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Medicare for All: It’s a Matter of Life and Death


Medicare for All: It’s a Matter of Life and Death

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

“Kill the bill! Don’t kill me!” chanted protesters in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, opposing passage of the controversial Senate health care reform bill. President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are intent on repealing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), even if their repeal bill is massively unpopular nationally, with only 17 percent approval based on a recent poll, and will reportedly leave tens of millions of Americans without health insurance.


It is simply not true that there is a link to healthcare or no healthcare and early death. And, they know it, it is actually in their findings. I am encouraged that people refuse to vote for their own death nail.


Yet again a report that falsely attributes the lack of Medicare for All (Single Payer). The Democrats have consistently undermined Single Payer for decades, most recently with the monstrosity that is ObamaCare. The worst of all of this is that the Rethugs are now possibly able to pass Trump/RyanCare while the Dems huff, puff and whine – denying their ongoing complicity in this Duopoly madness.


Here’s an interesting story of what government run healthcare can do for you…or maybe to you.

I’m sure the usual suspects will come forth with the “quality of life” argument or maybe even the cruel and selfish parents, “how could they”, but the bottom line is the European Court IS a “death panel”. That was roundly mocked when the ACA was being introduced but Barack had said this:

Just another reason I have no confidence in allowing the government, no matter who is in power, to make decisions for what I can do with my life and definitely not my healthcare.

The bottom line is that the parents should be allowed to take their child to America for a last chance effort to save their baby and not left to those emotionally detached Omnipotents in black robes.


Now the buggers simply want to repeal, committing mass murder on the same people that voted them into office. Here is the tragedy, those same people will vote them in office again, a few dead republicans will probably also vote. Our arcane voting scheme sucks big time. It is intentionally vague, confusing and arcane, even constitutional scholars have a difficult time explaining it in law classes. Written in past times in fear of Royalists.