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Medicare for All Is Coming... Because Even the "Insured" Are Not Safe in This For-Profit System

These experiences cover us with something

But it don’t smell like insurance

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Hi unlikelysource:

Yes the experiences cover do us with “something,” I suppose that the "something " ends up being a body bag. : (

Well strange politicians----with so many health care workers supporting fairness in health care- maybe some of you politicians will have to start wondering which side the health care workers are on. I suppose that this sounds like a threat---- but I think it’s more like a reality as these workers see their own families cruelly decimated by politicians and their corporations. : (


Everything the author points out is a regular occurrence for everyone who has insurance. There is one big thing the author didn’t point out that every single working American knows in their heart. Every single working American who has employer coverage is one pink slip away from uninsured.

I cannot fathom why anyone would continue to support a system where our employers and for profit entities have this kind of control over our health?


they can’t get blood from a stone

The trouble with the welfare state of a “more humane” capitalism model, is that it is always a fight to keep it when it comes to economic austerity. Running fast and getting no-where.

The UK NHS is constantly teetering and tottering because of government refusal to finance and fund it properly.

Witness the French health service

What is needed is not reforming capitalism but actually establishing a real socialist system.
No more half-measures.


The health insurance industry should have no role in the American health care system. As it is, the insurance industry collects a huge share of free money while contributing nothing to health care. This could only happen in a shithole country.

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The defunding of the British and French systems is VERY deliberate as Governments wnat them to become dysfunctional so that “Private Health Care” can come in and save the day.

Here in Canada the wait losts that are often mentioned for elective surgeries occurred after the Federal Government started cutting back on payments to the Provinces for Health Care in order to “Balance the budget”.

The UK and France both are amoong the top Military spenders in the world but rather then cut that spending so as to "Balance budgets " (which a crock anyways but they surrended monetaray Policy to the EU and the ECB) they make cuts to things like the NHS.

True Socialism is in fact needed. This trying to work with the Capitalists , who simply want more of everything for themselves by definition, will not work.


If we lived in a democracy, then overwhelming need would be all that is required to make something a policy reality. But we don’t live in a democracy. A capitalist democracy is nothing more than democracy for the capitalists - and they are quite happy with things as they are.

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I think your conclusion and my own are in agreement.

There is not doubt that socialized medicine is an improvement on laissez faire free-market

I would only say that the first cuts in the NHS happened only just a few years after its establishment and was done by the Labour government when it introduced prescription charges and charges for dental treatment and glasses. Nye Bevan, the “father” of the NHS resigned because of this undermining of a free health service. Ever since it has been constant cuts by both Labour and Tory, although the latter has been most brazen wielding the scalpel.

Despite its flaws the NHS is still supported by the vast majority of the people and one of the suggestions after Brexit was opening NHS to US business and every politician had to hurriedly distance themselves from any hint of that policy.

I think it was because we could see the very obvious failings of the elderly care-home business which was privatized from local council control

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The corporations are confidently banking on people’s fears, and pitting their fear of destitution against their fear of constant pain and ill health (or even death.)

Must be a common joke in the board room: “What are they going to do - - boycott?”

But I’m sure that for many people there is also a fear of political failure, as in, “Yeah, being subject to the capitalist whims of private insurers is horrible, even under ACA, but what happens if they reform the system and it doesn’t work out? Oh no, we’re doomed!”

They don’t. But the lack of “support” has nothing to do with why the status quo remains.

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Sounds like balancing the costs is the problem. Take what is needed directly from the military spending, and the richest of individuals and corporate donations or charges.
As you say, we have to get our priorities in line.

They can damn well try. And they do, while making people stressed and miserable.

Until there is a revolution absolutely nothing will change in this country. The people that bought and paid for it are not going to “Go quietly in to that good night”.

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It’s Simple:

They make their profits on Denying Health care, NOT by providing health care.

They are an “accounts payable operation” their only function is to pay a bill…or not.

The Scam needs to end now

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We already have Medicare for All …
– for all seniors, = Medicare
– for all poor folk, = Medicaid
– for all veterans, = the Veterans Administration (VA)
– for all Native Americans on their reservations, = Indian Health Service (IHS).

I have heard complaints about all of them. Not many about Medicare, except that it can be hard to find a doctor who will take it. Quite a bit about Medicaid, which has an even worse shortage of doctors and hospitals. I have also heard that people without any insurance have better health outcomes than people on Medicaid. I have heard the notorious VA waiting lists to nowhere scandal. As for the IHS, I have heard of problems there, but that is mostly Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible people’ and ‘Invisible problem’. The media doesn’t cover it.

I have also heard of problems with ‘Healthcare is a right’ government provided healthcare of other nations, such as Britain, and France (I’ve heard it is not single payer, more like a souped up version of Obamacare).

Or maybe it is because they have maxed out their ability to pay for ‘Health for all’. France not many years under Socialist President Hollande fulfilled a campaign promised and taxed the richest at 70%. That didn’t work, and Marx could have predicted that it wouldn’t work. While Britain has been cutting their military for decades. I heard that their entire active-duty military could fit in one typical sports stadium. I think it likely that the next time Argentina invades the Falkland Islands, Britain won’t be able to take them back.

Britian has not been “cutting thier Military for decades”. Nor has France.


The fact is the USA spends more then any other Country on this Earth on Health care and it third rate.

And the USA does NOT have “medicare for all”.

All means all. That you heard complaints about things like Veterans care is a strawman as there more complaints about the Private system which is why 70 percent of Americans want to change that system.

The source you provided say, mostly, the opposite. Quote “[After the Korean War] defence spending went into a long withdrawing roar, declining to 5 percent of GDP in 1986 at the end of the Cold War. In the 2010s, defence spending holds at about 2.4 percent of GDP.”

