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Media's Coronation of Clinton Belies Sanders' Path toward Victory


Media's Coronation of Clinton Belies Sanders' Path toward Victory

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite winning three out of four primary contests over the weekend, despite polling better against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton in nearly all blue, purple, and light-red states, and despite his


I don’t think the media is writing Sanders off and certainly the Clinton campaign isn’t. It is true that he is winning a lot of primaries but these are all in mostly white states with relatively few delegates. The math says that Sanders has to win some big states with diverse populations. There are several coming up during the next week and we will see what happens.


Most Americans seem to view elections as tests where their job as voters is to predict the winner.

I guess that’s what 16+ years of dumbed-down compulsory schooling, taking one multiple choice test after another, does to you.

You want to know the truth? Everything said about the media being unfair to Bernie with his the better policy positions applies triple to Jill Stein, who makes Bernie Sanders look like a vicious, war-mongering sociopath in comparison.

Live by the excluding other candidates from the media, die by it.



“I don’t want to disturb the media narrative too much — don’t get people too upset, but don’t write us off,” Mr. Sanders said. “I think we have a path toward victory.”

Well, if that isn’t a concession to the propaganda being catapulted in the corporate MSM then I don’t know what is.

It is absolutely crucial that the Sanders’s campaign systematically monitor the MSM, and then systematically respond to the distortions presented about his positions regardless of who he “upsets” in that corporate MSM.

Openly conceding to the corporate messaging in the MSM that is key to the power of the oligarchs is oxymoronic to any such call for “revolution” against such.

There was an exchange on NPR (listen for about 10 excruciating minutes on my break at work during the week) and heard the back and forth annoying “Radio Lab” style pseudo-analysis of something that Sanders said to a question on race in the last debate on CNN.

That exchange, between Kelly McEvers and Sam Sanders (new NPR voice, just as annoying as the rest) was obviously formulated to comport with each and every Clinton Team distortion on Sanders that has become a meme on this topic in the MSM aligned against him.

There is no excuse whatsoever for Sanders to openly concede such distortions. He should worry about the people in the “revolution” that he is fostering, whether or not such distortions “upset” their chances to make any headway whatsoever against the oligarchs’ most potent tool of power.

Afterall, the ability to monitor such media, and then to respond through the alternate media has never had more potential.

That decision by Sanders to concede to that power, without a fight is completely irrational.


" The pundits may not like it."
One reason that many of the pundits are pejorative to Bernie is that the only reason they have been given access to OUR airwaves is they are sycophants for the corporate state. Like this one from Fox News: " Bernie has no chance because only the most far left would vote for a communist-socialist".

I am saving that quote by Bill O’ Reilly because my fervent wish is Billo has to eat crow next November!


A bit of cosmic info is pertinent.

Today is the New Moon in Pisces. It is the sign OF deception. Pisces is also a sign that’s favorable to Scorpio, Mrs. Clinton’s sign and it directly opposes (as in setting up oppositional challenges) Virgo, which is Mr. Sander’s sign.

In May, the opposite occurs. The Taurus emphasis will oppose Mrs. Clinton and favor Mr. Sanders.

Probably by then, he’ll have more wins and all of the attempts to write him off before he runs the race will begin to fall on their faces.

Patience, Bernie! Don’t let the Ides of March slay your confidence or commitment to liberating the U.S. from its oligarchic masters and the sophisticated Games of Deception that they play… with a thus far seemingly unjust impunity.


It’s perfectly rational if Sanders’ function is to act as a Judas goat, herding the wandering sheep back into the abattoir that is the Democratic Party.

My entire life I’ve experienced this from the Democrats, “aw too bad, you came so close to getting what you wanted! Keep playing and maybe your luck will change.”

Meanwhile the house always wins, the terrible legislation piles up, life gets harder, the corporate cash rolls in for the Democrats, while millions and millions of people pound the machines in frustration across our great, rigged, political casino.

Better luck next time, chumps.


Pretty sure there was irony in Sanders’ quote…


Those who are identified with the past–presuming that past is always prologue–tend to be Conservative. After all, it’s persons like yourself who can’t envision anything other than what was.

Secondly, if Sanders was just another sheep-herder (as the pseudo Lefists insist), the mass media would not work THIS hard to marginalize him, speak of him as a failure before he began, and otherwise misconstrue his policy positions.

