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'Medicare for All and Equal Rights Aren't Trends': Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back After Aaron Sorkin Lectures Young Progressives

I don’t see the stampede, do you? Are we waiting for a politicians island paradise to be under water, a country to suffer irreversible flooding, more blacktop roads buckling than ones that don’t, or it could be that we are waiting for Trump to declare a national emergency.

That will happen as soon as Ann Coulter waves her wand and gets Trump to jump.

The West Wing and The Newsroom are, I think, 2 of the best 3 television shows ever, but it always bugged the hell out of me that in a combined 10 years of the 2 shows there wasn’t a single non-ridiculed, articulate and genuine progressive given a decent voice and time to use it.
Speechwriter Toby was the closest, and he was militaristic, anti-nature, pro-corporate trade, not big on unions, etc. etc. What a pathetic record.

A party that wants to kick the Republicans out of power and serve the people of the US and the world–as well as the rest of nature–can’t help someone who would do that address anyone, let alone treat wise-beyond-their-years incoming congress members like children. I don’t know who I’m more disgusted with.

If the Democratic Party wants to continue being relevant, it will ignore this twit’s advice. Instead of the progressives acting like old people, it would be much more successful if the old people in the party acted like young people. It was the vision that the young people offered that brought about the recent blowout, and if the party doesn’t deliver on at least most of that vision, then you can expect 2016 all over again in 2020.


Medicare for All. That radical leftist program that has been adopted by every major industrial nation except the United States. Radical? More like common sense.


The ghost of the stale Hillary/Obama centrism, neo-liberal orthodoxy still hangs over the halls of a newly revitalized Democratic Party. The Party is committing the egregious sin of listening to the pain and needs of the voters who make less than $10 million a year and responding to their pain. Such a radical concept.

Please Mr. Sorkin we do not need you Bullshit Republican advice.

I am sure you have good Health Care.

I suppose your idea would be to let your Neighbor die in the Street before supporting Medicare For All.

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There are three articles on Common Dreams alone just today on this subject.

The first link below includes a quote from the president of Physicians for a National Health Program, which has been leading the charge for more than thirty years, equating Improved Medicare for All with single-payer.

The second correctly identifies Improved Medicare for All as HR 676, which was first introduced in the House 16 years ago by (as I recall) John Conyers. “Progressive” maven Pramila Jayapal is now rewriting that bill in secret to please the health care industry (which 676 would phase out) and Big Pharma. Ironically, it’s number was given to a bill in support of NATO just yesterday, even as some people were celebrating the life of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, with the approval of the CIA, the US Marine Corps, and Mike Pence, as reported in another article on CD yesterday. That article also quotes Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, both of PopularResistance.org, who are both long-time advocates for a genuine universal single-payer system.

The third link points to another article on the massive corporate onslaught against ANY change in “the best health care system in the world” that has already formed.