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Medicare for All Would Save Money—And Lives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/19/medicare-all-would-save-money-and-lives

The Politicians that continue to support the system in the USA are in no way worried about the added costs of the US system. They are in fact not concerned about the level of spending be they Democrats or Republicans. Every added dollar spent under that model is a dollar in added profits to the insurance companies and for profit hospitals.

THAT is what they are trying to protect and those that continue to suggest anything else are either lying or just plain stupid.

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You know there are plenty of hospitals in the U.S. that are non-profit. No one has to go to a for-profit hospital. I think there were 2,903 in 2013.

“In 2003, of the roughly 3,900 nonfederal, short-term, acute care general hospitals in the United States, the majority—about 62 percent —were nonprofit. The rest included government hospitals ( 20 percent ) and for-profit hospitals ( 18 percent ).”

Kaiser is an example:
Kaiser Permanente is composed of Kaiser Foundation Health Plans ( nonprofit , public-benefit corporations), Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (a nonprofit , public-benefit corporation), and the Permanente Medical Groups (for-profit professional organizations)"

Not all of them, but yes I agree. My question is why do people think by making national heath care nonprofit it is going to solve so many unrelated issues in health care? Just because a hospital is a nonprofit, doesn’t’mean they don’t make profits…

Hmmm,…let’s see “save money” AND “lives”? Nah…that’s not the American way or how we do things around here. Come on. it is not even in the job description of most members of Congress. At least not in the one the corporate overlords write for them. I think the last tax cut should have made it very clear that saving lives or money is not a priority for oligarchs running this shit show…

Because when profit is your goal as opposed to healthcare, you are going to do everything you can do maximize profit and wont care about healthcare or people. Enter the GpFindMe healthcare system that’s america’s. Insurance companies make money by NOT paying claims. That is how it works. If they all paid no questions asked, they would lose money left and right. They should never even be in charge of healthcare. Also, universal healthcare would not make a hospital nonprofit, healthcare would still be paid for. But in this case it would come from the government as opposed to insurance companies. And how would that be financed? Increase corporate taxes, tax wealth and high incomes and cut the damn DoD budget. There, aid for. Send kids to college and give them healthcare instead of sending them to war. Priorities.

I’m pretty sure you have not read the bill. When the government wanted to privatize Medicare they modified it to include private insurance as a way to lower costs. I remember my grandparents as some of the first to use Medicare. Medicaid was added later to provide services not covered by Medicare. (single payer) The only example of Universal Health Care is Veteran Tri Care which is also now partially privatized. You should read the bill.

well then the government was wrong doing it that way. Remember medicare for all is just a simplified buzz word to make the dumb american public understand what universal healthcare means. It is not literally, or at least shouldnt be, seen as just expanding Medicare for all. Any meaningful healthcare reform MUST take private insurance out. A public option could keep them in but the competition would force them to adjust their practices cause then they would be actually competing with someone. Right now insurance companies collude and are essentially monopolies. If this bill doesnt take care of that, it is useless, much like the ACA.

I agree. I also agree the M4A could be a really great benefit but not as written in the current legislation. It is no accident that pricing is obscene, but it is not confined to insurance companies as middlemen. There are problems with Medicare as well but then that is usually fraud.