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Medicare for All and the Myth of the 40% Physician Pay Cut


Medicare for All and the Myth of the 40% Physician Pay Cut

Dr. Carol Paris

The surge in support for improved Medicare for All—now up to 70% in recent polling—has single-payer opponents ramping up their scare tactics.


Practicing medicine is also not the only way physicians make money. There’s research for drug companies, administrative positions within hospitals and clinics, they can open their own clinics, X-ray and lab facilities. Hell, they even own outpatient surgery centers. There’s no retirement age and the job is virtually recession proof.


This myth, like so many others in similar situations of who profits and who loses, is likely pushed by the parasites that create profits from producing nothing but adding costs to the public - corporate parasites and “middlemen” (and women)…the vulture capitalist model of life on Earth!


This is a useful, good article. Sheds light on many aspects. But in addition, it makes one think about how far off in the wrong the entire current system is, and including the fact that doctors get paid ridiculous amounts of money for practicing a profession like the rest of us. Another aspect of unjust inequality - that is rarely if never discussed in the US. It is not so in the rest of the western countries.


This article makes an important point. When discussing the administrative savings gained by single payer systems over private insurance, most articles focus just on the payer side (e.g. pointing out that Medicare has lower administrative costs than an insurance company does). But there are also important savings on the practitioner side as doctor and hospital billing costs are a huge worthless drain in the current system.


When Tommy Douglas introduced single payer to the Province of Saskatchewan, one of the strongest and most vocal groups reisisting it were the Doctors. They claimed it would cause them to lose income.

There was a strike when this was implemented by Tommy Douglas did not back down. Eventually the strike failed and all the Doctors and others that went on strike went back to work. They soon found their income went UP. This was due not only to administrative costs, but to the fact where previously many patients could not pay their Doctor Bills and those bills had to be written off as a loss , the new system ensured all billings paid for.


The politics of fear is based on lies.


Trump and the GOP Congress are already cutting big time.

A front page article in our local newspaper this week describes how Trump and the GOP Congress are cutting Medicare reimbursements to the local walk-in clinic 50%. This cut alone will put the walk-in clinics out of business before Medicare for all sees the light of day and long before any alleged “40% cuts” occur.


I guarantee that when single payer becomes reality here, private insurers will still be around offering lots of supplemental insurance plans, including expensive ones that cover this:


After receiving a $725 bill (doctor bill only) for 5 min. of the doctors time (and that included reading the x-ray), at my local ER after a motorcycle accident, the doctors can kiss my A$$ !! Nothing but greedy SOB’s. I hope they do receive a pay cut, they deserve it.


Thanks for a great article. Another unmentioned huge plus is how many bright entrepreneurs don’t try a new invention business because they will lose health insurance for themselves and their family.

Even if it’s only every decade or so; every new inventive corporation established because health insurance is medicare for all will add huge wealth to the nation.


Medicare for all brings Socialism galore. Same old shit, different decade.


yes, well said! Thanks Doc


I find it seriously disturbing…and disappointing…that Dr Paris would conflate Bait-and-Switch Bernie’s multipayer, market based, for-profit Medicare (Advantage)-For-All with a nonprofit Single Payer healthcare monopsony as represented in HR 676, which she has supported in the past in her position as president of Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP).

If this is indicative of a policy switch at PNHP? The fix is in. We’re screwed. Again. By the same profession…the highest paid professionals in this country…that got us into this mess.

Thanks, Doc. Check’s in the mail. Business as usual.


Who hired Ronnie to take this message to the American people?
The AMA.
Who still, as a group, refuse to even consider a nonprofit Single Payer healthcare monopsony as a solution to all the issues mentioned here by Dr Paris.
After 50 years.


This is so true. Physicians groups were apoplectic over price disclosure proposals when the ACA was being negotiated, then again when they were proposed here in California. Inconsistent and mysterious billing practices are an ingrained and unfortunate part of our system, such as it is.


The AMA has an infamous record on issues overall. They have always been the establishment, and about as open to change as your average east-coast based insurance companies run by octogenarians.

For example, their history on Medical Marijuana goes from opposing the Marijuana Tax act of 1937 (marijuana had been an extremely popular medicine in the century prior–endorsed even by Generals Grant and Lee for their soldiers) to parroting DEA bullshit even now:

The AMA "believes that cannabis is a dangerous drug and as such is a serious public health concern; (2) believes that the sale of cannabis for recreational use should not be legalized;"

So, they just give Sessions more fuel for his fire of hatred.

They offer, as usual, no scientific proof whatsoever in this document, relying instead on the anti-science of the DEA.

But hey, they have come to believe that incarceration of marijuana users is counterproductive, so “hope springs eternal.” Maybe in 25 years, they will come around to a sane perspective.


It does not start at $40 grand a year, maybe in LA and NY(at least not in this neck of the woods).

My “family doc” just began her own boutique medical office, leaving other people to run her old office–the only one I can go to when I can afford the $30 copay.

I think you can buy into the boutique care for only a couple grand–what a deal. Just don’t expect all of those perks that come with the 40K.


And you forgot kickbacks and bribes from big pharma. How do you think those docs can hand out endless “free samples.” It is really a dog eat dog world.

Who pays for the free samples?, you and I every time we purchase big pharma.


You can’t pay private doctors with public money. It doesn’t work for schools and it wont work for medical care. Doctors and nurses are state trained and are public employees paid a salary. All labs and imaging centers are government owned and run. The drug companies are nationalized.

For example, my wife got free nursing training at a state school with a government grant. She does home care for disabled children who are on Medicaid. She has to work for a private staffing company and makes $16 an hour. This company supplies nurses for a large area but most of the nurses live close to where their patients are, except for my wife. One of the new clients lives down a three mile dirt road and a long distance from the other nurses. To get nurses to go there they are paying $25 an hour. I have 4x4 truck so my wife has no trouble getting there. We can sure use the extra $400 a week that job pays. Just think of the profit the staffing company is making on the dozens of clients that they are only paying $16 an hour for, many getting 60 hours a week in nursing care.