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Medicare For All Is The Care Every Family Needs


Medicare For All Is The Care Every Family Needs

Laura Kaplan-Weisman

My name is Dr. Laura Kaplan-Weisman, and I am a family physician from Maryland. I provide primary care to people of all ages and all walks of life, and I feel strongly that what our country needs now is universal health care. That’s why I traveled to Washington to stand with Senator Bernie Sanders as he introduced the 2019 Medicare For All Act.



Yes, Medicare-for-all.

Need to aggressively dispel the myths that this will cost people more (it will likely cost the vast majority of people less) AND layout a reasonable transition plan that shifts those in the healthcare and healthcare insurance fields into the Medicare-for-all system.



Remember Obomba and his plan? Rewarding the “best” and the “brightest”



Its simple ----take the profit out of healthcare-----------just like a fire dept----we need healthcare centers in every neighborhood------and this could be started today as a pilot program. We need to move away from pills being the answer for everything and think more about the environment we have created in which we live----is it a toxic environment???

And when we live in a country that dominates , controls , and kills around the world what effect does this have on the populous?

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Yes!!! Telling people to be “moral” then killing others to teach people how to kill is not how one builds a society unless it is a bullying one which seems to be the fad today. Keep being a leader in your community, and thank you for your post.



Who is telling people in the US to be moral these days ?

Perhaps anti-choice propagandists are self styled moralists ?

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See your point- the so called “leaders” tell people to be the best and the brightest then they turn around and screw the people.



They sure have the $$$ to fund Trumps’ new Space Force …



2 Illusions that u brought up:
take the profit out of healthcare? Who’s gonna do that exactly? We need to move away from pills being the answer for everything? Many Pills are drugs that save lives. Next idea?