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Media Undermine Democracy by Speculating Wildly About Undermining Democracy


Media Undermine Democracy by Speculating Wildly About Undermining Democracy

Adam Johnson

The relentless drumbeat of Trump–as–Russian agent takes hasn’t ceased since the news broke of a likely Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee in June—and it probably won’t stop until Election Day.


What Trump is is one gigantic ego. That's all he's got.
Trump needs to win. By any means necessary. It would be no surprise if at some point in the future a few bodies uncovered in some landfill didn't have Trump's fingerprints all over them.

Trump is a f****** lunatic.

Hillary is just a sick, old, woman who displays very poor judgement and lies, and wants to go down in the history books.


The Russians are gonna getcha. More US mainstream media bullshit.

Accessing this media puts one's mental health in jeopardy.


The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! How about Jeff Bezos, and that whole gang are coming. P.S. Is there any way we can recycle those vote-flipping machines before they hit the land-fill?


Regardless of who votes for whom in November, Hillary will win the presidency.

If you're a Stein supporter why do fight so hard to legitimize Trump?


All of this is of course, a redirection attempt to cover the fact that the primary was rigged by, not Russia, but the DNC/Clinton machine.

Even if Clinton remains as president, she will be tarnished. At least a part of the country will assume she is illegitimate, that the elites/Clinton clan/mainstream media stole the election from “the people.”

This is exactly where we are and the WP article looks like a white wash for Clinton. It's not easy covering for a corrupt and failed candidate like Clinton. You have to get creative.


The oligarchy will not allow Trump within 300 miles of the oval office because they know he's a f****** lunatic.
Hilary will not win the majority of the vote, Jill Stein will see to that, but Hillary will win the Electoral Collage vote by a large margin (the oligarchy will see to that).
Hillary's candidacy is currently collapsing.
Neither Hillary nor her surrogates are promoting her policy positions, instead they are everywhere defending her. They're claiming that even though she's an unhealthy, untrustworthy, corrupt, liar Trump is even worse.
Hillary will never be able to govern if the Left votes en masse for Stein.


All states should use paper ballots just in case but I as understand it this is not done everywhere. Apparently in some states voting is done purely electronically. I am less concerned about the Russians hacking the election than I am that Trump will not release his tax returns. This lack of transparency should be unacceptable to all voters. He is a stealth candidate. Many people claim he is not worth anywhere near what he claims. A Washington Post investigation has found that since 2008 he has given virtually no money to charity despite claims that he is a generous donor. Rather than donating his own money he has set up the Trump Foundation to donate other peoples money and make it look like it is his own. Many people also suspect that he has many financial ties with Russia. He may be dependent on Russia for financing. He certainly has made strange statements for a presidential candidate about Putin and Russia. Is he simply an admirer of authoritarian government or is he basically being controlled by Russia. His tax returns should clear that up. The main thing he has done to undermine democracy is to claim that if he loses then the election must have been rigged. That is a direct attempt to undermine democracy. Would his supporters resort to violence if he loses. He is an authoritarian running in a democratic election. It is absolutely necessary that he agree to accept the results of the election after any irregularities that occur are investigated and any recounting of votes that is necessary is carried out. To still contend that the election was rigged against him after that could threaten democracy.


I still feel that every mainstream media report out there is designed to keep the population with a very narrow focus by insinuating that the election is only between Trump and Clinton. It distracts the viewer and corrals them into the 'black vs. white' scenario that corporate America demands.
The honest thing to do for any journalist who is NOT a corporate lackey is to suggest at the end of every single political article written is... "... that only leaves Jill Stein as the only viable choice this coming election for the 99% who are fed up with the chicanery of both Clinton and Trump". Of course any journalist that ended one of these propaganda pieces with such a statement would be immediately banished from the mainstream apparatus for life. Therefore to criticize Anne Applebaum for her shallow conjecture is to miss the point; Applebaum works there precisely because she won't stray from the corporate narrative.
I still appreciate Johnson and his ability to point out how disconnected journalists are from reality, but since when haven't MSM journalists towed the official line?


Canada runs a national election via paper ballot, and on time. Trump has been coning people out of their money for a lifetime. Even Ex-President Jimmy Carter calls current America an oligarchy, and winning the popular vote means nothing unless one wins the electoral collage, just ask Gore in 2000. Dr. Jill Stein M.D., Ajamu Baraka have fresh ideas for the world, and America. What are we waiting for, lets bring peace and happiness to a hungry world. Vote Dr. Jill Stein M.D., Ajamu Baraka in November!


I wonder how much space has been allotted to this asinine agitprop as opposed to investigation of the very real malevolent machinations in service of vote repression.


The main conclusion I draw from this article is that the military industrial complex (MIC) is pulling out all the stops and doing whatever it takes to restart the cold war with Russia.

As the MIC learned from 1948-1989, cold wars are VERY profitable...ka ching !


The Clinton Foundation is totally transparent. The Clinton's are not billionaires but they did give a million dollars of their own money to the foundation which as is well known does great work, particularly with regard to AIDS and malaria. If Trump is as rich as he claims or even close he could fund a foundation himself. He just claims to be giving his own money but one reporter from the Washington Post has found that except for one check for less than $10,000 to the NYC Police Athletic League none of the money was his. You should want to know about his tax returns. Is he lying about how rich he is? To what extent he financially connected to Russia and China? You should be curious. All candidates since Nixon have released their taxes returns. Why should you give Trump a fee pass? Don't you want to know more about the financial situation of someone who might in charge of the executive branch. Hillary Clinton has over 30 years of tax returns that have been release. That is transparency. There is no guessing about whether or not she hiding something about her finances.


I'll view this as a less than serious comment.


You are just repeating Republican charges about the Clinton Foundation that so are have been proven to be baseless. The Republicans have been trying to create Clinton scandals for more than 20 years. Now people on the left has sunken to this level. There is no proven scandal. If you don't care about what is in Trump's tax returns then you have no understanding of politics at all. It doesn't matter whether he was in political office or not. What you should want to know is what he is hiding. If he wasn't hiding something he would have released his returns. The Republicans have been trying to find scandals involving the Clintons for years because they think the Clintons are too liberal. The left denies that she is a liberal and makes the absurd charge that she is a Republican. I don't know how she is able to deal with these specious attacks from sides. It is amazing that she keeps going. I guess you are going to keep throwing the mud. Happy slinging. Most likely none it will stick.


The imagination of Applebaum's writing is on par with the finest speculative writing to be found in Internet forum posts! :wink:


Astute, accurate, and funny. Thanks for that.