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Medicare for All Is Coming... Because Even the "Insured" Are Not Safe in This For-Profit System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/11/medicare-all-coming-because-even-insured-are-not-safe-profit-system


The “health” “insurance” (profit) industry’s whole “in network” or “out of network” ruse is quite transparently a device to extract wealth in an artificial manner. To a great degree, doctors’ skills are fungible (even within specializations, although not among them).
MFA Now and Forever!


Amen to that WiseOwl. The Insurance Industry has ridden this gravy train long enough.

The overwhelming majority of Doctors and Nurses know it. The overwhelming majority of the People in this country know it.

Yet, the overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans in Congress refuse to even acknowledge it.

The “teat” they will not give up sucking on, must be made to taste like shit.

Pardon my language.


Private insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.


I have recently had every problem mentioned in this article, no exaggeration. I can remember last time I was in the emergency room, telling the nurse that I didn’t want any more surprise medical bills and that I didn’t want to be seen by any doctor not in my network. And then there’s the issue that, even though my insurance is excellent, I still get billed $200 for every day in the hospital. That’s a lot of money for me, but peanuts for the hospital. I don’t even bother trying to pay anymore. I figure that they can take me to small claims court


I knew we were in deep do-do the first time I heard insurance referred to as a “product,” as if it were something useful and tangible, like a sewing machine or a draft of 2x4s. It isn’t.

And thanks to the author, whose understanding of this point is illustrated by her putting irony quotes around the word “insurance.” Damn, I loves me some nurses.

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Here in Canada I recently underwent a number of tests. This included x-rays, medical imaging, blood tests and EEG and a cardio test. The day the Doctor directed me to get the x-ray and medical imaging , I walked across the street to the clinic and had them both done in a couple of hours.

Now my Cardio I was worried about. I was told they would contact me but did not hear from anyone for 2 weeks. On my next visit to my Doctor I mentioned it to her and she said that it was odd and she would contact them again. Before I got back to my place of work the hospital administrator who scheduled the tests called me, apologizing profusely as she indicated she had left messages on my voicemail but apparently had my phone number wrong so was in fact leaving those messages for someone else. We set up the Cardio test for two days later.

On every single visit all I had to do was show my health care card. I did not have to fill out a single form. The cost to me was 0$.

People, it a vastly superior system and Canada’s is not even rated the best. Do not fall for the bullcrap that “socialized medicine” does not work.


These experiences cover us with something

But it don’t smell like insurance

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Hi unlikelysource:

Yes the experiences cover do us with “something,” I suppose that the "something " ends up being a body bag. : (

Well strange politicians----with so many health care workers supporting fairness in health care- maybe some of you politicians will have to start wondering which side the health care workers are on. I suppose that this sounds like a threat---- but I think it’s more like a reality as these workers see their own families cruelly decimated by politicians and their corporations. : (


Everything the author points out is a regular occurrence for everyone who has insurance. There is one big thing the author didn’t point out that every single working American knows in their heart. Every single working American who has employer coverage is one pink slip away from uninsured.

I cannot fathom why anyone would continue to support a system where our employers and for profit entities have this kind of control over our health?


they can’t get blood from a stone

The trouble with the welfare state of a “more humane” capitalism model, is that it is always a fight to keep it when it comes to economic austerity. Running fast and getting no-where.

The UK NHS is constantly teetering and tottering because of government refusal to finance and fund it properly.

Witness the French health service

What is needed is not reforming capitalism but actually establishing a real socialist system.
No more half-measures.


The health insurance industry should have no role in the American health care system. As it is, the insurance industry collects a huge share of free money while contributing nothing to health care. This could only happen in a shithole country.

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The defunding of the British and French systems is VERY deliberate as Governments wnat them to become dysfunctional so that “Private Health Care” can come in and save the day.

Here in Canada the wait losts that are often mentioned for elective surgeries occurred after the Federal Government started cutting back on payments to the Provinces for Health Care in order to “Balance the budget”.

The UK and France both are amoong the top Military spenders in the world but rather then cut that spending so as to "Balance budgets " (which a crock anyways but they surrended monetaray Policy to the EU and the ECB) they make cuts to things like the NHS.

True Socialism is in fact needed. This trying to work with the Capitalists , who simply want more of everything for themselves by definition, will not work.


If we lived in a democracy, then overwhelming need would be all that is required to make something a policy reality. But we don’t live in a democracy. A capitalist democracy is nothing more than democracy for the capitalists - and they are quite happy with things as they are.

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I think your conclusion and my own are in agreement.

There is not doubt that socialized medicine is an improvement on laissez faire free-market

I would only say that the first cuts in the NHS happened only just a few years after its establishment and was done by the Labour government when it introduced prescription charges and charges for dental treatment and glasses. Nye Bevan, the “father” of the NHS resigned because of this undermining of a free health service. Ever since it has been constant cuts by both Labour and Tory, although the latter has been most brazen wielding the scalpel.

Despite its flaws the NHS is still supported by the vast majority of the people and one of the suggestions after Brexit was opening NHS to US business and every politician had to hurriedly distance themselves from any hint of that policy.

I think it was because we could see the very obvious failings of the elderly care-home business which was privatized from local council control

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The corporations are confidently banking on people’s fears, and pitting their fear of destitution against their fear of constant pain and ill health (or even death.)

Must be a common joke in the board room: “What are they going to do - - boycott?”

But I’m sure that for many people there is also a fear of political failure, as in, “Yeah, being subject to the capitalist whims of private insurers is horrible, even under ACA, but what happens if they reform the system and it doesn’t work out? Oh no, we’re doomed!”

They don’t. But the lack of “support” has nothing to do with why the status quo remains.

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Sounds like balancing the costs is the problem. Take what is needed directly from the military spending, and the richest of individuals and corporate donations or charges.
As you say, we have to get our priorities in line.

They can damn well try. And they do, while making people stressed and miserable.