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Medicare Fraudster Who Exploited the Elderly in $1.3 Billion Scheme Embodies 'Grotesque' Corruption of Trump Clemency Orders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/medicare-fraudster-who-exploited-elderly-13-billion-scheme-embodies-grotesque


Punishment of wrongdoing is required to balance the cosmic scales of justice. If governments decline to administer the appropriate punishment, then somebody else must administer it.


Like sharks won’t attack lawyers, it’s about professional courtesy. Raised in an atmosphere of criminal cruelty, Trump had no role model that could teach him a modicum of compassion and empathy. He saw, up close and personal, how those qualities would be egregiously punished by his father(who should have been gelded!).
These hyper-predators among homo sapiens have always been a threat, but in the past, we had ways of dealing with them. In the past 50 years, ever since the 60’s freedom movements for different groups, the authoritarian anti-social segment of our culture have taken over, first by appealing to a flawed policy that regulations on corporations cost jobs. Once the tethers were removed, that group took power in a bloodless coup. We all look to 2000 as a coup, but it really was Ronald Reagan and his economic liberty bunch that changed it all with extreme cruelty. I mean, really, ketchup as a veggie in school lunches while Nancy was looking for expensive new White House china patterns…


How does a $44 million recompense order satisfy a $1.31 billion fraud? Mufu better be one broke ass when he gets out…


I guess Leonard Peltier shouldn’t hold his breath, I’m sure 44 years in prison is still not enough. And so it goes…


If the party of donkeys had a spine they would make this criminal the new poster boy of the drumpf - gop cult party. Kiss the elephant goodbye … MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, indeed!



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Obviously he approves, if not celebrates, their crooked behavior. As he actually said, recorded in his Netflix bio, : “There are predators and there are victims. You can be one or the other”

These people are the predators. In his book they are the smart ones. The honest ones are dummies; especially if they join the military. Then they are :“suckers” and “losers”. On the other hand, the Blackwater guys were smart in this outlook, they went private and got four figure weekly salaries

This goes beyond transactional behavior into social darwinism on steroids. Dr. Goebbels would totally agree if he was still around.


The “donkeys” you refer to, are Republicans, you didn’t know?


This is nothing that a well placed “rattlesnake” couldn’t fix.

Now, compare these commuted criminals–there are more ways than one to murder people–to the poor who are bring speedily executed. And Leonard is still in prison…


Is this Senator Rick Scott’s younger brother? Asking for a friend. (ALL FLORIDIANS!)


From a Ralph Nader article “The Crime of Overbilling Healthcare”, 2014: “The nation’s expert on computerized billing fraud, Malcolm Sparrow, who is an applied mathematician at Harvard, estimates medical billing fraud adds up to a minimum sum of $270 billion a year or at least ten percent of all health care expenses. His classic book, License to Steal, showed that these ripoffs are not just clerical errors or computer malfunctions.” How much is $270 billion? About a tenth of all medical expenses, says R. Nader.
Food Stamps $70 billion,
Earned Income Tax Credit $73 billion,
public housing assistance $51 billion,
Department of Education $60 billion,
and still $20 billion short of $270 billion.


In my honest opinion; there is a special place in he’ll reserved for those who prey on the sick, infirmed, and the elderly. But, I don’t think that the Devil himself wouldn’t want this guy.

…Unmitigated social terrorism…


What has your friend been smoking?

zed, man, which planet do you think you’re on right now?

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if a Member allows any of the activities referred to in subparagraphs (b) (ii) or (b) (iii) of this paragraph to be conducted by its financial service suppliers in competition with a public entity or a financial service supplier, “services” shall include such activities.

(d) Subparagraph 3(c ) of Article I of the Agreement shall not apply to services covered by this Annex."

What can we expect when we elect inmates to run the asylum? They will set each other free.