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Meet Donald the Climate Clown


Meet Donald the Climate Clown

Andy Rowell

Later today in Stockholm, a conference organized by the business group, the International Chamber of Commerce, examines “Bridging the Climate Change Policy Gap.”

The conference flier asks the question, that post the historic Paris climate change agreement “where do we go from here?”


From Russell Brand's 2014 book "Revolution"

"I met Trump once and was surprised mostly by his daftness.

He was peculiarly juvenile...he had no curiosity about consciousness, spirituality, interconnectivity, the micro or the macro or anything except in how it might relate to making money..."

"...the Masters of the Universe are just experts at Hungry, Hungry Hippos."


I greatly enjoyed your comment. Brand saw through the veil of bravado DJT wears and his (RB's) descriptors/adjectives perfectly captured the real DJT...empty, vacuous, sociopathic, narcissistic and greedy. DJT's personality was shaped at a very young age with the help of his bizarre father-fixation; his Norman Vincent Peale indoctrination. This bizarre personality was also detrimental to his brother, whom, in part, he drove to a tragic young death with his ceaseless bullying and disparagement.


Here's the paradox. In order to save ourselves and our World, it will be up to us(hopefully lots and lots of us) to provide Donald Trump the vibrational energy boost necessary to bring him up to Avatar speed. Another way of saying this might be: We will need to flood Donald Trump's psyche continuously with high vibrational energies until he gets it. Then maybe he will join the rest of humanity in our historic effort to save ourselves and our home the Earth from dramatic overheating. In a way you could say; the new Redeemer.


Meet Donald the Climate Clown...
How unfortunate to have elected this Clown, who will turn out to be the clown cut from the cloth of The Joker (Batman) or from the movie, IT (Stephen King horror film).


Not a helpful article in any way.


Trump has said, “Climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese”
Trouble is this Fossil Fool - "clown" has money invested in oil pipelines, including the Dakota Access Pipeline!?
Just like the Koch brothers he profits from deceiving us. They are the real hoaxers – pretending they know more than the world’s scientists. Sen Ron Johnston (WI) blames sunspots.