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Medicare for All Advocate Finds Universal Healthcare Mandates in Islam

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/medicare-all-advocate-finds-universal-healthcare-mandates-islam

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Oh God (sic). It’s a good thing Trump can’t read. If he saw this article he would immediately have all Muslims deported regardless of whether they were citizens or not (which would also be unlawful).

Not to worry, Trump hasn’t progressed past the Dick, Spot and Jane series of reading material.

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Nice story, of course free clinics are not really free and in this case they are part of a growing PPP network (public/private partnerships). In that process they have various private partnerships with several well known foundations and others like Bank of America, Blue Cross and Health and Human services.

“Universal healthcare” would be common sense across the religious and political spectrums if the medical industrial complex didn’t have a trillion dollars in profits to spend pushing voters’ fear and greed buttons each year to make sure M4A never happens.

Well this certainly shows why the US has been so Islamiphobic.

Oh FFS, now we see why Mo and his rabble were run out of Mecca and why the Spaniard kicked them out of Spain. I always said Islam is Fanatical Religious Socialism. Some of you guys on the left who love to berate Christians need to remind these mooslums about separation of Church and State. And furthermore, where in the Qooran does it say the US taxpayers should pay for Universal healthcare? The Quran’s rules are for mooslums ONLY. For YOUR con to work, EVERYONE would have to convert. So much for no compulsion, eh?

health care and insurance literally have the smallest profit % out of all industries. Maybe spend your money wisely instead of giving it all to Mickey Mouse and alcoholism.

Check your history - it’s broken.

No, its not "broken’…just like the gubmit its FIXED in favor of the 1% and their corporations at our expense.

Recall retired Cigna Insurance executive Wendell Potter’s many evaluations during the past decade confirming that Majin is correct in saying that “health care” has a small profit %…BECAUSE MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANIES SIPHON OFF SO MUCH OF THEIR %.

Potter also mentions that he misses traveling in insurance company corporate jets with silver tea service.

Insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.