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Medicare for All Fact Check From Hell Persists as Sanders Rebukes CNN for Putting 'Blind Faith' in Right-Wing Economist


Medicare for All Fact Check From Hell Persists as Sanders Rebukes CNN for Putting 'Blind Faith' in Right-Wing Economist

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After CNN posted a slightly corrected version of its falsehood-riddled Medicare for All fact check on Monday, Sen.


CNN is no better than Pox News. Chuck Blahous went on CNN to spread right wing propaganda & that channel brainwashed most of the Americans into believing Iraq had WMD’s & was behind 9/11.There won’t be anyone to spread left wing propaganda on Pox.


I will say this once again. The study in question was cited ONLY because of the source. It isn’t like Sanders and the like said, finally, a study that shows savings. They all show savings, this one was from a right wing source, which now has egg on its face. A notorious right wing economics department (which was a centerpiece of the book Democracy in Chains) found national savings from adopting single payer. The assumptions in the study were overly conservative and biased, and showed far lower savings than other studies on the matter. So, to use this as the basis for policy discussions on the issue, instead of it being the most conservative estimate there is and including it with other studies, is biased towards far right wing sources to begin with. And we could rely on how much single payer systems actually cost, how much less waste/overhead there is, and how little social costs there are in single payer systems relative to ours, and have healthcare experts talk about why single payer systems will ALWAYS be cheaper and have less waste than systems like ours. There are reasons at the institutional level, and system wide. Period, end of story. This just illustrates the extreme right wing bias in the media, which puts a lie to decades of reality less right wing bullshit propaganda.

There is no debate about this, single payer systems cost less. The only debate is how much less, and how many lives we would save. To debate this as if it is open to debate about single payer saving us money is absurd on its face and flies in the face of all of the evidence there is. It’s maddening, and I love the fact that hacks like Tapper are now being called out for their bullshit. Wasn’t the case until just a few years ago, when you know who ran for president. I guess we should do as the hacks like Tapper have done. Since the right wing cannot take part in this debate unless they lie, just let them lie and pretend the lying is a legitimate viewpoint to have in policy discussions.


That what everybody gets when they try skirt all sorts of issues.

Sen. Sanders should say “We will implement medicare for all and everyone’s taxes will go up by x% to cover the costs”.

A high percentage of Americans are mathematically illiterate so all that “billions in savings over a decade” is way over their heads. Just tell them, “You will not have to buy insurance ever again and you will have to pay a 10% payroll tax” or whatever. Then again, a lot of us have no idea what a percentage is but will be able to find somebody with a calculator to multiply our gross paycheck amount by whatever and tell us what we will pay for free healthcare.


Jake, you have been one of my favorite journalists. Please do whatever is necessary to fix this. If your misinformation helps scuttle Medicare for All,tens of thousands of Americans will die.


To which I’ll add: Nancy MacLean, Democracy in Chains, (2017)

I highly recommend this book for those wishing to learn how the right wing persistently and pervasively assaults fairness at every turn.


I’m afraid that’s true. I only skimmed https://qz.com/638845/americans-are-spectacularly-bad-at-answering-even-the-most-basic-math-questions/, but I hear this all the time - most people don’t understand math which is a real bummer since it impacts almost every political issue we have.

This is why we need an easy to use web page where you put in your family income and your estimated health expenditures from the previous year and it will spit back the financial change for your family with a robust, no co-pay Medicare for All plan. Yes there are other advantages like less hassle thinking and planning which is absolutely huge in my opinion, but people still want to know the bottom line. It’s better if they don’t have to calculate anything - just type in numbers.


“A high percentage of Americans are mathematically illiterate” ? Perhaps we cannot fault them for not having an aptitude for math, however:

Its worse than that…they are arithmetically illiterate, lack any commonsense, and either can’t or won’t connect dots no matter how glaringly apparent the line between those dots is. They are herd animals who will follow the herd no matter how high the upcoming cliff may be.

Corporations, their media and politicians understand this and are constantly refining Josef Goebbels’ pioneering propaganda play book to better manipulate the masses.


Here is CNN’s feedback site. Write an articulate feedback of this bullshit propaganda. Mention that this study shouldn’t logically be the basis for a discussion on single payer, it should be the most conservative study on the matter, most other studies show far greater savings. Mention that single payers systems do cost less and there are reasons why. Maybe mention the overhead in single payer systems versus this system. Or ignore my advice and say whatever you want. Even if they don’t care what you say, let them know that people are on to their bullshit. And dare them to have on an expert on single payer with no lying right wing hack. Just one of their journalists and the expert, to dispel all their bullshit.


It’s way too common to have a journalist and a couple Republicans make up panels on television.


To qualify as an expert on single payer they will have credibility only if they were arrested while attempting to participate in then Senator Max Baucus’ Obamacare development meetings during 2009.


That is what they call “balance”, I think. Cause the journalist is probably, um, liberal or whatever.


MSNBC and that war loving witch Andrea Mitchel gave the war criminal Eric Prince a tongue bath the other night on national TV. There is no major media outlet that does not propagandize the population in favor of the war profiteers and death merchants.


I hear you, but I have left him behind. I have had more than enough of the DNC appearing in these snidely disguised attacks on progressivw thought. Enough.


Go for it, Bernie.

And don’t forget the ten trillion extra that comes from healthy and productive people.

No farmer neglects the health of the whole farm and takes care of just a few nooks and crannies. Healthy people produce more and imagine more. Trillions more.

Add another ten trillion from healthy people who start new business. Invest in Apricot, the next trillion dollar moneymaker brought to you by healthy imaginations.

Capitalist cannibals only survive on free lunches. Make them work out in the open by the people’s rules.


It’s complete BS, but shows how deep the FOXification of the media is. It’s fundamentally outrageous that at least a real healthcare economist, like Andy Slavitt for example, wouldn’t be on a panel. Otherwise, it’s just talking points baloney absent substance.


Well, but is this not the way insurance works? Like, forever? good grief, now the concept does not appeal, either ? I give up.


Yes, unfortunately. I do math (65-plus years) and I have taught math to adults with the emphasis on the fact that everyone in today’s society does algebra every day, as long as we don’t call it that. People figure out how to solve the problems they routinely encounter more or less reliably. The reason for study of the formalism is to be able to solve problems different from any previously seen, and with greater reliability.

Some people actually get it, but I have come to the conclusion that the problem is cultural: “Everyone knows” that math is hard, useless (because calculators), and requires a special kind of brain that you don’t have and never will–all as false as a tweet by T-Rump.

“We” (meaning NCTM, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) now have a pretty good idea what to do about it. But the long, deep anti-intellectual streak in USian culture leads many people to take pride in their ignorance (Everything I need to know my preacher will tell me), and many others to make coin on it.

So I second your idea of a web site for dummies. Just make sure to tell them that the tax will be significantly less than their insurance premium, and sit hard on Congress not to fuck it up.


Oops, yes–see my reply to lamonte7, whom I credited with that idea.


Who you callin’ “Libtard,” Biplav? Are you a Royalist (illiberal, the original conservatives), a Libertardian (freedom for the One Percent, dreck for everyone else), a mere self-impotent a******* like the president*, or just a little tard yourself?

Stick to the issues, and leave your insults at home.