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Meet Neil Gorsuch, the New Antonin Scalia


Meet Neil Gorsuch, the New Antonin Scalia

Bill Blum

Just when we might have thought we’d seen Donald Trump at his zaniest (say, in the first presidential debate) and most dangerous (say, in his executive order on immigration last week), he outdid himself with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, 49, a judge from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (headquartered in Denver), to fill the late Antonin Scalia’s empty chair on the Supreme Court.


Of course, the writer could not cover every base here, but N. Gorsuch is also known for his "intellectual" book against doctor assisted death with dignity; "The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia."

Problem is, with these people in control, Trump, Pence, Gorsuch, etc., there are going to be a lot more "unassisted" suicides. (WAPO comment 2017, Feb. 1)


Why do the people of this country allow nine judges to determine the fate of laws passed by their representatives? Who gave the court this authority? Nobody, the Court took it in Marbury v. Madison.

They call it Judicial Review, what is judicial review, "In a nutshell, judicial review is the power of a court to review the actions of executive or legislative bodies to determine whether the action is consistent with a statute, a treaty or the U.S. Constitution. In its most basic expression, it is the authority of the unelected Supreme Court to declare acts of elected members of Congress or the elected President unconstitutional." This is a nation premised on Popular Sovereignty, constitutional decisions rest with the people. Judicial Review and the Electoral College are major obstacles to popular rule, both must be abolished.

Trump is likely in a position to appoint at least three more justices, putting the nation at the mercy of judicial reactionaries for generations to come. Short term, if the Democrats ever get a super majority, they should take a lesson from FDR and pack the court, until such time the doctrine is outlawed by constitutional amendment.


Does anyone else remember this last election? y'know, when it looked like Clinton was going to win and Republican candidates said that they'd block any SCOTUS nominee for four years?


This guy is a legislature not a judge. Here comes that activist court the republicans hate unless it is their activist court.


The apple didn't fall far from the tree...
It would seem that Neil Gorsuch's mother, Anne, had her own brand of infamy back in the early 80's as EPA Administrtor:

Anne Gorsuch served as the first-ever female EPA administrator, from 1981 to 1983, and was seen by some “as a dictatorial ‘Ice Queen’ who wants to roll back Federal environmental regulations,” according to a July 26, 1982 article in Newsweek. In addition to her surly disposition and budget slashing, Gorsuch was involved in a nasty scandal involving political manipulation, fund mismanagement, perjury and destruction of subpoenaed documents, among other things.

The career of Anne Gorsuch as head of the Environmental Protection Agency is proof, in the eyes of her critics, that bad intentions alone are never enough: it takes incompetence and arrogance as well to seriously weaken in two years what it took a decade to build. Behind the public demeanor—the forceful intelligence even her enemies have come to respect, the "Ice Queen" stare as cold as a faceful of acid rain—there is, at bottom, a two-term Colorado legislator with virtually no environmental experience at the head of one of the most sensitive agencies in the federal government. The result is not merely that she has, in the opinion of former EPA assistant administrator William Drayton, "demolish[ed] the nation's environmental management capacity"; it is, in the words of a key administration official, who has watched the Superfund scandal spread like dioxin from a leaky barrel, "a bleeping disaster."



I remember that wicked witch seeking to satisfy the energy industry and curry favor with St. Raygun who professed during his campaign that if elected, he would do away with the EPA within his first year in office. Ms Gorsuch was his hatchet man. The public outcry shut both of them down. Mr. anti-regulation, "small" government really got the ol' GOP ball rolling, didn't he. Now we get to battle the progeny of the naysayers.


Neil Gorsuch was but A teenager way back then, but I just thought I would throw this out there with the thought of him feeling he had some unfinished EPA business, with dearest mother in mind....


Schumer and the Dems would be wise to keep there powder dry on this one. By every measure save political philospy, Gorsuch is eminently qualified. The next Trump nomination is very likely to be a Neanderthal. The Supreme Court will then surely be lost for a generation or two if the Neanderthal and subsequent Trump nominations are seated based upon a "simple" majority of the Senate.

12-18 months from now, (maybe 12-18 days from now) the Republicans will be much less likely to be doing Trumps' bidding. It's important to preserve the 60 vote requirement to preserve minority rights if possible.


Blum sez: "(Trump) outdid himself with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, 49 ... to fill
the late Antonin Scalia’s empty chair on the Supreme Court."

Wait — Scalia's dead!?!

Too bad this didn't happen last year. Then the previous occupant could have appointed a basic, garden-variety corporatist acceptable to everyone, right?


Yeah, because everyone progressives decide is a sellout is a "corporatist" and a "neolib" too. Meanwhile, in the real world, Garland would've moved the Court to the left, solidly, for the first time in twenty years. McConnell blocked him for a reason and it wasn't because he thought Garland was going to overturn Dodd-Frank and scrap the Clean Water Act.


They don't have a choice:

Trump won and McConnell is going to cash that check for the risk he took blocking Garland.


I'll allow you the point on the nominee, but McConnell did not block Garland.

He blocked Obama.