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Medical Experts Denounce 'Irresponsible' Rush to Covid-19 Vaccine by Russia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/medical-experts-denounce-irresponsible-rush-covid-19-vaccine-russia


Megalomaniacs abound.

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Given how the Government of the UK in particular has been so very vocal over the past few years over the threats posed by Russia (See the Skripal case which was most likely a fraud) and has been calling for added pressure on Russia from the Western nations in order to bring them into line, I take any critique of Russia over this matter coming from the UK with a grain of salt.

The UK has 1/3 the population of Russia and has suffered 3 times the deaths to COVID. While they claim this because Russia cheats in its count , it really hard to accept a Government that has been irresponsible in its own response condemning another Government for being irresponsible.

I have also not seen much in the way of sharing research on a vaccine between the other Western Countries all of which rush to be the first to get a vaccine out so their Corporations can patent it and reap profits.

In MY opinion Russia does rush this out without adequate tests but critique of this loses its validity when the sources making those critiques have long shown they have their own agenda.


Could also be Sputnik-envy redux.



Oh I am sure that if a Russia administered the vaccine for free, there would be a chorus of voices claiming it as “irresponsible”.


Eric’s #4 = we have to keep masks and distance in America for at least 18 more months.

Russian virologists are better than ours.

They fixed the Saban and Salk polio vaccines - we followed - and we immediately contaminated the Phillipine monkeys with the same that the original african monkeys suffered. Duh!!

They shoot horses don’t they.
Russians are prone to poisoning people too. By the time we make sure a Russian elixir is safe we may have other vaccines available.

Russia has been under sanctions and military threat for so long that vaccination is most likely a national security effort to have strong and healthy people in case of attack by totalitarian capitalist democracies.

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Russia, the same country we’ve been hitching a ride, at a cost of more than $81 million/seat (6=$490million), to the International Space Station. Maybe they did (or didn’t) come up w/a winning vaccine.

I like the cynicism in your post, if that is what you did there.

No. I think it’s meant as satire.

The Russian perspective… Is it cynical? I( don’t know. They did guard the wilderness forest of Genghis Kahn’s burial until the mid nineteen eighties. What does that mean? Cynical? I don’t know.

I do know the military empire of totalitarian capitalist democracies does not tolerate individuality.

Russia roulette with a needle

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LOL. Can you imagine anyone in the last century understanding that? (Or even the last 6 months.)

Am I exposing my age, valerie?

Is the term no longer in common parlance, akin to “groovy” or “23 skidoo”?

No Doug. I was more referring to the pandemic. I dont know what 23 skidoo means. Well aware of groovy though.

It’s from the dim and distant (think Rudy Vallée’s heyday).

You could add the more recent “boss” and “heavy” to the list.

I’ve always been partial to the dearly departed hepcat hail

“Solid, Jackson”

too much emphasis on national pride in Russia but also in the US, UK, India, Israel… humanity would be better off if instead of worrying about “spying,” national pride, or pharma profits, all vaccine research was open for all to see

Many articles with an identical theme were debunked at moonofalabama . org

Better to check your sources before publishing. Especially if all you’ve got is mainstream media sources.

Thanks for the explanation. I like Jackson too.

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