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Medicare-for-All Proponents Warn Against Billionaires' Plan to "Disrupt" Healthcare Industry


Medicare-for-All Proponents Warn Against Billionaires' Plan to "Disrupt" Healthcare Industry

Julia Conley, staff writer

A newly-announced plan by three of the most prominent billionaires in the U.S. to "disrupt" the American health insurance industry was met with extreme skepticism from advocates of a government-run healthcare system on Tuesday.

healthcare doesn't need to be "disrupted." it needs to be provided to all people, free of charge. this framing still treats healthcare as if it's any other industry where one can make a profit.https://t.co/k0W3T7xzSA


The reluctance of the business community (insurance conglomerates of course excepted) to embrace single-payer baffles me. Healthier employees are more productive. Being freed from escalating premiums (for those companies who offer health insurance as a benefit) would improve the bottom line. I can only conclude that the owners are more concerned with maintaining class solidarity than with acting on behalf of their workforce—or, for that matter, of their shareholders.


At the bottom of that photo of The Big 3 it ought to say “Wanted”. The only way people amass monies as they do is by stealing and now they wanna steal Medicare for All away from us who deserve it. From pre-birth to death Medicare for All, Period.


That “Bleet, Bleet, Bleet” is not the chest puffing sound of Corportist Billionaires but instead is the sound of you and me being bundled into another Sacrifical Offering to The God Almighty Dollar!


all I see is three greedy bastards creating yet another diversion in the media

Jayneeee Democartic Party stands united sigh!!!


Could it be that these billies got together to conspire (wait, conspiracies don’t happen do they?) to do an end run around the growing movement for Medicare for All? Could they have wondered, what if the U.S. implements a universal healthcare system like just about every other industrialized country in the world and it works great? That could lead people to believe that the government can actually do good deeds and help improve their lives! Yikes, who knows where that could lead to! The whole country might go socialist or even communist! We’ve gotta nip this thing in the bud before it gets out of hand. Its the only decent and patriotic thing to do, god damn it!!


Generally speaking, anything that is corporate-backed is bad news, almost by definition.


Well, looks like the mega-rich corporations are getting worried about us socialists. Let’s not fall for this b.s… These folks just can’t wrap their minds around people, collectively acting as community, can do without them by collectively caring and pooling resources. Besides, since they too are mortal, what makes them think their predecessors will continue their “generous” offer? What do they mean by “potentially” covering everyone? Do they think other businesses will follow suit? Judging fro the reports coming in as to what other businesses are doing post-tax cuts I seriously doubt it. This is nothing more than a PR stunt and to derail what needs to happen: people in the US finally acting like a society.


Actually a segment of the business community does indeed support single-payer. Of course they are not such multi billionaires. This is a publicity stunt and chump change for them.


Their rationalization, of course.


What these oligarchs appear to be proposing is health coverage for their employees.

What about small business owners?
The unemployed?
People who don’t work for a company owned by these three?

Yeah, no thanks.


It just gets worse and worse, with a huge amount of the “credit” due to sh*theels like this.


Regarding the (awful and puerile) cited Jacobin article, Canadian corporations pretty much unanimously support the Canadian single payer system - and even support expansions to it. So should Canadians reject their single payer system because of it?

The Jacobin article is pretty much the heart of why the US radical left is such a self-cannibalizing state.

Only in the USA would the radical left frame their support for single payer as some kind of Che Guevaraist revolutionary movement. It is not. It is simply a decent thing that that social-democratic capitalist democracies do. Of course a lot of capitalist employers would like single-payer - they save huge amounts of money of a very expensive benefit that they no longer have to provide the employees. So, it is perfectly fine that these employers support single payer. Regarding that issue, we should accept them as allies. Regarding other issues, we will not.

Save the radical revolutionary talk for the objectives that are truly radical and revolutionary…


This is simply oligarchs coming out of the shadows and into the light. The disaster of Romney/OBCare is the LED that gives them enough light to be stage front.


They are not proposing single payer. What they are proposing has nothing to do with single payer. Yes, Canadian Corporations support single payer but would probably not support this proposal because it would undermine their single payer system.


Just a re-run of Romneycare/Obamacare. Same plot/script. Just fresh faces in another backdrop.
Really, how many remakes of King Kong do we need before we realize we already know how it ends?
Or do we call this one “Billionairecare”?


Isn’t this plan just a rerun of US industrialist Henry Kaiser’s 1933 creation of the HMO that continues to bear his name ?

Kaiser HMO has always conformed to “non-profit” status requirements set forth by the gubmit, also adding a foundation at one point.

When Kaiser HMO was formed it served the employees of Kaiser’s many companies, from heavy construction to ship building to automobile manufacturing. Within a decade of the HMO’s formation Kaiser’s companies had more employees in the US than Bezos’, Buffett’s and Diamond’s companies combined, providing the economy of scale needed for an HMO.


Nobless o-bilge


““The ballooning costs of healthcare act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy,” added Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest people in the world.”

Speaking of hungry tapeworms, let’s not overlook Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon themselves. Buffett is sort of a kindly doofus aside from being an extremely successful financial mogul. (I refuse to call traffickers in financial paper “investors,” even the few like Buffett who frequently buy and hold.) But Buffet is reported to be leaving the bulk of his fortune to another tapeworm.


Since I can’t seem to edit comments, let’s make that “Noblesse”

Urf …