Third, no 3rd party contender has a shot at the Big Seat given the logistical constraints imposed by Orthodox Political Camps and their “owners.”

So is this Alligatorhardt, previously posting as Nickolas, and prior to that, Erroll in his latest “screen name” incarnation?


The corporate media has betrayed our republic having become a cheap mouthpiece for propaganda and outright lies on issue after issue - especially this current election, on their knees for the DLC, corporate-whore wing of the Dem Party, and their “champion” Hillary, in particular. MSM/media coverage of Trump, while disturbing and over the top, is expected from shallow people and is very like “enquirer” rubbish reporting.

Lets go back to Hillary’s cough misrepresentation of Sanders votes for/against “bailing-out the auto industry” during the last debate. Hillary claimed sanders did not vote for the auto bailout so important to Michiganders. Sanders DID vote for supporting the Michigan/auto industry! Either Hillary did not know the facts/history, or she intentionally misrepresented the facts, often referred to as lying - in either case that is not what either Michigan or the US need in any leader!.

MICHIGAN! Do not vote for a person of low moral character that will say or do anything to bamboozle the people to gain their votes!
Feel The Bern! Go Bernie!


Without a time of birth, one can obtain about 80-85% of information.

I’ve been looking into the charts of serial killers and if political champions of organized violence (i.e. war) qualify, then I would expect to see major Mars-Pluto contacts in Mrs. Clinton’s chart.

I can check that. (Be back in about 10 minutes… with the results!)

… didn’t even take 10 minutes!

Naturally, when I read “The Devil’s Chessboard,” I couldn’t wait to check Allen Dulles’ chart. Born under the Mars-ruled sign of Aries (the premier sign of war and identification with “military solutions”), what stood out far more was the extremely close positioning (to astrologers, this is termed the conjunction) between Dulles’ Mars with Pluto… both in Gemini.

Gemini is the sign of language, communications, and in keeping with the twins, duplicity. Allen Dulles also had Neptune, the planet OF deception, tightly conjoined to both Mars (his ego, mission, sense of military advantage), his Pluto (secrecy, espionage, deep state type maneuvers), and Neptune (duality, duplicity and deception).

In English translation: the man’s chart read like a blueprint of his actual life and covert mission.

Okay, guess what? Mrs. Clinton also has Mars exactly conjoined with Pluto, both at 14-degrees of Leo!

Her sun, situated at 2 degrees Scorpio doesn’t truly square the combo., however, her Venus, which is identified with a person’s values (in addition to their aesthetic sensibilities, and who they will be attracted to and found attractive by) is positioned at 16 Scorpio in a tight (92-degree) square to the combo.

Essentially, the Mars-Pluto means that Mrs. Clinton’s ego is also deeply identified with “underworld” interests, and spying is considered one of those.

I never looked at her chart before (her birth time is known, so the blueprint is accurate). She has 4 planets in the 12th house. This is a sinister house unless one is a physician whose entire life is dedicated to being inside a hospital.

The 12th house rules institutions. It is also tied to secrecy. My “take” is that Mrs. Clinton has been long-time groomed by the most covert of U.S. institutions–the CIA.

Having the same Mars-Pluto signature as Allen Dulles, albeit his was placed in Gemini since he was born several decades before her… is also telling.

This woman CAN keep a secret and would see lying “for state advantages” as doing the “right thing.”

She was born for covert work/assignments.

The Mars-Pluto in Leo loves celebrity, being in the spotlight, and showcasing.

Saturn is the planet of karma and now that it’s moving through Sagittarius, it favors the Leo portion (power) of her chart. Pluto will be favoring her Mercury.

Mercury = a person’s communication style, beliefs, and role as messenger. Mrs. Clinton has Mercury “rising.” That means she is a messenger of the Deep State and protector of its interests. That is the role she was destined to play.

Like Dulles, her chart blueprint reads like a textbook study.

In about 5-6 years when several planets (including Saturn) reach Aquarius, the sign of truth telling and truth exposure… Mrs. Clinton’s chart will be hit hard.


I disagree. His campaign is not showing any signs of doing anything other than conceding that “narrative”.

