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Medicare for All Will Destroy the GOP—Because of Voting!


Like the rest of the establishment mouthpieces your evidence is contrived.

You have an obvious agenda. Your agenda is to shut down the quest to achieve a single payer health care system in the USA.

I don’t blame your employers. They are making a fortune and doing absolutely nothing to deserve it.


I don’t know what you are talking about. But okay.


I’m not sure the line between Medicaid and Medicare for all is going to be the same for all voters. It is possible that some voters see the former as helping out poor people at their expense but see the latter as something they could actually use and have freedom to change jobs and permanent protection against being denied coverage based on preexisting conditions.


I think racism, fear of the caravan, and “illegals flooding” the country was the issue for those voters. I think we progressives make the mistake of thinking red state Trump supporters think like us. They don’t. They care about beating liberals, that includes you, I, and even Republican non-Trump supporters.


The article is about a multi-purpose identification card, but the headline says it all. Democrats will never enact Medicare for All - because they need the Republican bogeyman.

If the Republicans were eradicated, the Democrats could no longer use their standard campaign theme - “WebadTrumpworse.” If Republicans were eradicated, elections would be contests between the Democrats and the Greens, and Democrats would lose and lose and lose and lose.

Republicans might like this multi-purpose identification card. Look at the benefits to them - if they manage to purge you (progressives) from the central files. The card serves as voter id, but without the card, you can’t vote. The card serves as a driver’s license, but without the card, you can’t drive to the polling station. The card authorizes medical care and Social Security benefits for you, but without the card, you can’t get any of that socialized medicine or any of those “entitlements”. Bingo!

Oh, I forgot - internet security is too robust for such an event to occur. /s/


Excellent observations.