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Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/meet-blackrock-new-great-vampire-squid


BlackRock, Blackwater–you get confused.

The parallel aesthetic is interesting. Maybe these guys are trying to say that black markets matter.

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Not one comment? This like finding a basket of vipers in your basement only worse.

Ok, one overlooked comment.

Sorry, I didn’t see your comment.

Black Rock, Blackwater, and dark money are all part of the deep state, a term that Trump and the GOP have popularized as campaigns’ slogans, despite none of their cult members having any clue what the deep state is.

Another of the many examples of Trump and the GOP applying rhetorical projection,blaming others for doing what the GOP has been doing forever.

Note that nobody has benefited more from the deep state than Trump and his cronies. Ditto the “drain the swamp” slogan that his chanting cult is equally ignorant on. Nobody has benefited more from the Washington DC “swamp” culture than the Trump family.

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GATS makes it so we cant regulate these monsters UNLESS WE LEAVE IT


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Way, way, way over my three terms of economics in the 80’s and when did that all come about? In the last 10 years? How could this happen? "state and the financial oligarchy are virtually non-existent.” Is that communism or fascism? We have all kind of investigations and papers that expose and nothing get done.

Reminds me of “what webs we weave when we practice to decieve”.

I guess not enough people could understand, I usually can better understand your reporting that economists that go way into the weeds and this is blackberries and quick sand with doses of chemicals.

opps!! I guess there were other commenters

The CAREs Act passed unanimously in the Senate.

Elizabeth Warren, supposedly well-versed in the predations of the finance sector, voted for it.
Never has the giveaway to oligarchs been so bi-partisan.

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Sorry, I did try! It’s complicated. My earlier articles go into more detail. They’re on my blog at ellenbrown dot com. Thanks for commenting.