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Medicare for All Will Boost the Fight for Racial Justice in Health Care

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/17/medicare-all-will-boost-fight-racial-justice-health-care


Once Medicare-For-All is the law of the land, all government employees, including Congress and the President must be transitioned in.

Then, health care for all Americans will be equal.


Hi carlmarks:

Since we pay taxes, we should get something for that. I guess we just get greedy and comatose politicians. Oh England, I fear for your Boris made health care future. : (

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A MORON in the states and a matching MORON in the UK!
Everything is going NUTS, Stardust!

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One more time: healthcare is key to a movement politics, because progressives can combine education and healthcare at health events using the nonprofit Remote Area Medical (RAM) model of vision and dental care at open air, multi-day 'health fairs.

These ‘health fairs’ get low income populations for days at a time while they wait for care.

The difference from RAM would be that progressive health fairs would be politicized, educating the poor about M4A and the liberal and right wing politicians that resist helping them but protect the exploitative, for profit healthcare industry.

The organizational model already exists, so you don’t have to invent the doctor and healthcare delivery and personnel and supplies and costs and administration from scratch.

It would cost a lot of money - but I’ll hopefully assert that the same progressive citizens that support Bernie - with whose movement and campaign this ‘progressive health care’ fair would be openly linked - would support this organization - and that a lot of progressive organizations would support it too, including the progressive press and progressive social media.

This is the way to both help and engage the often nonvoting low income communities progressives need to win.

Instead of MLK’s poor people’s march on Washington, there will be poor peoples’ marches to health fairs.

“Sanders is right that many of the poor don’t vote. But the Left can’t win without them.”

Hi carlmarks:
I read today that a homeless man died in the night-----he died by city hall. A sad day and a new name for that city LOST Angeles------or city of LOST angels .What a country—where dying outside becomes the norm in so many places. The homeless man with no name was just 54. : (

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