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Medicare for All Only Way to Fix Broken System: An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Jamie Dimon


Medicare for All Only Way to Fix Broken System: An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Jamie Dimon

Dr. Carol Paris

Dear Mr. Bezos, Mr. Buffett, and Mr. Dimon:

As a physicians and health justice advocates, we agree with you that health care is among the greatest issues facing society today. Your tremendous resources provide a unique opportunity to advocate for a health program to benefit all Americans: a universal, single-payer system.


Good luck getting any of them to read this letter. If Mr. Buffett had come out with this on his own it might be believable. But paired up with the other 2 parasites makes it much more likely this is just a scam to throw a wrench in the single payer debate.


Foundations and non-profit corporations are a ubiquitous component of corporate empires on the scale of Amazon, Berkshire and Chase.

The medical insurance program these three corporate leaders are assembling will be just one more non-profit corporation in their portfolios.

They don’t give a rip about what yoiu and I know is a “broken system” irrespective of how broken or how much “fixing” it needs. Their definition of “FIX” is not the same as our definition. They have already “FIXED” the system to serve their personal interests, that is why the system is broken for us.


They won’t though. They’re bought as well. Iused to think medicare for all, but medicare is also a apin. I now think a Canadian style system is the way to go


You are living in a dream world populated by Damnocrats that have ethics and give a shit about “We the People”. WAKE UP!!!


SINGLE-PAYER is the ONLY way!!!


This letter should be sent to all lib/progs and Dems who back OBCare, the biggest block to Single Payer and ending the corporate domination of health insurance and health care in the U.S.


The carrot of a movement with no stick.


Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well on comment threads. Jayne is as far from a D-bot as we’re likely to find on CD.


Don’t fool yourself. Buffet is as much as a POS as the other two psychopaths. Few people have done more to avoid paying taxes as Buffet. And yet, the general public worships him.


That wasn’t sarcasm. Looked like a dem-bot post to me.


Her final “Oops” should have been a dead giveaway.


Proper terms here are needed.

Medicare for all is big money saved and better health for the people of us.

Medicare for all is a disaster for oligarchs who make millions per day milking people’s illnesses.

Which side are you on?


The problem emerging with Medicare for All is that simple Medicare is becoming too expensive for those that have to use it: seniors and the disabled. Shoving more people into Medicare without correcting the problems that exist and more importantly funding it – will dilute health care dollars even more.

Medicare only covers 80% of medical costs and does not cover dental, vision or hearing. A senior is easily spending a quarter of their monthly SS payment on premiums, co-pays and uncovered costs. All pay $134 month premium into Medicare plus hundreds more per month for Gap insurance (covers a portion of what Medicare does not). Medicare premiums keep increasing because our government would rather satisfy the parasites (insurers) that “deliver” health care in this country rather than make health care affordable and available to everyone.

The problem is that more than half the country couldn’t afford premiums if they had to pay them themselves, this includes everyone. What sense does it make to have most of the country on subsidized health care other than enrich insurers. We are paying way too much for less than all other developed countries.

Medicare for All will not eliminate the need for insurance to cover the costs that Medicare (for All) will not cover. It’s insurance that needs to go.


You’re around these comment threads enough to read Jayne’s posts.

If you don’t, you should.


I’m on the side of Single Payer, medical, dental, mental health and vision for all, thank you.
I’m also on the side of pre-natal care for all women, which would involve home visits before and after pregnancies.
Community/Neighborhood centers would be a logical extension up from General and Nurse Practitioners, etc. Then up again to Specialists and so forth. This would apply to dental and mental health services, etc. Pre-natal and post-natal care could be more flexible.
And, elder care with hospice services would be neighborhood based, as well.
There, fixed it for you.:wink:


What part of “The corporate billionaires and the Dem leadership are part of the exact same oppression?” do you not understand?

As everybody has said, it was sarcasm and one of the more obvious ones if you ask me.


Yes, I believe there are those problems with Medicare. But I think that the bill introduced in the House by Rep. Conyers was an improved Medicare bill that addressed them. I am not conversant enough in the details to tell you what the improvements are.


He’s the only one who acts like he has a soul. You’re probably right, he might just be the best actor.


The only problem is that we must first obtain it in a state or two. In the 1930s Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said that the states are the laboratories of democracy. All of the progressive institutions that we take for granted–like the Federal Communications and Security Exchange Commissions, Food and Drug Administration, child labor laws, women’s suffrage-- all started first in states. It is necessary to show politicians that embracing it is not political suicide and it must be shown to save money . About 20 states are working on it. We in Ohio are in as good shape as any(SPANOhio.org). Senate Bill 91 and House Bill 440–The Ohio Healthcare Security Act-- are in the hopper. If we can get it enacted everyone in the state (universal) will have comprehensive healthcare, including prescription drugs to be paid for by a package of progressive taxes. We also can see how to raise money to fend off the insurance and pharmaceutical industries when it goes on the ballot, including a 501©3 called Health Care for All Ohioans. Stay tuned.