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Medicare for All Support Surges to 9-Month High in New Poll After Coronavirus Exposes Horrors of Private Insurance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/01/medicare-all-support-surges-9-month-high-new-poll-after-coronavirus-exposes-horrors


“We must transform our dysfunctional healthcare system,” said Sanders.
Yea, verily yea! End the politics of greed!
Bernie Sanders 2020! He’s about our last hope!


Didja hear that joe biden? Your positions are reprehensible crap and reflect your entire career as corporate whore, not a person who should be respected or lauded in any way! The DINO party entrenched elite are also the same as you in their dedication to business and corruption as usual.

You just doubled-down on opposing Universal Not-For-Profit Singer-Payer Health insurance; spewing the same lies and distorted BS that Obamacare is just great! Is that how you and the DINO party plan to win this election or do you all just rely on the same notions as in 2016 when you lost to trump?

To win and energize the electorate we need Bernie Sanders and dedication to the Common Good, not common greed (or rapists)


National health care is a must that folks are realizing.
The 18% must be reduced to less than 10% by drastic reducing the 50% waste avenue per AETNA.
Go to nurse and doctor home visits.
County health departments fully staffed and providing vaccinations, education,
Nationwide license of doctors and nurses. End the ability of a doctor losing their license and going to another state and setting up practice there.

Our military engineers, equipment, experience and material stocks are helping.
There was an American error in 2017 or 2018 evaluating the bird flu for that year.
We achieved a 10% efficiency against the flu.

I do not know how anyone can predict what specific medical equipment, drugs will be needed in the next. It may be a repeat of C-19 or a new variation.

In home respirator providing oxygen up to five liters per minute is $600

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Meanwhile, amid the corona slaughter, Uncle Joe is out there proving that there is no hope to be had, from the Democratic wing of the party of Wall Street and War.

“Single payer will not solve that at all,” the Democratic presidential front-runner told MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian in a TV interview.

“We have a whole number of hospitals that are being stretched, including rural hospitals, that are going to need more financing. That doesn’t come from a single-payer system.”


Consecutive Presidents of the United States of America proclaim that the US is the world leader in things like human rights and dignity, in technology and innovation. They have proclaimed the US justice system the model of the world. All of this and they are 60+ years behind other nations that have introduced forms of medicare for all. 60 years and they still don’t get it or can make it to work.

Really the only thing they lead in is the ability to fleece their taxpayers and citizens in favor of the 1 percent and ensure wealth transferred from the pockets of the many to those of the few. The US has the most Billionaires in the world and one of the highest Wealth discrepancies in the world. Guys like Biden and Trump, Clinton and Obama, Bush and Reagan were and are all there to ensure that remains the case.


Nothing like losing your employer provided healthcare to force you into the realization that it isn’t there when you need it.


Democratic voters don’t know how bad they have messed up. Even after the 2016 disaster they vote for the centrist looser. Again. Even if Biden wins, you are not going to have Medicare for all. Thanks, Democrats. You’re doing a hell of a job. Of screwing us.


Duh??? How many must discover this the hard way, including countless deaths, before’ Medicare for A’ll is finally put in place where it belongs. Every other system including the ‘ACA’ is smoke and mirrors offering next to nothing to all who are signed up.


With the Dems putting up suck shitty, not EVEN mediocre, candidates in 2016 and now in 2020 with Biden it seems like they want to lose.


If healthcare consumes 18 percent of GDP watch that number go up dramatically for a number of reasons.

GDP in the USA and the rest of the world is expected to drop. Some predictions see the GDP in the USA dropping by 40 percent if this pandemic continues.

Even as GDP drops , total amounts spent on heath care will go up based on this pandemic.

When the smoke clears the insurance companies will be jacking their premiums as has been mentioned here by as much as 40 percent.

Put all of those things together and it not unrealistic to suggest healthcare spending will take up 30 percent and more of GDP if that private for profit model maintained.


In addition to healthcare jumping from 18 to 30% of GDP the faux insurance policies most Murkins have will include way more weasel clauses than current policies do.

I just received a letter with “Barack Obama” in bold print on the upper left corner of the envelope. Inside was a fundraising solicitation from the DNC. It was 30 degrees and overcast this morning so the solicitation worked great starting the wood stove.


It’s most revealing, that there have been no bills - zero, none - by Democrats in Congress to move forward with any type of Single Payer proposal amid corona’s unprecedented slaughter and financial devastation.


Obama’s ACA includes so many poison pills that make it more difficult than ever to move in the direction of any kind of single payer that it will take more than a democrat introducing a proposal to move the ball in a progressive direction.

Recall that Obama appointed insurance operative Liz Fowler to author the 2000 plus pages of ACA, loaded with weasel clauses that will push away from, not towards single payer.


Hey Joe Baby, how much are you and your corrupt son Hunter getting from the FOR PROFIT Private Insurance Companies??

I am just curious, what does it take to Bribe a Warmonger like yourself to become a Judas and sell out the American People? Is it just a few pieces of Silver?

We always knew that We The People were being financially enslaved by the Greedy Republican Party moving our Jobs overseas.

But now our only hope of fielding a Candidate that espoused the ideals of FDR has been Marginalized, Slandered and his supporters callously shoved aside to make room for a Corporate Democrat who wholeheartedly supports WAR, the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street Banks over Consumers, Private Health Care Insurance Companies over Medicare For All, Enriching his Family by selling Political Access, a Willingness to CUT Social Security, a Degenerate who likes to fondle little girls and sexually assault women in his office, and is suffering from the early stages of Dementia.

Yeah Right, like this Progressive could ever vote for this Sadistic War Criminal who belongs in Prison for Promoting the Iraq War, not in the White House.

Bernie, keep the Revolution alive, Do Not support the Democratic Nominee if it is Biden.

The DNC broke their promise to you to have fair elections, this gives you the moral authority to break your promise to them to support the Dem Candidate.

Bernie you must lead a Third Party to run against the 2 Evils,Trump and/or Biden, this is absolutely essential if we are to move America to the Center Left and away from the RIGHT WING Plutocratic Fascist Government we are currently being ruled by.

It does not matter if you lose in the General Election, what matters is keeping the Revolution, which you began alive and your Millions of supporters organized and engaged in the political process so we can defeat these scoundrels in the legislative races and remove the Bribe takers so we can have a True Representative Government that actually represents We The People and not Big Donor Corporations.


My health insurance corporation is doing the bare minimum to aid people with Covid-19 related health issues, and next to nothing when it comes to defraying costs of healthcare.


This should make us wonder whether the $1200 wasn’t for insurance payments for month 3-4-5-. Gotta keep the insurance companies happy. Or, are they already getting a share of the big bailout?

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Your insurance company acts exactly as an insurance company is designed to act. They are in business to churn profits and not to provide health care . As such they will do as little as possible to help you in this crisis and will be hard at work ensuring payouts are kept at a minimum. You know this, I know this and most of the readership here knows this.

The support for some form of single payer among the general population should be at 99 percent. If it not there yet those who still support the for profit model are beyond hope.


You beat me to it.
That’s the average democratic voter for ya these days. Sure, we want single payer, we just don’t want to vote for someone who will make it happen. Stay the course, lower the bar, fear real change.
We are our own worst enemies.


The Church of the Giant Invisible Hand says that we would never need all of those ventilators, masks and testing kits because nobody could afford them anyway. So why make superfluous materials?