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Media Wonder: Why Can’t Venezuela Be More Like Bolivia?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/27/media-wonder-why-cant-venezuela-be-more-bolivia

The police and military in Venezuela have a higher price tag for being bought off by the US …OR… the police and military in Venezuela want a democratic form of governing more than the police and military in Bolivia do.
But like most all projects directed by Trump , it seems the police in Bolivia aren’t getting their promised pay for helping with the right -wing coup there! LOL!

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Trump promised the Bolivian military police he would give each of them a Tesla pickup truck and their own personal wind turbine. But they’d have to pay the freight and shipping bill.
Of course, there’s a signed copy of The Art of The Deal in the jockey box of each Tesla pickup truck.
The coup leaders are hoping all the hot air coming from Elon Musk’s huge piehole reaches La Paz about 10-12 hours after the wind turbines get up and running.
Should be interesting to see how these fascist norteamericanos in their gov’t try to wiggle out of this one. I think the Christo-Fascists supporting Anez are hoping for a white Jesus as well as a white X-mas this year.
BTW- Is it fake news that Trump’s Bible has a picture of Jesus driving around Mar-A-Lago in a Tesla pickup truck? Instead of riding on Sen. Bob Menendez’s favorite ass?

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