A perfect example of this, is the broad based distortion against Sanders on race by much of the MSM, after the debate on Sunday night that has not been specifically countered by Sanders.

Sure, he continues to get his message out at campaign stops, but the MSM counters that exponentially.

Without direct corrections and often, going after particular distortions and taking every opportunity to correct the record is the only effective strategy whether he does it through the limited opportunity he has in the MSM, or whether it is done aggressively through the alternative media.

Leaving those distortions without taking the opportunity to directly respond is in my opinion a poor strategy.

If there is any evidence that his campaign has any media strategy whatsoever in this regard, I would like to know.

If they actually are actively monitoring the media for such distortions for the purpose of countering them, I would like to know in fact if that is happening.


There are articles nearly everyday that the corporate media refuses to publish because it would damage the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Here are a few headlines since I can’t post the URLs as a new user -

Washington Times: Michigan mayor nearly kicked out of Democratic debate, “I didn’t ‘adhere to Hillary’s rules’”
IBTimes: Media Bigwigs Donate To Hillary Clinton; Writers Donate To Bernie Sanders
TheIntercept: TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton On Air, Fail to Disclose Financial Ties to Her Campaign
Gawker: This Is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants
IBTimes: DC Lobbyists Set To Raise Cash For Hillary Victory Fund
TheIntercept: ‘Bernie Bros’ And ‘Obama Boys’: Echoes Of 2008 In Media’s Clinton-Sanders Pundit Clash
IBTimes: Hillary Clinton, Before Spotlighting Crisis In Flint, Michigan, Voted Against Measure To Prevent Groundwater Pollution
UsUncut: The ‘Bernie Bro’ is a Media Myth. It Needs to Die
TheIntercept: Larry Fink and His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Department
IBTimes: Hillary Clinton Pushes Colombia Free Trade Agreement In Latest Email Dump
TheIntercept: Emails Show Hillary Clinton Aides Celebrating F-15 Sales to Saudi Arabia: “Good News”

I forgot this fresh one too from this site, CommonDreams: Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

**Here’s another one! Fresh off the press…you can’t make this stuff up! **
IBTimes: Democratic Senators Take Issue With Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote

Most of these, if not all of them, are within the last 30-45 days…most people probably haven’t heard any of them!


For those interested, I just looked up Bernie Sander’s astrology chart. (His birth time is known).

What’s interesting is that he and Mrs. Clinton both have Scorpio rising. That’s like 2 horses lined up in the same race as the rising sign signifies “the starting point” in the birth chart.

Some people criticize Sanders for not being aggressive in his come-backs to Mrs. Clinton. With Mercury in the diplomatic sign of Libra, that would not be Mr. Sanders’ style. He also has Venus in Libra and that is the best possible position for Venus if an individual’s interest is finding common cause with others and being skilled at negotiation.

Luckily, Mr. Sanders has his Mars (ego strength and self-interest) in Aries, so this gives him the capacity to compete in “races.”

His Mars will be strongly favored in January 2017. Unfortunately Saturn does not reach this favorable point until then.

Mr. Sanders’ Saturn (where we carry karma) is in Taurus and my take on this position (and I stated this to a major celebrity during a reading, and that individual totally identified with the premise) is that he knew hunger first-hand in a prior lifetime. That is why he identifies with those who wrestle with privation on a daily basis.

This Saturn is in a perfect arc (or aspect) to Neptune, and when Neptune operates according to its higher octave, it endows the individual with enormous compassion. So Mr. Sanders sees his mission in truly compassionate terms.

His Mercury (communication) harmonizes with his Pluto, so he has no interest in hiding what he means or what he intends to do.

His Venus (22 degrees Libra) is in an almost perfect arc with his Jupiter (life philosophy) and both are in air (communications) signs… giving him the gift of influential oratory.

The attacks that he’s enduring now (from entrenched interests) fall in synch with a twice-in-28 year square from Saturn, the planet of orthodoxy and the power elite.

Bernie’s sun is at 16 degrees Virgo and Saturn is sitting at 16 degrees Sagittarius (90 degrees away) for all of March and this position holds until about April 20.

As mentioned, Mrs. Clinton has some oppositions rearing up in her chart during late April and May.

There are so many factors to each individual’s chart that I don’t predict winners or losers.

