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Medicare for All's Time Has Come


All great ideas. However, how are we going to make these things happen as they are deeply entrenched systems in our country? What are we going to do with all the displaced workers? Some can work making windmills and solar panels and by retrofitting homes and buildings to be much more energy efficient. However, we must face facts that the fossil fuel industry, mining companies, and military industrial prison complex are very powerful and wealthy and deeply entrenched. I think we can pay for health care right now the way things are just by making it non profit and using a sliding scale according to income. This would force the one percent to pay a lot for other American citizen’s health care, but it is the least they can do to help. Another part of the problem is much of the wealth of the one percent is obtained from fossil fuels, mining, military, prison industrial complex and toxic chemical companies. If we end or cut down on these bad industries as we should, the one percent will have much less wealth to tax.

Your ideas are great, but rather unrealistic, and extremely ambitious. Let’s just try to get a single payer non profit health care system first and tackle each one of the items on your list one at a time after that. See my post on single payer non profit health care. The second priority after health care must be climate change and pollution of all kinds. To get off fossil fuels and make it illegal to profit from pollution or poisoning the public for money. If you or I did what these corporations do to poison and pollute the American people and this country we would go to prison for terrorism and murder and attempted murder! We must also fix our clean water infrastructure and find a way to make our clean water supply sustainable. America must use compost toilets and not use gallons of clean drinking water to put our excrement in. Human manure and urine can be composted and used as fertilizer in flower gardens and orchards, but not to grow other edible crops due to potential disease. We need to create systems that recycle everything, and ban most if not all pesticides and toxic stuff before it is too late as it is killing all the insects and wildlife and we are next. For instance, there is good evidence that rising autism rates may be due to neurotoxic pesticide exposure to the developing fetus. The closer a pregnant women lives to a factory farm the greater the chance of having an autistic child. The EPA needs to be a completely independent agency rather than under the control of presidential cabinets. No one should ever be allowed to fire or stop the EPA scientists from doing their work, unless there is wrongdoing by the individual. Pruitt and now Wheeler are doing serious long term damage to our environment. This cannot be allowed. We cannot allow republicans to destroy the function of the EPA every few years and to cause massive pollution that democratic administrations then have to scramble to correct as happened to Obama and the Deepwater Horizon accident on purpose. Obama officials had not had time to fix the terrible Bush era policies that caused the accident. We cannot afford to keep doing these things. Therefore, our environment must be number two on our list of things to address. If we can solve these two in major ways we will be well on our way to fixing up our country and heading us in the right direction for a change.


If health care is non profit, there is no need for any overpaid CEOs at all. We don’t need Watson. We just need regular administrators for each state who are paid modest salaries, say $100,000 per year or so, that is plenty for what they will do. I’ll do it for that money myself, and I will do it honestly. We need to get profits and shareholders out of health care. Right now profits are more important than patients. We must eliminate profit and make health care only be about providing the best health care possible for all the citizens of this country. Doctors and hospitals are mostly non profit right now anyway. We must buy health care wholesale and cut out the health insurance middlemen who raise the cost by at least three times the wholesale cost in order to make a profit. Health insurance companies take at least 1/3 of all the money used for health care in America and none of this money is used for patient care! It’s all for salaries for CEOs, employees who are paid to review charts and to deny coverage, salesmen, advertising, profits and shareholders. A single payer system needs none of these things. All of the money should be to pay providers to provide direct care or administer it. Administrative costs should be ten percent or less. Right now administrative costs are more than 33 percent!


Great article! We have much work to do to make this happen. Let’s do it!


Gov is criminal. Rise against.


How many billions in the last military budget bill?
No healthcare for you.
How much for the prez’s military parade?
No healthcare for you.
Until we stop the killing machine.
No healthcare for you.


. . . one out of every five Americans cannot afford to fill the prescriptions given to them by their doctors . . .

And even those who can fill the prescriptions are uncertain whether they are safe - thanks to the austerity measures and corporate capture at the FDA.


