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Medicare For All—The Democratic Party Audition for 2020


Medicare For All—The Democratic Party Audition for 2020

Thomas Neuburger

The next two years will present multiple tests of the soul of the Democratic Party, just as have the last 10 years. But two of those tests have "high profile" written all over them. The outcome of these tests could determine the Party's future, and consequently the nation's, in the 2020 presidential election.



We seriously need to change the narrative before this goes any further, and we get screwed yet again. The picture for this story prompted my post, and we somehow need to get the word out. The posters all across the country need to read:
“We Demand Improved Medicare For All - HB 676”

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We need to be sure that a slogan isn’t what people are voting for.
Nobody needs health insurance.
They need good health.
The USDA pushes farmers to grow commodity crops so we can trade for oil. The FDA supports drug producers to ‘cure’ health problems that mostly come from lack of exercise and poor food availability/ choices/ habits.
Whatever is done about health costs has to be tied to actual health, not insurance numbers or congressional glad-handing budgets.
Combine the FDA, USDA and Education departments under one roof so that they are connected. Stop subsidizing food processors through ‘farm subsidies’ and start putting the money into directly building local food processing for small farmers/gardeners.
Make some medical/food/farm service mandatory with a draft/labor credit system, but start at an early enough age for children to develop good food habits and get professional school credit that are merit-based.
Reestablish public-funded doctors and hospitals with a military-style medical service. If socialized medicine is good enough for the troops, it’s good enough for everyone.
Establish medical oversight that allows people to fire doctors for incompetence and negligence, instead of leaving that to lawyers and insurance companies.
“Medicare for All” sounds great on the face of it, but those costs are based on a corrupt monetized system of sick people. Not a good place to begin.



I don’t know if it even matters, but who are the “working class?” Republican’s claim them. I heard them claimed to be a separate group from progressives. Is that so?
Why aren’t they part of all American party groups, political groups, and working groups. It’s getting to be like when parties refer to a voting block as “the people” suggesting that “the people” is some phantom majority , belonging to whomever is giving the talk at that moment. Just a pet peeve of mine.



The slogan around which Progressives/BERNIE SANDERS, et.al., ought to build their case: LET ALL AMERICANS ENJOY THE HEALTHCARE THAT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS ENJOY.
And,the sake of “all Americans,” don’t EVAH listen to the likes of Tim Kaine,who helped Hillary lose!
Finally, “Establilshment Democrats” f—king SABOTAGED the candidacy of BERNIE SANDERS, who would have wiped the floor w/the odious Trump. I intend to fight like hell to elect BERNIE.