However, I think chart analyses lend major light to the motivations of persons, and what forces they are now grappling with.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the mainstream media, have promoted the impression that Sanders is a racist and that Hillary Clinton will deliver jobs while Sanders’ idealism with leave them with nothing.

Voting in Michigan is now. Any Sanders supporter who is able, three is a real need now, to make the case for undecided voters and to get out the vote, particularly in communities of color.


Please see my post below…major media is contributing to her campaign. There is a reason nobody has seen any of the headlines I listed below on cable TV…because they go against the Clinton narrative as the presumptive nominee.

Many people who aren’t actively trying to educate themselves about the candidates form their opinions about the little segments and sound bites they hearing during a newscast.

Because they support her they are not going to “correct her errors” when she speaks.


A basic aspect of human intelligence is the ability to recognize patterns. As has been said as well, a good definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different result. Further, conservatives don’t donate money to Bernie Sanders (as I have) or lament that there is not more access for better candidates like Jill Stein (as I do). And no, I’ve never appeared on CommonDreams under any of the screen name aliases you surmise.

I also find it strange that you’re happy to patronizingly lecture idealistic people about the structural impediments to victory for a truly left-wing candidate like Jill Stein, yet when people talk about the structural impediments facing Bernie Sanders, you call them conservative defeatists.

Basically, your entire post was a pile of misconceptions, bad guesses, hypocrisy, and inaccuracy. For a purported astrologer, your prognostication skills sure are suspect…


Your attempts at disinformation and calumny are amateurish and sloppy.

Here is what another analyst said about the chances of 3rd party contenders. (I voted for Ms. Stein in the past but recognizing both the cataclysmic state of our nation–along with most of the natural world–and the less than a snowball’s chance in hell of Ms. Stein getting anywhere anytime soon, Mr. Sanders is the right choice.)

Here is the quote from George Farrah’s piece today:

"General election debates are sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, a private corporation that was jointly created by the Republican and Democratic parties in 1987 to seize control of the presidential debates from the League of Women Voters. Every four years, the Commission excludes third-party and independent candidates and allows the major party nominees to excessively shape the debate formats behind closed doors.

“For the sake of our democracy, party control over presidential debates must be diminished. If the major parties only permit limited and exclusionary primary debates, and if the Commission on Presidential Debates shuts out third-party and independent challengers from general election debates, then only a handful of party-approved or celebrity candidates have a chance to run for president.”

Facing the facts as per the logistical stranglehold hardly makes persons compromised in their ideals or political stances.

But seeking to brandish individuals for making the best choices within the existing system is a good way to tarnish the reputations of good persons. And that appears to be YOUR mission in this forum.


My mission? Hoo boy, here goes Siouxrose off on yet another paranoid bender. Let me tell you this directly, you lying pest, every word I write on this forum is straight from the heart, and I swear on my mother’s grave that is the case. Your relentless personal attacks on and slanders of members of this forum are an ongoing public disgrace. Your modus is always to slander people with false accusations when you disagree with their ideas and opinions. That is filthy and low and makes you a liar.

As far as that quote, I care little for the pragmatic aspects of these rigged American elections. They are corrupt from top-to-bottom. As a real socialist, not the sort of cheap knockoff that is Sanders, once stated so well:

“I’d rather vote for something I want and not get it than vote for something I don’t want, and get it.”-Eugene V. Debs


I personally believe Sanders is at his best when he’s confrontational. Sanders is probably most-loved for cutting through the bullshit about the economic powers-that-be. I’d very much like to see him do “the same” to the media. And how many of his supporters have complained about his politeness to Clinton, with her endless, self-serving bullshit?

But politics of large groups must be a matter of compromise. I think Sanders’ run as a Democrat has brought him a lot of support, and even simple recognition, that he wouldn’t have gotten as an independent or 3rd-party candidate. So that’s a benefit of compromise. (Look at Jill Stein! I like her positions better than Sanders’ on most issues, but because she’s in the Greens, she’s blacked out by the media way worse than Sanders.)

I would love to hear Sanders rip new a**holes for the M$M, Clinton and the Clinton Machine, the petroleum industry, the insurance industry, etc ad nauseum. But to go too far would be “impolitic”…

I just hope he knows what he’s doing.