Fantasyland America, this government does not care about citizens healthcare. Only greed and more for themselves while a broke reality debt collapse nears. Crank those money printing presses to hyper warp speed, also called priced out of existence. No common sense needed or accepted. Americas glory days stolen away by evil greedy murdering bastards.


In the 1930s Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said that the states are the laboratories of democracy. Thus, the Federal Communication Authority, Securities Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Authority, women’s suffrage, child labor laws and many others started first in states. It is necessary to show politicians throughout the country that support is not political suicide and it is necessary to show that it will save money. It will, because the 1200 health insurance companies and the healthcare providers all have enormous clerical staffs, the C.E.O.s receive enormous remuneration, and health insurance is very profitable. There’s almost enough money as wasted bureaucracy in the system to pay for healthcare for all. Should some people have to pay more in taxes, it will be less than the premiums, co-pays and deductibles that they now pay. About 20 states are working on publicly funded systems. See, for instance, SPANOhio.org


ruckndl is right on like others commenting here. It is imperative that the shout out takes place almost daily. The shout being the cost comparison between M-F-A vs Insurance cost.

Bernie consistently neglected to make the comparison and so the noise from the right was heard more. “Your taxes will go up!” This maybe one instance where content is more important than force of delivery. We need both by the way. G


Hi Bleeding heart Pookie…good point, we won’t need CEOs, but just the same… some of these non-profit places…wow, just as dishonest as things like the Clinton Foundation! Where did all that money go. : )
Sadly humans have a tendency toward greed, so even a non profit leader would be tempted. Or maybe—how about this? Every everyone gets the same salary, you just get to love what you do.

Take the $ away—and weirdly —but happily-----passion returns! : )


Once again, great creative imagination! And based on egalitarian values. I like it!

Ideals and visions open room for innovative ideas that mere “pragmatism” and “incrementalism” keep closed.


Hi BleedingheartPookie,

Thanks for your long and detailed reply. I’m truly sorry that I can’t reply in detail, as I’m quite busy currently.
So, let me just say to you what I said to stardustIBID a moment ago:

Ideals and visions open room for innovative ideas that mere “pragmatism” and “incrementalism” keep closed.

My 12 ideas listed above show what could be done if and when leftists gain power in the more distant future.

Your good ideas are more practical (and more limited) to what might be done in the nearer future, as currently rightist and centrists not only refuse to do helpful things (for the common people worldwide and for a livable environment) but actually do harmful things.

Also, rightists and centrists keep saying that our good leftist ideals and ideas (like Single Payer healthcare) “will never, ever happen.” (See Hillary Clinton and Bill Frist). They purposely try to discourage leftist ideals, visions, and activism. (Also see Margaret Thatcher saying “There is no alternative.”)

In passionate rebuttal, I say: think of great ideas and visionary ideals that go beyond the present limitations – and that would truly solve our grievous problems and meet our badly neglected needs – and then patiently and determinedly work to achieve our goals.


Sen. Sanders engages in a considerable amount of hyperbole and pie-in-the-sky. More than I want to take much time here to dispute.

This is an example of hyperbole. Because those nations are single-purchasers of drugs they demand, and Big Pharma accedes, to them paying less than ‘market’ price for those drugs. If they had to pay market price the ratio would be less than ‘double’.

For those who think we can do what they do, yes, but then you get into von Mises’ problem of, in the absence of markets, what is the ‘fair market price’ of those drugs?

In case Sen. Sanders mis-linked, here is another link to Charles Blahous discussing his study.

He does admit that Sen. Sanders’ proposal would save the nation $2Trillion over a decade, IF it all works perfectly. Otherwise it is going to be more expensive for the country than what we have.

Economist Thomas Sowell posed this riddle: If you think that you can’t afford doctors, hospitals and drugs under the current system, what makes you think you can afford all that, plus government bureaucracy, under the proposed system?


I think part of the solution here is not to have to depend on (markets) to reduce costs, that’s been the problem. They are in bed with one another like the oil cartels.
We already pay for government laboratories through our taxes, why not expand there as we eliminate for-profits? G