America has problems with its health care provision and funding. It is not so much ‘third rate’ as it is ‘uneven’ - look at people like Mick Jagger coming here to receive health treatment; - you are looking and focused on some third rate portion of our system.

Looking at our own, and other nations’ experience with Bernie-style nationalized health care, “Single Payer” may not be the solution to our problem.

An dys-example of one single payer healthcare provision, or not-provision:
Remember That Time a Canadian Doctor Told Bernie About the Biggest Problem With Socialist Medicine?
A&J’s Bitter Clinging Papa • 2 days ago
When I was a student at Oxford, they bragged about having four doctors on staff to look after the students. We took that to mean they had four doctors working in Med for Oxford. They bragged about how if anything happened to us it would be taken care of free of charge as part of our being guest students there.
Then I developed an earache, like when I was a kid. Probably because I was around a bunch of smokers again just like when I was a kid. I called Med to make an appointment and was told that the doctor could see me in nine business days. Nine business days. I asked why the receptionist used the singular instead of the plural, and found out there was only one doctor that semester, which was summer.
Two of their doctors had recently hit their maximum wage and hours for the year, and the other was in reserve for the fall and winter to make sure they still had somebody. Effectively, three of those four doctors were off fishing or golfing because of the bureaucracy.
The earache was deeply annoying and one of the American academic advisors gave me a home cure using garlic oil. Fortunately it worked and destroyed the infection and pain within an hour or two, making me smell kinda funny for a few days. I called to cancel the appointment and was instructed to come in anyway. I tried to argue that it wasn’t needed anymore and that it could open up a slot for another student who needed it. The receptionist twisted my arm to come in, so I kept the appointment.
The doctor asked how I felt and I told him I’d felt fine for a week at that point. He looked in my ear and then had me listen to a tuning fork on each side. He was proud that I had no hearing damage and then bragged about their medical system. I maintained a diplomatic demeanor. I left and asked the receptionist if she needed anything from me. She said no and bragged about how their health care system had taken care of my needs. I was a little overwhelmed by the absurdity of it all, yet managed to say “thank you” with a straight face. She was beaming with pride as I left.
There was a British guy there who was always walking around with his hand in his pants. The other American students and I had a not-flattering nickname for him that would likely cause Disqus to flag my post, so I won’t use it here. We asked some Brits we were close to about him.
They told us he had been one of their main athletes (cricket and rugby) until he developed a hernia in the previous fall semester. Again, this was the summer term. It was pretty bad and he was holding his intestines in place. Hernia repairs were not necessary medical procedures in their system, but he was on a waiting list to be scheduled for surgery. He was on a waiting list to be scheduled. Again, they pointed out that it would be of no cost to him and they bragged about their system.
The American students at our college determined that being on a waiting list to get access to medical care is not medical care. This was back before we tried to fix our unbroken system and made it what it has become in the 21st Century. When I heard Obama and the Democrats bragging about ACA I couldn’t help thinking about that earache and how I’d said thank you for literally nothing."

Why Does the Left Want Universal Health Care? Britain’s Is on Its Deathbed

Not only do single payer advocates argue that all of the NHS’s problems stem from the Tories and not appropriating enough money for the NHS…

4/28/2018 Health Canada Single payer
Commentary: Canada’s Health Care Is Abysmal. Why Would We Copy It?

Note that the article doesn’t say that Canadians are outright rejecting their national Medicare system.
But they are rejecting a fundamental tenet of it, wishing for an alternative, without going abroad, when they need it.

Here is one prediction for America’s future:
Wall Street Journal Monday April 15 2019 page A17 ‘The Individual Mandate is Here to Stay’ big text “The logic of American health care precludes other options, from single payer to an employer mandate.” Excerpt, at end “… it’s bound to resemble Romneycare and Obamacare - no matter what the president claims.”

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The site does NOT say the opposite. Military spending went up.

Military spending as a portion of GDP has no bearing here. Just because an economy grows does not mean one has to spend more on the Military.

Russia spends less on its Military then does the UK. With a smaller economy as a portion of its GDP it larger. This does not translate to them spending more then the UK.

Making more money does not translate to my needing to eat more food. If I get a ten percent raise tomorrow I do not suddenlt have to spend 10 percent more on food.

As to your links to FORTUNE magazine, that stuff is more of the same. Big Business trying to maintain the Status Quo. Our health system ransk superior to your own both via the Commonwealth studies and the WHO reports. In 1972 we had about the same health care outcomes as the USA. Since then our life expectancy has went up faster then that in the USA , our health care outcomes are superior, and we spend less. Sky high taxes? What nonsense!

This is the total tax burden on workers in the OECD. Note Canada is LOWER than the USA and it includes our health care.

The Canadian Doctor cited is a fraud. I have relayed my own health care experiences and never had to WAIT in lines for any of the stuff the Doctor mentions. Those people that pick out Canadian Doctors to support their positions pick out the ones that will repeat what your health care industry wants them to say. These are generally Doctors who went to the USA , not because they concerned about patients, but because they could make more money.

in the USA people do not even go see their Doctors when they need care. This is not measured as “waiting in line”. If 30 percent of a population and more can not use a health care system because of Financial barriers then do the math, the waiting time is INFINITE. Your stupid system decides those people just do not count.

The Fraser institute here in Canada (a right wing think tank funded by big business) all but admitted this when they said that words to the effect that “if we measured wait times and included people in the uSA that have no health care access or forgo treatments due to cost , it would distort the numbers”

In other words they manipulate the data.

yes ive heard … ppl have to go on payment plans … its fucking sickening …
capitalism is literally killing ppl