Trump go after Clinton on her policy. He really never hit back other than to call her names. The reason is probably that he doesn't know enough about foreign policy to hit back and he has no organization to do it. And where were leading Republicans hitting back? They remained quiet. So why expect the press to criticize Clinton's foreign policy when Trump isn't doing that, attacking a judge of Mexican heritage instead, and neither are any well known supporters. It is not up to the press to fight the Republican's battle. It is up to Trump and the Republicans.


"Over at Vox, Matt Yglesias has positioned Clinton as the sensible, reliable choice on foreign policy" >> the more effective evil...


Nor should the press cheerlead or whitewash the record of his opponent. That was the point of the article. And no, I'm not a Trump supporter.


'Matthew Yglesias in Vox (6/2/16): “You can at least be sure that a Clinton presidency won’t lead to some enormous unforeseen cataclysm.” '

Technically true, because the cataclysms she will unleash are all pretty well documented and already foreseen in that tiny fraction of the press that cover her honestly. It will be no surprise at all if she unleashes WW-III trying to corner Putin ...


The MSM loved Hillary's speech. But we don't need another President who just gives a well-crafted speech. Been there, done that. Got screwed.


"Over at Vox, Matt Yglesias has positioned Clinton as the sensible, reliable choice on foreign policy and, in doing so, failed to mention Iraq, Libya, Syria, Honduras..."

Read this new devastating piece by Robert Parry on Libya: Libya’s ‘Chaos Theory’ Undercuts Hillary



Oh yeah!


Why would Republicans complain?
War is America's #1 export.


Welcome back, Ernestine.


Waiting on California - Lets see how cool they really are?

As for Clinton – Beware Gaddafi’s revenge.


This is hardly a "current" policy. The US itself is comprised of land seized from others. See: Manifest Destiny