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Media Worried US Won't Occupy Syria Forever


Media Worried US Won't Occupy Syria Forever

Gregory Shupak

In December, President Donald Trump said that he planned to withdraw the U.S. troops from Syria, which number between 2,000 and 4,000.


It’s really very simple. Almost all media these days is an arm of some corporation. News is only news if it’s entertaining and can drive ratings, thus creating more ad dollars to drive up profits for the parent company. The American media conglomerates know their audience all too well. Their audience are Americans, and there is nothIng Americans would like to see more than Blood. Thus we have perpetual war.
The media has become a capitalist venture. Capitalists love war because it’s very profitable. So, as long as there is capitalism, there will be war, and there will be a media there to further monetize it.


The US losing streak in wars continues.

The US streak of declaring victory then hanging around as hapless occupiers of chaos continues.

The US streak of creating more enemies than we defeat continues.

Russia holds the cards, we hold an administration that doesn’t know its ass from third base.

I support getting the troops out.


Shupak sez:
“More recently, the military said that it (sic) moving ahead with plans to withdraw all troops, with one Pentagon official saying, ‘We don’t take orders from Bolton.’

Though the source must be taken with a mine of salt, the world would be a far better place if everyone held this position.


The Dim wing of the Duopoly, including its base, is as worried as the media:


Newspapers are soooooo 20th century! Remember the New York Times newsboys standing on the corner shouting “Extra! Extra! read all about it!?” And kids on bicycles throwing the Washington Post on their customer’s porches? Yeah, I don’t either, but it happened. Sad that this job opportunity for kids is pretty much kaput. But now that newspapers are on their way out my only concern is that they die quickly, and stop selling their credibility to the highest bidder.


Unfortunately, even without print copies, the newspapers are still available, and widely read, online.


True, traditional newspapers are on-line and widely read, but they are in competition now with more reliable information sources, and their audience is aging (a year at a time).


John Bolton is a dangerous man. He seems to be working for Israel which is bound and determined to oust Assad. The US policy in the Mid-East is all about confronting Iran and making Israel happy. If we kept our noses and our military out of the Mid-East, the balance of power there might settle into peace. Our weapons and our military presence make that impossible. Removing the troops in Syria and backing down from a nuclear confrontation with North Korea are the two positive things Trump has done. Either he has been taking good advice from somebody or he has just stumbled into doing the right thing.


Maybe not the majority? -> “Their audience are Americans, and there is nothing Americans would like to see more than Blood.”

The whole media thing makes me think. A lot. One “reply” deleted in a fb group is enough…to start up the think’n. And my thoughts? Well, sometimes I put’em here first…where they aren’t exiled into oblivion.

There are three groups of Americans right now, important ones politically. Pro-Trump,
anti-Trump, and Russiagate skeptics otherwise anti-Trump. Let’s call the latter RSOATs (like r-soats…4 is all I count in Congress: Khanna, O-Cortez, Bern, Merkley, plus a couple other guys). I “scan” over Caitlin Johnstone’s shares in fb a lot. It must be because her’s were the first I gave the “see first” designation… Johnstone, as an Rsoat, sees through a lot of Russiagate balony. Could be she doesn’t see something I just realized. Maybe she does. Maybe she’s already stated it ISMW…I dunno. But it’s down her alley.

caps for emphasis, not shouting

Our Congress is on vacation all the time [unless you call dialing for $ work]. People know this, and any given individual thinks the party s/he opposes CANNOT be listened to, because that opposing party is filled with reprobate and/or even worse loafers. The thing Johnstone may not realize is that the media-system has evolved such that it only conveys party positions that are grossly WRONG ON AT LEAST ONE ISSUE. Unconsciously as it were this system stifles positions of anyone that make sense 360 degrees around the circle. If people see no issues joined, they MUST keep coming back looking for some politician or some editorialist that covers all bases. Thus, the system has us. Facebook has us.

I challenge this system’s putative assumption–contrary to what they have us doing, the search is vain. There is no MSM editorialist in any of the three groups that COMPREHENSIVELY provides answers (do they even print any Rsoats? once in a blue moon they’ll say Mueller is still a’search’n). It is still up to WE THE UNCELEBRATED PEOPLE to find a comprehensive position ourselves. Alright, so I will ask you a question. Did Nader really think in 2000 he’d end up sitting at the top of one of these three groups (the equivalents then)? No. So, we may safely say he identifies with us down here on the ground. We can still trust that he will attempt to salvage perspectives of merit from both conservatives and liberals. He breaks the system’s rule, and doesn’t bracket out sound “answers” because they come from one or another camp.

As oblivious as these loafers on The Hill are to the state of the world, STILL SCHOLARS ROUGHLY REPRESENTING ALL THREE GROUPS MAKE THEIR LEGITIMATE POINTS. Hard to fathom isn’t it?

If you wanna try to sum it up, it goes like this: We must push adherence to The War Powers Act, push trade reform, single payer, green new deal, and Congress re-assuming its constitutional authority. We must oppose bulk collection plus THE-WALL-and-all-things-connected (prison Inc, an Orwellian surveillance state, 3 or 4 or 5 agencies colluding on racism at the border, and, again…bulk collection (it doesn’t find terrorists; it’s a political tool, IOW IMO scam)).

This takes care of Trump’s errors while allowing for any “smart” things he’s inclined to support. Right now, though, it doesn’t cover moving ground-war-funds over to star wars (eventually congressional authority would cover same).

Heard Bruce Fein on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour.

If you already know about fracking, Bruce Fein comes in here at 28:35 https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/what-the-frack/