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Medicare for All Means Real Choice: One Health Card, Good Anywhere You Go

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/03/medicare-all-means-real-choice-one-health-card-good-anywhere-you-go

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Jimmy Dore on the Medicare for all proposals. He exposes Elizabeth Warren as Obama 2.0.


She’s a co-sponsor of Bernie’s S1129. Does that make Bernie Obama 2.0?

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It’s quite simple: The d-party candidates who reject improved MFA in favor of creating a public option and the maintenance of the current for-profit health insurance cabal are more concerned with corporate money grabs than actually providing healthcare.

You’re either for totally comprehensive, open access…or you’re not.


I saw this and while there are some interesting points on what Warren and Harris really think (and I mostly agree there), I think Dore is simply wrong on the view that Tulsi shouldn’t have raised her hand. Kyle Kulinski doesn’t get it either. Who gets it? Mike Figueredo:

He has a funny point in there where he says insurance doesn’t cover things like face lifts now - what are the odds they will rush to offer these policies after M4A goes into effect? I’m with Mike totally, no progressive should be running away from the primary goal of eliminating the private insurance companies that really is the clear goal of both single payer bills we have.


In Britain they have both. The private insurance industry has been radically cut back through competition with the NHS, not banning.

This is covered in the video. That doesn’t change my opinion one bit. Canada has private insurance too. HR1384 does not offer a space for private insuracnce of any consequence whatsover. What is wrong with pushing that given people don’t like their insurance anyway?

And it’s precisely the big health insurance companies who put out the dishonest messaging about how scary it would be to lose your private insurance. And their paid stooges in Congress repeat the lies and fearmongering like good little sock puppets.

Here’s what Bernie needs to repeat incessantly: The healthcare profiteers are the reason we pay so much, get such terrible outcomes, see so many medical bankruptcies, and see real improvements to our system stymied by corrupt politicians taking in big corporate $$$. They perform no valuable service, they just skim off the top.


It hands the opponents of MFA a stick to beat MFA proponents with, and the polling indicates support for MFA falls when a ban is made part of the package. I’m not saying that’s right or that it couldn’t be done. I wish we had Roosevelt’s 322-103 majority but we don’t. So let’s be clear: if the question of “how are you going to pay for that” is answered by “look at all we spend now on private insurance so we have to divert that to MFA” then that case has to be made clearly. I didn’t quite hear Bernie saying that.


I have absolutely no faith in Elizabeth Warren in spite of her posturing just as I did not when Obama was running and she reminds me very much of him. She has a past and her overt support of Israel plus her refusing to back Sanders over Clinton in the last campaign suggests to me she more of the same.

She is all but silent on Militarism with only Gravel , Gabbard and Sanders spending any amount of time on that issue which next to climate change is the most important issue facing Americans.


I’m inclined to agree with you which is why I will be voting for Bernie in the primaries. But in fact I think they all stink on foreign policy, though Bernie is far better. I’m not in the Tulsi camp because like you with Warren I just don’t trust her and find her mealy mouthed and don’t like the militaristic anti-war line. The Modi stuff is there too. I’ve heard the defense and don’t find it convincing. So if Warren is the nominee who would you vote for?

I am a Canadian so I do not vote. Were I an American I would vote for the same party i vote for up here and that the Green Party.

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Well that’s a respectable position. Here in the U.S. we are facing a direct fascist threat, which you are not, which makes the question of defeating Trump as serious as four strokes. I haven’t decided what to do in the general yet.

The problem is that you have been using this strategy for the past 40 years with the end result being the Democrats of today are to the right of Reagan. There always the “we have to beat these guys this time” meme used and your Corporate democrats continue to count on the fear vote.

I will contrast that with the experience of third party support here in Canada. When the old Progressive Conservative party was not deemed Conservative enough by a block of its voters , the reform party was formed. This kept the PC party out of power for years until the merged with the same and moved to the right.

The Liberals only move to the Left when the NDP or Green Party start bleeding away their support. If there was no one voting Green or NDP wherein the Liberals could always count on those parties supporters to vote Liberal so as to ensure the Conservatives not elected, The Liberals would move way to the right. Indeed history has shown the more elections they win the further to the right they move.


