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Medicare for Each of Us in the Age of the Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/03/medicare-each-us-age-coronavirus

The outcomes of the remaining state primaries will determine the accuracy of the authors’ assertions that Murkins want M4A any more than they did when the oligarchy successfully pushed the fear buttons of voters in previous primaries.

And from Indian Country:


Historic Injustices Against Native People Put Them at Greater Risk of COVID-19

At least 30 percent of the Navajo Nation population does not have reliable access to clean running water, depending instead on public taps like this one in Thoreau, New Mexico. The vast majority of COVID-19 patients being served by Indian Health Services are on the Navajo Nation reservation.


They, the authors of the article, just couldn’t bring themselves to even mention that Bernie has had the answer – FOR DECADES! Hopefully, we have enough time and motivation to push the DNC management out of the way and allow Bernie to have a political face-off with The Twitter Twit.


If people want Medicare for All, they’d better vote for Bernie because Biden is completely opposed to it since his big healthcare company donors are opposed to it.


Most incomes would rise with M4A, the new tax expense is smaller than the savings when private insurance premiums are annihilated. Common Dreams published an article, Oct. 19, 2019, quoting Saez and Zucman, where the example secretary with a $50,000 income earns $61,000 after M4A is enacted. Her $15,000 insurance payment is eliminated and replaced with a $4,000 tax. Other projects say a smaller increase.

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Who I am: a Libertarian who regularly reads material such as this.
I read this, and saw the usual number of mistaken beliefs in it.
To start is misbelief about what profit is. It should go to those people running it. Unlike hourly and salary workers, who get a set amount of pay provided their work is good enough, the people who earn profit earn it according to how well they promote the business, and what matters here, control the costs. Competition is important, because if you don’t keep your customers happy your customers will go to someone else.

The people writing this and so many of the people reading it think that when government takes over it will be run for the sake of the people, altruistic rather than profit-driven. That doesn’t actually happen, as discussed in the economic theory of public choice. For specific to health, this is good:
Dr. Max Gammon, “Health and Security”. “We referred to the Theory of Bureaucratic Displacement that Dr. Gammon had developed after studying the British National Health Service: in his words, in ‘a bureaucratic system … increase in expenditure will be matched by fall in productions … Such systems will act rather like “black holes” in the economic
universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of “emitted” production.’”
Italy has done so badly in the current pandemic partly because their single payer system was already stressed to the breaking point.

Next, the writers look at results 2008-today. This covers most of the Obamacare period, which the public didn’t want, and which took choice away from the public. Obamacare is the greatest cause of deductibles sky-rocketing. Single payer, by Sen. Bernie’s intent, would take all choice away from us. We should question healthcare policies made for us by someone else, even if made by experts or wonks “for our own good”. They too rarely suffer consequences for a screw-up.

As a side branch, nations that have national healthcare (of some sort, often of the Obamacare sort) range/ ranged from small like Iceland 300k population to giant like the USSR and China. Incidentally, the USSR’s system went bankrupt, along with the nation, and China has dumped their single payer.
The point I want to make regards the writers’ and many readers’ fixation on National Single-payer. If it is such a good idea, then states could and would want to establish them, go ahead of the nation as a whole. And contrary to the article “… obfuscate the issues with multiple competing reform efforts.”, we should want the states to set up their own, as they see fit without any push or direction from WashDC, and by their competition show us which implementations work well and which do not. And specialized to each state’s unique situation.

This nation does have health care problems, many of them in my opinion caused by existing government regulation. More government regulation in my opinion will make matter worse, not better. We should rather be going the other direction.

In the movie Killing Them Softly (2012), the relentless hit-man, Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) has the last line in the movie - and the final comment on the state of the American Dream: “In America, yer on yer own!” With the current “health care” system in the dream that is America, those corporate hit-men are simply killing them softly. And getting away with it…

What is it that the average American can’t understand about this? Dear fellow Americans, the 1 % and the Republicans and corporate Democrats dont care about you. Step up to the plate and stand up for yourself. What are you going to do when the next pandemic comes down the road?

Could you send me some of the “stuff” you are smoking?

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I can love on that statement. America, stop thinking that “dear” Uncle Sam will rescue you, or save your bacon, etc. Consider, does our Uncle Sam more nearly resemble Uncle Olaf of the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ novels by Lemony Snicket? And it won’t change if you replace Uncle Sam with Uncle Bernie, or Uncle Joe (would that be Joe Stalin?) or some other Big Brother. Build your own socialism in your own town, from the ground up.

Anyone who thinks Bernie should bailout now needs to see this graphic


Don’t bother.
Libertarians are just Republicans who realize they should be ashamed of it

Question: How is health care like Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls run for profit: ~http://www.niagara2008.com/images/fallsindustry2.jpg

Niagara Falls run by the Government: ~https://www.niagarafallsstatepark.com/~/media/parks/niagara-falls/homepage/banner-niagara1.jpg

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