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Medicare for All: Give Me Healthcare or Give Me Death

Medicare for All: Give Me Healthcare or Give Me Death

Donna Smith

Where are the screams about those death panels now? As Trump-Bannon-Ryan and friends craft their healthcare path forward with the leaders of the swamp team, no one is crying “foul” about the bold, proud creation of those famed death panels. I found it almost fitting that some of the latest negotiations happened on the golf course with the tweeter-in-chief and his close pal and darling of libertarians everywhere, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky). And the American taxpayers paid for all of this fun on the links.


" Give me health care or give me death" ???
What the authors calls " health care" WILL give her death.

“It would be so revolutionary if we would hear someone—anyone—say it is unacceptable to even discuss any healthcare plan that threatens the lives of this many Americans”.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the rest of you heartless, conniving pieces of shit:
Just remember, that when you die, all of these people that you wrote off by denying them their right to health care, will be remembered when their loved ones will dig your rotten corpses up and drive A wooden stake through your black hearts, just to make goddamn sure that you fkn zombies are finally DEAD!!!

Because, it is unacceptable to even discuss any healthcare plan that threatens the lives of this many Americans!!!


The D-Party fundamentalist religion is called Incrementalism.

It’s Bible is the DNC Platform.

It’s High Priestess just sleepwalked her way to relegating practitoners of Incrementalism to chanting ‘the Russians did it.’

Too the Incrementalists, I say aim high when you negotiate and bargain instead of pre-compromising away your chances for meaningful change. It’s not rocket science.

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Thank you Donna for your voice and your advocacy. I admire the courage you sustain to keep up the fight even in the midst of your serious medical conditions that are exacerbated by this toxic health care system.

The money and the political power is all that matter to most in power now.”

The lack of concern for people extends to lack of concern for most (all?) life on this planet as evidenced by the current ill health of the biosphere that grows worse with each passing day.

This is a massive death panel for most of life on this planet that is driven by the same forces: greed, lust for power and objectification all tied together by capitalism as oligarchy.


Let us place these humanoids without a conscience on notice and hurt them where their affections rest: May 1 join the national General Strike and follow up with going nuclear with total, rolling Gandhian non cooperation. We are hurting now! Thank you Donna.


Perfect how you connect the issues: Can’t have a healthy planet with sick life now can we? In fact, Life, livingness, implies health. I am dedicating my work in Vermont on Improved Medicare For All to Donna Smith. May her courage become contagious and our rallying cry to action for all of Life.


Beautifully stated: [quote=“Giovanna-Lepore, post:7, topic:40363”]
May her courage become contagious and our rallying cry to action for all of Life.

and kudos to you Giovanna-Lepore for the work you are doing in Vermont.
People like you, Donna and many others make the world a brighter place in these very dark times.


I suppose you think Medicare for All is a mistake? If you do, you have been duped by the corporate propaganda. Not only is it the best way to provide healthcare for all of us it is a huge burden taken away from companies who pay for their employees health benefits.

Have you seen this? It’s for the business community:

The republicans have their tax pledge----progressives should have two pledges-one for real campaign finance reform–and a second for national healthcare-----healthcare in a society should be a right. Will these democrats sign these pledges???will republicans sign a pledge for real campaign finance reform???

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Oh for puck sake. I meant sarcastically that taking pharmaceutical drugs and other toxic suggestions by doctors to become and stay healthy can kill you just as fast as some disease. I’m 100% for single payer Medicare, so chill out.

I am perfectly calm… Your comment was against what the author is supporting, which is Single Payer. You need to work on your sarcasm.

Yes, and I believe doctors have advocated for this for over twenty years.

Unfortunately the AMA was on the fence, but nurses have been advocating for many years. Now there is another Doctor’s group fighting for Single payer. They ALL realize that for profit insurance does NOTHING except suck billions of dollars out of the healthcare industry.

Well that is good. Let us remember though, there are people out there supporting their parents who did not put away for themselves, and now the younger generation is suffering for that. Most parents would not think like that.

I see what you are saying. We need healthcare however, not more bowing to insurance and hikes in premiums even through work. With that being said also, do we really need a nursing home business that just medicates the residents just to keep them alive when they have no one who cares for them? They have become a business. Also, there are people who quit work to take care of their parents then end up broke themselves. ( Yes, I have met some people). Parents should NEVER want this for their own kids.

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