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Medicare for All Would Help End Racial Disparities in the South

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/09/medicare-all-would-help-end-racial-disparities-south


How about a breakdown by economic status? Healthcare is a right for all.

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It’s a great idea but it’s going to run out of money just like SS thanks to those disgusting Republicans and some Democrats in Washington DC.

Money is created by government.

The Space Force will never run out of money.
Medicare will never run out of money.


We not only need Health Care For All we need Food Care For All. The two issues are inextricably linked. Civilized people don’t eat what corporations dictate. They eat food. Sans trademark.

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Phred Pharkel’s comment from August 7 says it as well as anyone, and bears repeating:

"One more time:

Ask yourself - “Do I want to pay for insurance, or do I want to pay for Healthcare?”

  • Private Health insurance Companies do not provide healthcare - They only pay the bills . For this ‘service’, they skim 20% +/- off the top for themselves, leaving less of your money for your care. Overhead for Medicare is 2% or less.
  • Private Insurance companies have no incentive to keep prices down in fact the more healthcare costs go up, the more money THEY make.
  • Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.
  • For Profit insurance means Less healthcare = more profit. How will that motive affect their decisions for you and your family?
  • Private-based insurance still leaves you with Corporate Death Panels . Their requirement for profit sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you, or not.
  • Private-based insurance still includes co-pays, deductibles, limits, MEDICAL BANKRUPTCY , and for most, ties you to your employer. If you lose your job, you probably lose your healthcare care.

Isn’t this a No-Brainer?

Ask yourself - “Do I want insurance, or do I want Healthcare?”

Yes. It’s worth fighting for."


Don’t worry… when Biden is elected you’ll have “access” to healthcare.

Just like you have “access” to that Rolls Royce, that huge mansion, everything you’ve ever dreamed of - you’ll have “access” to all of it.