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Meet Randall Woodfin, the Mayoral Challenger Bringing the Political Revolution to Birmingham


Meet Randall Woodfin, the Mayoral Challenger Bringing the Political Revolution to Birmingham

Katherine Webb-Hehn

UPDATE: Randall Woodfin led a 12-candidate field in Tuesday’s election, winning 41 percent of the vote. Two-term incumbent William Bell captured 37 percent. Since neither candidate reached the 50 percent required to win, the two men will face off in an Oct. 3 runoff.

Mike Hamilton opens his door in a sleeveless Harley Davidson shirt. He’s got a shaggy goatee and a big grin. “Randall Woodfin!” the 63-year-old web developer says before any introductions.

Bernie Sanders, Nation's Highest Profile Socialist, Once Again Voted Most Popular

This is a heartening story. I hope Woodfin wins, and is ready for the senate race.
Most stories from the south are scary.


I’ve had a postal address in eleven states, all corners and center except the northwest. All places have scary stories. Very scary.


Interesting- I have lived in ten states.
I have experiences in those states myself.
But the level of corruption at the highest levels in Alabama are what scares me.
People like Sessions keep winning int that state.

This is kind of being reflected in the national politics right now.
The Northwest is the most progressive (Seattle/Olympia/Portland/Eugene)
The midwest and the south are most regressive (too many to list)

Thanks for the comment.


I think maybe different regions have characteristically different kinds of vices. I was in Boston when Kerry was the representative. Knowing how easy it was for Kerry to deal with new war, you can imagine his smoothness in Boston. I have visited the homeless in Boston, served free Friday night supper to the street people in a church basement downtown after the director announced the procedures to the group in a most demeaning way. I asked at a church meeting why those folks were not invited to come to the service. I was told that the church board would not want them. Boston high level corruption? Think the BigDig.
There are different styles, too, for instance Christie’s blatant crassness, similar to Trump, has no problem preventing him from staying in office in New Jersey. And different groups to pick on, the Native Americans in some areas, the black’s in other areas, the Muslims, India’s immigrants in yet other areas. There are different issues as well. When my kids were attending city magnet schools inside St. Louis, the Bloods and Crops were at war. Two black gangs terrorized, so badly that children were not allowed to wear their colors, blue and red, to school, for fear those clothes would be forceably removed
on the street. Several decades later—Ferguson happened.


Alabama? Yeah, I lived there when my dark-skinned disabled husband was with me, and took some courses at a school near Birmingham. Ew. I wouldn’t go there again.The problem, as you say, is not always with everyday people, but with leaders, as I found out when I tried to complain.


As a relative told me, there is a reason that the US put a major HS center there.