Here’s an analysis from PERI group, at Univ. Massachusetts at Amherst :

M4A cost estimate is $2.93 trillion, a reduction from $3.4 trillion currently.
Public funds from Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans’ Administration and other public funding: $1.88 trillion
Corporate tax: $623 billion
Sales tax: 193 billion
Net worth or wealth tax: $198 billion
Long-term capital gains tax: $70 billion

This seems doable, reasonable, and politically palatable. — https://www.umass.edu/newsoffice/article/depth-analysis-team-umass-amherst — Overall it reduces national healthcare costs by nearly 10%, and it insures 9% who live without insurance, and provides care for the 26% with inadequate insurance who still can’t afford the costs of care. That comes to 35% of the nation who do not access medical care.

The report says middle income families will receive about a 14% reduction in costs; the top 20% will see cost increases of 3.7%, the top 5% of 4.7%. What a bargain!

My blog – http://benL88.blogspot.com


Mike is wrong. Tulsi is right.

Single Payer Medicare for All (MFA) does NOT eliminate all private insurance. Why? Because it doesn’t cover things that aren’t medically necessary.

Who would want it to? You wouldn’t want it to cover botox. You wouldn’t want it to cover dental cosmetic caps. You wouldn’t want it to cover Reiki. You wouldn’t want it to cover strange and unusual alternative non-western medicine. (Rhino horn powder for impotence?)

On the other hand, private insurance is going to fill that gap if people are willing to pay for it. That does NOT compete with MFA as plans that would compete are to be eliminated. Also only someone really unable to think clearly or so rich it doesn’t matter, would pay for a private plan if it did duplicate MFA when they have to pay their payroll tax for MFA and get all medically necessary healthcare already with no further premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays, and every provider in the network.

Bernie admits the same thing as Tulsi- he just used hyperbole to raise his hand. Tulsi speaks the truth and clarifies in her time to speak that she is for no other program other than MFA and that it doesn’t eliminate all private plans.

It is a gotcha question and anyone who thinks War-Warren is a good choice when she also supports other plans is just refusing to examine the situation or is being controlled by a corporate media that wants to use War-Warren to stop Bernie. War-Warren says she is for MFA and it eliminates all private plans (she’s got to know it doesn’t) and yet she also says she’s for ‘other paths’ to get to ‘affordable’ ‘access’ for everyone- like these public options plans that are designed to keep private plans of for profit corporations competeing with expanded Medicare or a public option.

Don’t trust Wa-Warren. It’s a big mistake. It’s like trusting Obama in 2007/2008.

I am absolutely certain that if War-Warren by some miracle gets the nomination, instead of just helping Biden or Harris or (God forbid) Hillary keep Sanders from getting it, and if by some bigger miracle she actually were to defeat Trump- that three years from now the progressive debate would be whether we should primary her with a real progressive or play support the lesser-evil game this cycle and work for a real progressive in 2028.

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Can we say

“I’m pro choice, and I vote”?

Unlike most of your arguments, I don’t find this one persuasive. In no way have you convinced me there is any significant role for private insurance given the thoroughness of coverage the two M4A bills have and the no-compete rule (as you point out). Yes I realize the bills don’t eradicate insurance in sense that smallpox was eradicated (as you point out nothing prevents insurance for Reiki massage after an auto accident and I’ve pointed out other things like upgrades to a private hosptital room being allowed as well). Most insurance companies are going to dissolve. The scale of reduction will be more than 20 to 1. That’s close enough to eliminaton that you can raise your hand and give your quick cavaet when it is your turn to speak. I’m with Mike and Bernie on this (and I’m with you and Jimmy in not trusting Warren).

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Unless you are one of the 8 million American citizens living abroad then you are ignored despite the lower healthcare costs anywhere else in the world. Not true for most Europeans.

I agree with you on how much it will be eliminated. I’d probably do what you suggest if I was on stage.

But I’m very supportive of Tulsi, I trust her that she is for MFA, and I’m trying to explain how it is that she didn’t raise her hand. That doesn’t mean she is against MFA, it just means that to her it’s better to not raise your hand since it doesn’t eliminate all private insurance.